Weekend Time

So, I think it’s going to be quite normal for me not to blog through the weekend.  Although I may not do much because well, I don’t have much of a life/things to do in my little town, it gives me time to focus on me and relax around food.  As much as I love food blogging sometimes it truly stresses me out: too little, too much, not healthy, too healthy…I’m sure you know how it goes.  I just can’t help it.  The comparison trap is lethal.

Anyhow…sorry to be so somber!  How was your weekend?!  I’ve loved having time to read up on your blog…which btw, if I haven’t commented, let me know! I might have missed you on my reader!  And new followers, gimme a shout out!  I want to know how/who you are!!!

Friday was nothing too extraordinary as we are hopefully going through the last heat wave of the summer (first of autumn?) and it was starting to get hot…but nothing compared to the rest of the weekend!

(That would be the awesome belated-birthday present box filled to the brim with a ton of different chocolates…Thanks Brad!)
The chocolate covered gummy bears got the best of me right out of the box…ugg, sore belly.
Alas, birding commenced and a lazy night ensued.  Saturday was what I was looking forward to the most!

But I can’t forget about the little experiment I did to get Honey to stop jumping on the kitchen counter.  So unsanitary!

You should have seen her face after she jumped up there and ripped at the foil…she.was.pissed.  Learned her lesson though and hasn’t jumped up there once in the past two days!

I woke up before it started to get too hot and headed out for a 7 miler around town.  The heat we are having is the dry kind, so I made sure to wear my camelbak for water because I sure did need it!  The run didn’t go well but I got through it and finished.  Just in time for the parents to show up and for us to venture out into town…of course after the mandatory play time with Honey.

I took the parents out to the scenic route through the back of the town on the way out to a farm where we could purchase some of their favorite jams and some other fruits and vegetables they had in season.  We continued to a tree farm, another farm with some awesome organic broccoli and orange tomatoes, lunch at the small German bakery, a nursery and last but not least, more apple picking!

And through it all…I forgot my camera.  Oops!  Mom had hers but didn’t take any shots…oops again.

We came back so my parents could each take a nap before their 2+hr drive home and all the while fixed my coffee table and played with Honey.  Oh, and of course ate some Jonagold and Jonathan Apples.  How could we pick apples and not eat any afterwards!? Come on now!

I was excited for dinner as I’ve had some tempeh hiding out in the fridge screaming my name so I couldn’t neglect it any longer and made a saute with fresh farm squash and TJ’s marinara.  All topped over a salad and dessert served after with Mama Pea’s Cookies for topping!  I’m ready for my mid-70’s again thank you very much!

I spent the rest of the evening watching horror movies in the dark before falling asleep on the floor, and eventually moving to my room.  The joys of living single. :)

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good but still a tad worried about my leg…What about my leg?  Oh yes, after that speed session on Thursday my IT band was a bit sore…and ended up making my whole entire leg feel weird.  I’m not talking about pain, but more like a tingling…like a slight, “My leg is falling asleep” feeling.  This screams back problem to me, but it wasn’t radiating down my hip, but just from my knee to my lower calf…just strange.

Anyhow, I headed out for a run this morning for a short run and test how my leg would feel.  I figured, if I needed to stop short I would just make my planned trip to the grocery store to pick up some lettuce and grapes (man, our green grapes are so good right now…I eat them like candy…and they’re not very cheap…I need to start rationing them!) and walk the rest of the way home.  Well, I ended up running a nice dirt trailed 4.7 mile run then taking the 2.2 mile walk home with my 4 items worth $13.44.  Oh yes…that’s how expensive my grapes were, because all else I got was red leaf lettuce, a carton of strawberries and spinach.

Anyhow, the 80+ degree weather by that time called for a smoothie, so thank goodness I had a banana in the freezer!  Two minutes later with ice, USVAB, PB Chocolate Protein Powder, Guar Gum and banana, I was set.  Topped with High Fiber O’s.  I know, such an exciting color.

The rest of the day was spent deep cleaning the apartment with a lunch and snack in between there…

Then giving up my comfort to turn on the oven and roast up tons of vegetables I have been wanting to make since well, it started to get hot.  Go figure.

Roasted butternut squash, zucchini and yellow squash with ketchup?  Yes please!

There are lots of leftovers, so I’ll be making things with them during the week…ideas?  I’m thinking soup with the butternut…or a frittata…maybe?

Now I’m munching on some strawberries, peach pieces and grapes to round out the night…and some peanuts too.  No protein in dinner means I’m hungry two hours later.  Even if all I did was sit and read blogs and swoon over Josh Hartnett on Pearl Harbor (and Leo from Titanic earlier…swoon).

I’ve got a super early wakeup call for birding tomorrow since it’s going to be over in the 100’s tomorrow in the desert…yikes.  I hope I don’t melt!

Ok, lets get this week done quick!  Is that too early to say? Haha!

PS I’m sorry if there are typos and grammer errors.  My eyes hurt too much to reread.  So I apologize now. ;)

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18 Responses to Weekend Time

  1. Lorinda says:

    Love the tinfoiled countertops! We tried that with our kitten a few years ago but the little "darling" would try to eat the tinfoil, or plastic wrap, or anything with glue on the back of it… They're such characters!!

  2. Anonymous says:


    You can make fritters with the leftovers. Just throw some egg in to bind things together, maybe some chickpeas for protein, and fry those suckers up!

  3. Mary (A Merry Life) says:

    Looks like a fun weekend!

    I love that you eat your roasted veggies with ketchup. I totally do that too!

  4. Sara says:

    I hope your leg is better soon! Please feel free to check out my blog; no pressure to comment. :)

  5. Maria @ Chasing the Now says:

    I totally understand the grapes thing. Grapes are always so dang expensive here, but I can't help myself sometimes. There's only a few months I can buy them because it's too outrageous the rest of the year.

  6. mymarblerye says:

    Lovely RELAXING weekend!! You need of close up of all those chocolates!! Anyways, sometimes you just gotta "forget" your camera to enjoy life…to tell you the truth I'm laying around not wanting to load up pics cause you gotta relax once in awhile! Great foil treat btw! hahaha.

  7. Megan D says:

    I used to be SO obsessed with josh harnett! Actually let's be honest, I still am. And I'm a recent follower of your blog!! Loving it so far :)

  8. Rachel (tea and chocolate) says:

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! How funny that you tinfoiled the countertops. I started following you a few months ago. Love your blog!

  9. shelby says:

    Your food looks sooo delicious! (: Love the bright red strawberries.

  10. cbrady3 says:

    Wanted to let you know I really admired your openness about ED struggles – definitely relate!

    And I don't even let myself buy green grapes because I'll eat them all in one sitting!

  11. TheHealthyApron says:

    haha too funny about your experiment! My cat will go on the counters when we aren't home but definitely NOT when are there! I thought about trying this sometime but for some reason I don't feel it would phase him lol

  12. Beth @ bride in the little white dress says:

    I can't wait to go apple picking next weekend. Seeing your post made me even more excited. :)

    I love, love oven roasted veggies. I'm so happy it's squash season!

    I have been reading your blog for awhile and can relate to you. Thank you for speaking your thoughts, they have been quite helpful. :)

  13. Food and Other Things says:

    I've been reading for awhile, but only very recently joined the blogging world. I just wanted to stop by and say hi ….I really enjoy reading your blog!

    When Pearl Harbor first came out I was totally in love Josh Hartnett!Hope your leg gets better soon!

  14. AJ says:

    haha thats such a clever way to keep honey off the counter. Ive been a long time reader and this is my first time to comment. I feel like we have a lot in common, I feel like I am at the same place in my recovery as you. Its hard to find that perfect "balance" and i cant imagine how posting everything you eat can make it harder! anyways, Check out my blog if you want!

  15. Lily 's Health Pad says:

    I've pretty much decided no weekend blogging unless the mood strikes. I'd relax it up on the weekends.

    Is that foil for your cat? I need to try that! My cat is the naughtiest of all naughty!

  16. Kelsey says:

    my oh my thats one fabulous belated birthday box of treats!!! TOTALLY DESERVED THAT <3

  17. Krista says:

    Love that foiled counter top! Genius! LOL And super box of chocolates from Brad. How can you resist? Sounds like a great visit with the 'rents and I heart J. Hartnett too…

  18. Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) says:

    Holy chocolates! Yum!

    And I'll admit it – I don't worry that much about my cat jumping up on the counter. Obviously I don't want her up there when I'm cooking, but let's be honest – she's gonna do it when I'm not home anyways.

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