Speed Time

Did I mention I’m going to be running a 10k on Thanksgiving?  The same one I did last year, and the year before?  Well…did I mention that this one, is going to help me accomplish one of my New Years Resolutions?!?!  That is why, I’m dedicating myself to SPEED for the next two months.  This is gonna take some dedication.

In 2009 I wrapped up the race at 53:56, but in 2008 I came in with a time of 52:51.  That’s a whole minute I lost over just a year.  Granted, I was injured and not running as much as I have been over the past year, but 10ks haven’t been looking that great even within the past few months.  This is discouraging to me, since just a month ago I ran a one at 56.23. I do take into account that it was full of hills (the course I will be running is as flat as a pancake) and I had run a full 6 miles before time, but alas…

So, the next two months I will be doing a combo of two different types of speed training a week.  I don’t have a set schedule yet but each week there will be two days of speed, one long, one hills, and one easy.

BUT… I know my body does not like to run three days in a row or more than a certain number of miles, so one of these days may be cut out…like the hills or easy one, every other time a run needs to be cut.  I will still be working in strength training at least once a week and yoga once too, as I really need to work on the length of my very very short asian stride.

Alas, today was day one of speed training.  Err, I was supposed to do a session on Tuesday but exhaustion got the best of me after a 9hr workday.  But, I did go out and do it today.  I had every intention of doing a 1/2 mile increment workout at the high school track and then half way there realized it’s Thursday = HS Football.  Ergo, improvisation took place!

I did a nice15 minute warmup and use a long strip of asphalt along the road as my destination for my repeats.  Then it was time to loosen up those muscles and run hard and against the blast 15+ mph winds.  Arg.

I had no idea the distance I was actually running because being in a small town means random street distances and such, but after getting home and measuring it on Gmaps Pedometer, found out it was .36 miles long.  And what does it say about my times?  That I’m awesome.  (Please don’t find me conceded.  I was simply basking in the light of my speed)

Repeat 1 – 2.29 (2 minute jog after)
Repeat 2 – 2.27 (2 minute jog after)
Repeat 3 – 2.36 (3 minute jog after)
Repeat 4 – 2.29 (3 minute jog after)

So, what does my times say?  That I was running an average 6.57 mile pace!  I haven’t run that fast in so many years!  It’s encouraging…but this is just the start.  We shall see where it goes from here…I’ll make sure to keep you updated!  Helps getting training at a higher elevation for beach races!

Anyhow, this is a food blog right?  Lets cut to the chase then!

I woke up totally groggy, as my cat decided she was cold last night, climbed under the covers and somehow wedged herself underneath every warm spot she could find: behind my knees, under my arm, on top of my head…you name it, she was there.

I have had one sad, lonely and ripening banana chill’n out on the counter so I mixed it up with some High Fiber O’s from TJ’s, strawberries, USVAB and PB…only to find out that even though the banana wasn’t beyond it’s days, it just didn’t taste write.  So I chucked out about a 1/3 of it.

The morning was spent at my favorite points in the field, basking in the smell of oaks and pines, and munching on an apple and a PB Clif Crunch Bar.

Lunch was quick and in the car so no exciting background there…hummus and cheese veggie sandwich with a piece of blueberry chocolate chip bread.

Another apple was eaten later in the field and when I got home I was famished and slammed down a raspberry bar with some pb on top…workout fuel!

Workout done, kitten food purchased, and I was officially hangry.  The kid at the checkout may have gotten the evil eye from me.  I meant no harm.

When I walked in the door the only thing I wanted to do was heat up the apartment…with the oven obviously, Duh.  Why would I use the heater?  Anyhow, I was too hungry and impatient to wait for vegetables to roast so what better than PIZZA!  Got that right.

Last flat out wrap in the fridge.  Don’t worry, I bought more.  And just realized, damnit , I forgot to put mushrooms on it.  Oh.well.

And for dessert I had some grapes and 2/3 of a peach (1/3 was spoiled).  Tasty.

Now I’m watching Bones and snagged a handful of pb pretzel nuggets.  Nothing more after that till breakfast tomorrow!


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7 Responses to Speed Time

  1. Caroline says:

    Awww, kitty!
    My puppy absolutely loves to burrow under covers, but last night he woke me up by licking my leg raw (while cleaning his paw). Not pleasant! He is the light of my life though :D I know Honey must be yours!

  2. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

    from all the plans i have seen you can do 2 days of speed with one of those being hill work, a long run and then easy runs as desired. so instead of 2 hard runs and a hill run, make one of speed work runs include hills every other week. THat's what I've been reading anywho

  3. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    Mmmmm pizza!!!
    My cats used to sleep with me like that… but they're now banned from my room. Girl needs her sleep! ;)

  4. Krista says:

    Awesome job with the speedwork!!! Great eats, too….fresh fruit, bars, pizza…YUM! Have a great rest of the weekend, Melissa!

  5. runwritetherapylife says:

    Good luck on the speed work girlie! I have a total love-hate relationship with speedy running, lol. I love how you set a goal of getting faster for this 10K and you have a plan to tackle it! That's awesome.

    That's one of the best looking homemade pizzas I have ever seen — seriously. They normally just don't look anywhere near as satisfying as real, fresh pizza from a pizzeria. You have officially inspired me to get some flatouts and marinara and mozzarella tomorrow. :)

  6. the actor's diet says:

    love your pizza! i need to get wraps to make some at home.

  7. Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) says:

    Aww, my baby cat likes to sleep under the covers with me all the time. She paws at the blanket until I let her in. Sometimes she stays there all night even.

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