Peeeeeaaaaaa-leasant Race Weekend

Wow, first off I gotta give major thanks to this wonderful blogger, baker, cook, runner, mother and all around beautiful and amazing woman for all she did for me this weekend.  I think I ate her out of house and home, and might have used a towel to boot.  I’m so greedy.

With the idea of my coming to run a race in Oregon Mama Pea and Andrea were the first to shout out and offer me a bed for the weekend.  How awesome is that?  Traveling is expensive enough so to have help with expenses like that is grea, not to mention the awesome company I get along with it!

Anyhow, you all know I had fun with the girls, Mama Pea and Andrea this weekend, but lets start with a race recap shall we?  Because let me tell you, it was one of the most fierce and hardest races I have ever run in my life.  Even the race announcer told all the spectators that it would be extremely hard to PR on.  Psh, bring it baby.

After arriving in OR I was whisked away and brought to the beautiful Allison Inn and Spa to pick up my bib, packet and hopefully get some goodies.  To my surprise, the whole “EXPO“, if you can even call it that, was the size of a small conference room.  Expo FAIL.

It was still a gorgeous area to have a winery though! I was loving all the green!

Anyhow, an afternoon filled with little girls, lots of pink and awesome blogger conversation was just what I needed to keep my nerves from shooting through the roof over my anxiety about the course.  I knew it was going to be hard…but oh was I in for a surprise.

Mama Pea knew that I had a specific pre-race meal and happily obliged to create it for me at her home: Cheese-less Pizza!!!

How much better does it get than great TJ’s dough, sauce, tofu and veggies along side a salad?

And of course there was unpictured chocolate raisins eaten afterwards for dessert.  No race of mine is ever not run on chocolate.  That’s the shirt I wanted to buy, but now will just ask for my birthday…hah!

Mama Pea was awesome enough to get up with me at the crack of before dawn to haul me off to the start line with all 1629 other runners participating in the race.  What I hadn’t anticipated was how cold it was going to be.  Now some might think that 50 degrees isn’t that bad, but for this beach/desert/Everglades dwelling girl, I was on the verge of becoming a popsicle.  Thank goodness I randomly bought a nice long sleeve running top at REI the day before I left, just in case.

We took off out of Stoller Winery, which was small and absolutely breathtaking.  How could you not love to start here!  The owner of the winery even blew the gun for us!

Anyhow, let me recap my race for you.  Because believe me, I remember it vividly.  It was certainly one to remember!

Mile 1: Rolling hills?!  What is this mess?!  My legs still feel like ice cubes and I feel like I can barely lift my legs.  Is the race over yet?

Mile 2: OMG it won’t stop!  The hills won’t stop!  Who made this thing?!  I want to shoot them!  I prepared for hills, but certainly not this many hills!  I think I wan to give up.  As a matter of a fact, I don’t think I’m going to PR.  This race is just going to be run and that’s it.

Mile 3:  I can’t believe I feel like just quitting.  I feel that miserable, almost run down and I’ve just hit mile three.  Deep breathes woman, you don’t have to make this a race-race knowing how hard the terrain and course is.  It’s hard, just do the best you can.

Mile 4:  Ok, things are settling down a bit.  Wait, it’s just gradual and I’ve been dooped.  God for bid I want to hurl.  I feel like this is never going to end.

Mile 5:  Wait?! What is that?! Am I finally catching my stride?  Oh wait, that’s just my hands swelling up like balloons.  Take your first three GuChomps now..maybe that will help with the fatigue you’re starting to feel running this long and never-ending uphill.

Mile 6: There’s the 10k mark!  Oh hallelujah I’m almost 1/2 way done and look, I can see some flat!  After that random turn and uphill.  I bet I look stupid running with my hands above my head…maybe I can pull it off as fist pumping?

Mile 7: I can feel it.  There is this feeling inside of me…it’s so strong, and confident, and courageous!  I think I can do this, besides, did you see your 10k time?  Oh wait, I didn’t get that. Hrm, all I really remember was hitting 6 miles at just under 54 minutes.  Well would you look at that, I’m on track!  Keep it up woman!

Mile 8: Here comes the gravel.  OMG, there’s a PORCUPINE!!!!  Never have I seen one in the wild, or in my life for that matter!  Too bad he was err, about dead and lying behind the port-o-can.  Sad day…Alas, must find the part of the roads where everyone before me has run and flattened out the road so I don’t role my ankle; good job everyone.  Btw, I’m totally gonna beat that woman up there.  She looks my age anyhow, I gotta get her.

Mile 9: More GuChomps.  I can feel the effects of the first few starting to wear off.  And my hips are tightening up, along with my quads and hamstrings.  These hills are really work’n me out!  I thought I had done such a great job training for them too!  You live you learn, right?  We just passed a house…they’re totally booz’n out on wine.  Hah…wine-o’s!

Mile 10: I can hear the announcer.  The first place man and woman finished a while ago.  Omg I’ve only got three miles left.  Use the downhills since everyone isn’t!  This is how you’ll pass people up!  And use your arms on the uphill, because no matter how tired your legs are, if your arms are strong and you pump them hard, your legs will automatically follow.  Ouch.

Mile 11:  I’m getting so close!  We’re just heading off the gravel now!  The asphault is going to help you propel to the finish! Must catch those two other woman! We keep leap frogging after every water stop when they stop and I don’t (I’m wearing a camelbak so I don’t have to stop…awesssssome).

Miles 12:  OMG I have one mile left!  I can’t believe I’m almost done!  I feel like I barely started, even though I am exhausted.  Wait, wtf?!  It’s entirely uphill!  WHO DOES THAT TO PEOPLE IN RACES!!!!???  Especially with hills amongst the course to begin with!!!  My legs are like jelly!!  And a man just ran by me wearing shorts that have a rubber butt on them.  I’m now on the verge of delirium…or am I?  Must.Pump.Arms.  Must.Finish.Under.Two.Hours.

Mile 13: Right turn and your done!  Get em’!  Get em’!!  Pass those two men up!!!

Mile 13.1:  YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  1:59:05!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe I broke it!  On a course the announcer said would be hard to PR on!!!  Woot woot!!!


Ok actually, I’m in a lot of pain and can barely walk my muscles are so tight and in pain.  Must walk around with Mama Pea and get her home to Lulu for her 3rd birthday!  But yes, I feel awesome.  I have never been more proud of myself running wise than I am at this moment.  I did something I didn’t think I could do.  I did something even the announcer thought wouldn’t be done.

But I PR’d.  And I broke 2hrs like I wanted to.

I wonder what my time would have been like without the hills….eh?

Overall, it was an awesome race, minus the first 5 miles of torture and the feeling of failure.  But look how I overcame that…Oh yeah.  I’m still on a high, almost three days later!

Thanks everyone for all the encouraging words before and congrats afterwards!!!  I must say, you helped me push at the last minute when all I wanted to do was climb through the spectator fences and become a pile of mush.  Oh wait, I did that later anyhow, but at least it wasn’t during the race.

And because I had such a great post-race hostess, you know I had protein packed eats afterwards in the form of eggs and a pb&j smoothie…be jealous.  I know I wish it could happen again; like, right now.

And that was just part of the weekend.  Wait until I tell you about the rest of it.  But I’m sure you’re bored enough by now…


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25 Responses to Peeeeeaaaaaa-leasant Race Weekend

  1. leanne says:

    Fairly certain that I just got a little high from reading your race re-cap. You are so inspiring!

    I'm training for my 4th 1/2 (9/25) and I haven't broken 2 hours yet. I still haven't decided if I'm going to run with my sister or go for it this time.

  2. Maria @ Chasing the Now says:

    Congrats! :)

  3. Kim says:

    Amazing!!! You really are an awesome writer…that race recap had me on the edge of my seat ;) great job!

  4. mymarblerye says:

    i'm such a stalker…i've been waiting for this pealicious weekend recap for days!! And holy crap you did amazing…you pred on a race that they said "YOU ARE NOT GONNA PR" on!!! Hells yeah!! All that trail running and hill running paid off girl! so proud!

  5. proudpatriot07 says:

    Congrats on the PR! That pizza looks so yummy, I should try making one someday. Plus all the pictures in your recap are gorgeous- and don't let the race people tell you what you will or will not PR on. There's probably a reason why that guy's the race announcer and not running it :).

    Amy Lauren

  6. Kat says:

    Awesome recap!! You're AMAZING!!! Congrats on your PR!! :D

  7. Alison says:

    I loved this race recap – one of the best I've ever read. Seriously! I have a tough race coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm so worried that I'll bottom out in the first few miles and just want to quit. Reading this has inspired me to dig in, even if that does happen. Thank you!


  8. Julie @SavvyEats says:

    Wow, congrats on an awesome finish on such a tough course!!

  9. Dorry says:

    Loved reading this recap!! I'm so proud of you and you've totally inspired me since Billy & I are running our first half this December. I think you are amazing and I hope you continue to bask in your glory for a long time – you did it! :)

  10. Heather says:

    Congratulations – you should be so proud of yourself!

    What a beautiful course – great write up. When I ran my first 1/2 I couldn't remember what I felt like at any point in time…great write up!

  11. Natalie says:

    saw the news on twitter and fbook but wanted to congratulate you here!!! YAY! so proud of you and i hope that high stays with you. you are incredible! :)

  12. Jessie (Bites and Pieces) says:

    Great race recap! Big congrats on your PR. Way to go! :)

  13. Jeri says:

    So pumped for your PR and sub 2 finish….but long sleeves for 50 degrees? :p You had to know you were going to get some jabbing for that, right? I did my LR last weekend in 40 some degress in a tee. Gorgeous. Heh heh. Love you. Congrats again!!!

  14. Maddi says:

    wow, CONGRATS!!! :D What an exciting race! :D

  15. Emily says:

    That race weather sounds amaze!

    You did an awesome job…way to break 2 hours! Congrats!

  16. Evan Thomas says:

    Congratulations! You did amazing

  17. Krista says:

    You did amazing! That is so awesome, Melissa. And I bet that the hills on that course made PRing that much sweeter, no??? :)

  18. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

    i am so happy and so excited for you!!!

  19. Meghann says:

    WOO HOOO!!!!!!

    You rocked it girl! Now we need to find a flat half for us to run together and smash that new PR ;)

  20. Andrea of Care to Eat says:

    I agree – great race recap!
    Tailing on Meghann's comment, there is a half (& full) marathon here in Portland every 4th of july called the "Flat Half" Just sayin'! The full is also a Boston Qualifier… :)

  21. chandra says:

    Great recap, and HUGE congrats on your PR, hun!! Very inspiring. My half PR is 2:02 right now and I'd love to beat that.. maybe next year.


  22. Mica says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations! I am so happy that you PR'd–and on a tough course, to boot! I am sure you're still reveling in the PR feeling. :)

  23. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    Wooooo GO YOU!!!! You are so strong and amazing!
    Love you girl!

  24. Susie. says:

    congratulations! Hope you enjoyed Oregon, I miss home very much! Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures. :)

  25. Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) says:

    I know I'm late, but good job on the race. And check out that beautiful scenery!

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