I Accept

…you low pressure system that is going to bring the weather this weekend into the mid 70’s and 40’s at night.  That enabled me to run at 9am this morning without feeling like I was going to pass out just walking.

Please, stick around as long as you want.  I will happily oblige.

I had some work to do this morning before my run for work, and got most of it finished up while I feasted on the breakfast I’ve been waiting for all week: YOGURT!!!

I have been craving some yogurt for over a week now but I’m too damned cheap to pay over $1.50 for a single serving container of greek yogurt…and this week I finally gave in and just bought some plain organic 1% yogurt to suffice.  Definitely not as great as my Oikos of TJ’s GY but I’m not going to be picky!  I mixed mine up with a nectarine, strawberries, blueberries and some Apple Cinnamon Granola by Attune Foods (which btw is freak’n awesome!!!).

I went on a nice steady 5 miler this morning with my friend and returned with the intention of doing some abs but…fell asleep on the floor.  I didn’t sleep well last night, resulting in feeling tired and having a very stiff neck!

By the time I cleaned up I made a snack plate for lunch with lots of goods:

I’m sure you can tell what’s one it.  Vegs, hummus, pita.  Nice and simple.  And rounded out with a white peach that was practically the size of my head!

Since I had a weekday off I headed off to the DMV to renew my driver’s license (and get a new picture, it’s almost 10 years old! OMG so young looking!) only to find out that it’s closed.  Freak’n A!

I got home and did some reading for work and snacked on a chocolate chip raspberry muffin with some cantaloupe.

And there was an apple and some honey twist pretzels about two hours later.  Lunch just wasn’t enough to hold me over after that run!

After working on some updates for the blog I finally settled on dinner that I had been thinking about all day long…

Cheese, Pepper and Chick’n?  This wasn’t as good as the original that I made in TX last year…but it was good enough!  It was just missing the honey flax waffles I used to get at HEB…oh man.  Instead I used the samples of Multi-grain Arnold’s Thins I got from Foodbuzz and can’t wait to show you the grille recipe I’ve got coming to you this weekend!  Yay!

And of course my night doesn’t go without dessert:

TJ’s chocolate pudding with smashed up TJ’s pb pretzel nuggets?  What more could I ask for!

I’m winding down my training for the Wine and Country 1/2 Marathon in NINE DAYS so I’ll be running a nice 10 miler tomorrow morning and enjoying the rest of my weekend with my new book and my bestie, whenever she gets here!


Insight: Day 7

Favorite cover of your favorite song:  I don’t know that any of my favorite songs have been covered…so I don’t know that I can really answer this one! And believe me, I’ve thought about it all day long!

Do you have a favorite song that’s been covered?  Maybe I like yours and I just can’t think of it!

I swear I have a Side Note sitting on my brain that I want to post about but I’m uber tired so I’ll leave it for this weekend or later.  I’m sure there are other more fun things you’d rather be doing than reading my blog!

Have a great weekend!

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13 Responses to I Accept

  1. sophia says:

    Wow is that really from one single white peach? That's a whole lot!

    lol, mental image of you falling asleep while trying to do the abs on the floor.

  2. Daniel says:

    That really is quite a peach! I've had one white-fleshed one (I think it was a nectarine actually…) and I found it so much better than a normal one.

    I don't think I have a favorite cover of a song because I prefer when the original artist does it – most covers slaughter the original. Wait! I just remember! I prefer Guns N' Roses' version of "Live and Let Die" over Paul McCartney and Wings' version.

    Good luck with your half-marathon!!

  3. Laur says:

    You are an inspiration!

  4. whatkateate says:

    Thats a delicious looking dessert! Have a fantastic weekend :)

  5. What Now, Hannah? says:

    Hey there, just came across your blog from following you on Twitter.

    I am LOVING all your pictures of food. If I was hungry right now, I would be downstairs trying to recreate these concoctions. I really want to start making mixtures of fresh fruit, oats, and nut butters. And yogurt! It looks so delicious and healthy at the same time!

    Btw, what's the difference between Greek yogurt and regular?

  6. Rachael says:

    I've definitely come close to falling asleep during floor exercises before…just seems natural!
    Favorite cover song ever – Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah. As much as I revere Leonard Cohen, the cover version makes me weep in record time.

  7. Lea @ Healthy Coconut says:

    Good eating you had for this day. Looks like a day in my life through food.

    I've never had white peach before. I think that they wouldn't be sweet since it's not "ripe looking". I should just pick one up and try it.

  8. Mica says:

    I love white peaches, but mine has been so yucky lately. Boo bad produce!

  9. Emily says:

    you can make your own greek yogurt if you strain regular yogurt over a cheese cloth. the whey (watery part) should drain off, leaving you with greek yogurt!

  10. mymarblerye says:

    let's be honest…how much older can you really look from 10 years ago…asian genes=we look the same for 40 years. best cover song? I hate being put on the spot but i love cat power's wonderwall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeR1Mo8S7cs I'm sooo emoooo :)

  11. Kristie says:

    I always get plain yogurt, partly because greek yogurt is near impossible to find here and partly because it's WAY too pricey. But seriously try straining plain yogurt. Usually I'm too lazy but when I do bother to do it it turns out perfectly!

    I can never answer questions about songs. I never remember song titles OR artists of songs I like. There are just way too many good ones out there. So it would take some mad internet scouring for me to figure out what cover songs have been done of songs I like haha.

    Hope your weekend was swell lady!

  12. Krista says:

    That breakfast looks great….and so does the corn. Glad the weather is cooperating where your running is concerned! :)

  13. Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) says:

    Wait…your driver's licence is 10 years old? We have to get new ones (with new pictures) every 5 years here. I think it's a cash grab frankly ;)

    And why not buy yogurt in a larger container? It's usually way cheaper that way, rather than getting the single serving ones. And more environmentally friendly :)

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