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My therapist pointed out something interesting yesterday while we were talking about HLS. I talked to her about my anxiety about meeting so many people and my fear of not living up to expectations and developed a schedule and exercises for me to do to keep me from well, freaking out to say the least.

But, then she asked me about the travel part. How was I getting to Chicago? Then to where I was going to be staying?  Simple answers: planes and trains.  It was simple and I passed it off like a breeze.  Then she asked if I felt nervous about flying, or being in a new place for the time and maybe getting lost.  I told her that if I got lost, there’s always someone to ask directions from and really, I’d get where I need to eventually.  Basically, I’m not worried about it. I saw the smirk on her face when she said, “Now there is confidence.  Now we just need you to share that in the parts of your life where it’s lacking.” 

I have never really realized how comfortable I am with traveling, I just kinda take it as it is.  I know that I’ll get to where I need to eventually, it might take a bit longer than I had predicted, but I would get there in the end.  I’ve had several instances while abroad and traveling across the country where schedules were mixed up (flight out of Los Angeles to Australia was delayed and missed my connecting flight), things were lost and vehicles broke down, but I improvised, worked my way around it and got to where I needed to be in as timely of a manner as possible.

Now that I’ve seen and realized this, I wonder why I can’t transfer this confidence to other parts of my life. Why can’t I live the social part of my life like this, on a whim and with a carefree attitude?  It’s an interesting aspect of my life I’ve now looked at and hope that I can transfer some of those feelings!

What about you?  Where and what are you most confident about in your life?  Is it your social life?  Traveling? Running? Dancing? Cooking? Anything else?!  Let me hear it! ]]


Do you like the start to my day?  Oh yeah, that’s what I like to wake up to at 4.30am. Mother !@($&@#*($*(#&%@(#$*!(#&$.

After not receiving my call yesterday to get info about my computer getting fixed, I called this morning at 5am to get a hold of them and get this crap situated.  I now have to send my computer back AGAIN…but they’re checking which software it is that’s messing it up, like Goggle Chrome, Tweetdeck, or Window’s Live Writer.  Uh huh, my mainstays.  Just freak’n awesome.

Anyhow, I finally got out to work where it was super windy and quite a bit colder than normal: 18.9 C!  Brr…for this desert girl. 


Sorry to make this boring, but I had the same breakfast…that’s I’ve had for days…ok, over a week?  Bahhhh…  And the same snacks out in the field.


I tried to bulk up my snacks by adding some extra protein but it didn’t really help…I gave it a try, oh well.  Food Fail.


At least it was tasty!  Chocolate chip and raspberry muffin w/ 1/2 a packet of PB & Co Original PB.


I finally got around to lunch after being out all morning and ate my very smashed and soggy vegetable hummus wrap…Ick.  I ate about 2/3rds and chucked the rest out.  Hey, it helped save room for this:


Bahahahaha…I had about 2/3 of a leftover Brownie Zbar in the fridge and what better to have it go with some Lactose Free Vanilla Ice Cream? Oh yes I did.  I should have heated up the bar instead of using it frozen…it was well, hard as a rock.  Oh well, still tasty!

And because I was too lazy to take my own picture, I took this from google which just happens to come from one of my favorite bloggers of all time: VeggieGirl!  Gotta love her photo skills…I snacked on these while I was packing for HLS…in backpacks.  I’m too poor to have my own luggage.  Hehe. 

Luckily I’m a pro at last minute packing because I’ve been living my life on the road for the past three years, so three days?  It’ll take me ten minutes to pack…though I need a dress don’t I, for the cocktail party huh…hrm…

I won’t be posting dinner because it’ll be on the road as I drive home tonight and take off for Chicago tomorrow morning!!!  WHOOHOOOOO!!!  VACATION TIME!


Insight: Something that Inspires You

I’m inspired by a lot of things in my life, in different areas from things like the environment, blogging, baking/cooking, the concept of healthy living, running…here are just a few of them:

Environment: All of the crew members I’ve worked with over the past three years.  It’s amazing to see their dedication, passion and courage and have it rub off on me.  I mean, come on, who does this stuff?  And for fun to boot!

P4040063BigGrassySurvey5 036 BigGrassySurvey5 032stuck2 stuck1

Oh wait, we do. 

Blogging:  I don’t know how they do it, blog up to three times a day, working full time, writing books, raising children and fur babies?  I only wish!!!


Meghann and Caitlin:

blog 479 

Healthy Living: I don’t want to single anyone out but if there is one woman who understands me and helps me through my struggles of gaining a healthy eating and living mentality, it’s Lindsey.  I can’t even put to words how inspiring she is to me and how far she has helped bring me in my life.


Jeri is seriously a huge inspiration running wise.  I can’t tell you how jealous I am of her commitment, dedication and speed…I only wish I were as good as her!

WWR 097

And same with this girl!  I envy and wish I could steal Bobbi’s speed and dedication for training!  I mean, I’m dedicated when it comes to running but with speedwork and no coach…I’m a sucker for laziness.

WWR 054

And just in general as some of my greatest friends…

Jenn @ Eating Bender

Heather @ Heather Eats Almond Butter

Jenny @ Peanut Butter and Jenny

These are just a a few…who inspires you?

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11 Responses to Confidence

  1. Jeri says:

    I've yet to try lactose free ice cream. but I should fo sho!

    and you're so sweet! I wish we lived near each other, b/c we could work off each other's speed to get crazy super fast. :D

  2. ~ Diana ~ says:

    great post!! I am confident when I travel as well! No matter where I am going to..all I need is my iphone and CASH and i'm good to go! YOU inspire me to be better and so does maria @ chasingthenow. The support and love you guys have for everyone in the blog world is AMAZING. Have a great trip chica! -mymarblerye

  3. the actor's diet says:

    YOU are inspiring! have a wonderful time at the conference – wish i could go!

  4. Lindsey @ Sound Eats says:

    Aw honey, you know I love you! Thank you for that sweet shout out, it really touched me. :) I wish I was going to Chicago so I could see you this weekend! :( We need a gchat date to catch up sometime. Love you and miss you SO MUCH, you strong, beautiful woman you. :)

  5. Lindsey @ Sound Eats says:

    Aw honey, you know I love you! Thank you for that sweet shout out, it really touched me. :) I wish I was going to Chicago so I could see you this weekend! :( We need a gchat date to catch up sometime. Love you and miss you SO MUCH, you strong, beautiful woman you. :)

  6. Maggie says:

    What a good point your therapist made! I never thought about it that way. I am really confident about travel too, so I should figure out how to move that to other areas of life ;)

    Lots of bloggies inspire me. You do!!

  7. Mama Pea says:

    I am so touched. Truly.

    I CANNOT wait until you come in three short weeks.

    I hope you have a great time this weekend, hon, and show no fear!

  8. Magdalena says:

    For me being confident when I travel is easier than being confident in social situations because more of the outcome is under my control. Even when a flight is delayed or I get lost, I know that I'll get another flight or I can ask directions. But in a social situation, I never know how the other folks will react to me…it's a huge risk to open yourself up to people. You inspire me and my friend Rae inspires me…you are an amazing woman Melissa!

  9. Emily says:

    Sound like your therapist has caused you to come up with some really wise reflections..way to go!

    Hope you have a great time at the HLS! Wish I could be there, too.

  10. Krista says:

    I can't believe you're still having issues with your computer. How frustrating!!!

    Sounds like the therapist gave you some food for thought….

  11. Lisa @ I'm an Okie says:

    what an interesting correlation btwn traveling and confidence. its true.

    Have fun–people will love you!

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