Can’t Keep Me Away

I’m writing this post as fast as I can before my old computer decides to shut down randomly on me! 

You know I can’t stay away from you guys…I love you all and your input too much!

So yesterday started out like any other day…How about breakfast out in the field?  What better view could you ask for while chowing down?


My point counts were awesome!  I saw so many beautiful birds I had never seen before and was just giddy to the max.  That’s what happens when you’re a birder with new species.


I took my time snacking on this Odwalla Superfod Bar (severely smashed in my backpack btw) throughout the morning before finishing up and heading back home for lunch!


Can you believe this was actually previously wrapped and smashed in my backpack too?  Hell yeah to me on presentation.

I did some work and had a Trail Mix/Cereal Mix for snack, along with a 1/2C of TJ’s Chocolate Pudding made w/ USVAB and frozen.  OMG so good!

And then after dropping some $$$ to purchase tickets to my town’s Food and Wine Festival in two weeks for my brothers, his girlfriend and myself, I walked outside and found this:


Tragedy in the making. 

I have been surrounded by wildfires my entire life, living in Southern CA, where they run rampant during the summer and fall because of such dry brush and dry heat.  I don’t remember too many from my earlier years, but when I was a freshman in college in San Diego my school actually closed for three days because the Cedar Fire was so bad, it was raining ash and they didn’t want the students walking outside and going to classes.  Talk about cabin fever.

As much as I fear for my life knowing how uncontrollable these events can be, I also feel for the people who lose their homes and the history they have made there.  But on top of it all, I’m completely devastated by the effects it has on the wildlife.


The area that is currently burning is where I was yesterday morning. 


I saw so many beautiful birds and wildlife (deer, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, wild mustang, etc.) and it breaks my heart to imagine their homes being lost, burned and fleeing for their lives.  They are such helpless creatures and I feel so helpless not being able to do anything for them.  I have to sit at home stuck in my home because the air quality is so bad…(PS What do I do with myself? It’s going to be like this for a few days I believe…)


I did try to head out of town to do my surveys early this morning but the air was so thick, the haze was so low, and I was so worried about an evacuation being called (because the fire isn’t very far from my place) that I headed back home to keep track of it all.


I just, I have no words.  It’s currently 5% contained and has burned over 1,200 acres.  Normal weather in this area is cool in the morning with no winds but by 11am the temps will sky rocket and so will the winds, not helping out the poor firefighters at all in their goal to stop it…


Sorry to be such a downer, but it’s the reality of what is going on.  I can’t help but be worried about the environment; it runs in my blood…

So, good ideas of how to stay occupied stuck in the house?  Computer is not an option so think outside the box… ;)

I currently have a cross stitch and three books.

PS  Did you see my guest post on Maggie’s blog?

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8 Responses to Can’t Keep Me Away

  1. Rose says:

    I love the scenic cereal bowl! Awesome, lady. You have the coolest life.

  2. Heather says:

    Sorry about the fires! Sending positive thoughts your way.

    How about reading, catching up on old magazines and reading cookbooks looking for new recipes. Scrapbooking? Watching old movies?

  3. ~ Diana ~ says:

    fyi i can't post comments on blogger using openid with my wordpress acct!! (this is mymarblerye) anyways I feel bad for those animals too…hopefully it's a natural fire and not some idiot that started it accidently…and staying at home that long? I would go bonkers. I would watch a WHOLE season of a show on hulu or netflix..or bake delicious treat for people..people meaning bloggers…bloggers meaning me! hahaha. :)

  4. Mica says:


    Aren't you into scrapbooking? Could you use this computer-less time to work on that?

  5. kristina@goodnweird says:

    I LOVE the top picture. Such a great shot.

  6. Rachael says:

    I fear that fires are worsening in terms of scope and duration as the impact of global warming gets larger – weather patterns, cycles and natural disasters all seem to be intensifying and operating more in extremes then ever before.
    I appreciate your appreciation for the environment, and the fact that you go beyond the realm of thought and put your convictions into daily actions :)

  7. Kelsey says:

    BREAKFAST IN THE FIELD? yes please!! how fun is that hehe <3

    i hate hearing about summer forest fires, i feel like ive seen to much of them over the years, its horrible! :(

  8. Krista says:

    We don't get forest fires were I live but the pictures I see on TV drive home how horrendous they are. I feel badly for all involved. What a scary time!

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