A Hot One

whoooeeee!  My poor  Honey is trying so hard to stay cool…as am I.  I’m sweating just sitting in shorts and a tank top…we have AC but are too stubborn to use it.  I wish I didn’t have to pay my own bills. Haha.

CA2010 015

(PS you totally know there are going to be pictures of my fur baby on the blog like, everyday.  get used to it. hehe)

Anyhow…I had some computer problems this morning with my new laptop so you can imagine that I wasn’t happy, even after being able to sleep in for an extra hour!  As soon as that was all over, well, at least until it may or may not decide to act up again, I set out for breakfast.

I’m sure many of you read Danica’s Blog (Danica’s Daily) and have seen her consume Cashew Butter on her toast in the morning…well, I finally found the one that she had and finally opened it!

CA2010 001

Hot damn why did I wait this long!?!?!  I had two pieces of TJ’s Cinnamon Bread, one with Cashew Butter:

 CA2010 003

And one with TJ’s PB.

 CA2010 004

It was perfect for breakfast with the crunch of the cold apple on top…

 CA2010 005

I did some baking while it was still cool, snacking on a handful of Cashew pieces and made some more of my Blackberry Oatmeal Bars in new varieties, including Blueberries and Raspberries and Raspberries and Dark Chocolate Chips.  I also made the Vegan Brownies in my Joy of Vegan Baking for a more sweet snack during the week…you’ll see a review of those in a second.

I finished baking and somehow out of somewhere I started getting anxious.  I’m not quite sure why, but I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that I planned on going for a run today, but it was way too hot and probably wasn’t going too.

  Therefore, I was afraid to eat more than err, normal (?! seriously, what is that anyways? if it even exists) since I wasn’t going to be exercising.  Normally this would have made me go over to my side of the kitchen and start grazing, eating to provide the comfort I needed, but instead headed out to shop instead! It’s just Kmart because that’s about as exciting as it gets here in the mountain town where I reside, but hey, better than nothin!  I got a few things for my Honey that I still needed to get and bought myself two new books (which I’ll be talking about this week!) and headed home for lunch when I officially felt hungry, not anxious or emotional.

I was HOT so of course I wanted something cold!  Smoothie in a bowl it is!

 CA2010 008

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2c each frozen blueberries and raspberries
  • 1/2c usvab
  • huge handfuls of spinach
  • 3/4c kashi honey sunshine
  • 1tbsp tj’s pb

And for dessert I had a Vegan Brownie (cut in half so it would fit).  They looked wonderful when they came out, smelled awesome…but not so much in taste and texture.  I like gooey brownies that get stuck in your teeth and all over your mouth, this one, not so much.  The top was kinda rubbery and though the inside was soft, not all sticky like I like it.  Why is this?  The recipe has no oil in it what so ever and only applesauce.  Gonna have to work on this one for next time!

CA2010 009 

I spent the afternoon reading and doing a workbook, trying to stay sane with how hot it was, and eventually got hungry enough for dinner.  I had some leftover eggplant I needed to use, along with a fresh onion and some tempeh to eat before it went rancid, so what else do I like to make: Open Face Sandwich!

CA2010 020

  • grilled onions
  • grilled eggplant
  • grilled tempeh
  • grilled tomato slices
  • lettuce
  • mustard

It was just what I needed on a hot evening like this one…or so I thought. 

I was full and satisfied physically at this point, but in no way emotionally full.  I suppose I didn’t really pay attention to what I really wanted tonight when I did get hungry.  It’s ok, I’m learning…in due time.  I believe I was more focused on eating the things in my fridge so it would go bad and my money wouldn’t be wasted…

CA2010 017

I did however love love love the farmer’s market fruits including cherries and a white peach.  Delight.

CA2010 025

And for dessert (yes, I had two desserts today, even when I didn’t run, and thank goodness I don’t feel bad about it!  Normally I’d be a nervous and awesome wreck right now!  But I wanted it, so I had it!  That’s listening to my body/desires) I tried my Raspberries and Dark Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars, which were basically the same as the Blackberry ones, but I layered the fruit and chocolate in the middle instead of on top.  I made this one in a loaf pan to accomplish that to make each layer thicker to hold the layer together, and therefore making the squares much smaller than normal!  Alas…you know it was tasty.  You’re going to see this super often during the week!

There simply wasn’t enough protein in my dinner because w/in two hours my belly was rumbling again, so I had a bit of trail mix (ok, a large handful) while playing with Honey…

And now…gettin ready for bed!  What?  At 8.45?!  Peeps, it’s gonna be early mornings with the temps in the 100’s this week…don’t want me dying of heat stroke now do we?  Not uh…well, at least I don’t!

I hope you all had a good weekend?!  Anything exciting?!  Congrats to some of my ladies who ran races, despite temp conditions and body ailments!  You are rock stars!

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15 Responses to A Hot One

  1. Mama Pea says:

    Casa de Peas has AC, so you will be in the lap of luxury. I've never had cashew butter, but I think I might try to make some pretty soon. Hope you and Honey stay cool this week!

  2. Ashley says:

    Cute fur baby! And some great eats too!

  3. Mica says:

    The oatmeal-fruit bars look delicious. I would probably eat two desserts if I had those in the house too! Holla at two desserts!

  4. Heather says:

    Try to stay cool – ice packs help!

    Too bad those brownies don't taste as good as they look.

    I can't wait to see what books you bought – I just got 3 books out from the library that I cannot wait to read!

  5. Melissa says:

    Post cute cat pictures as often as you want. Food porn is fun, but I'm more than happy looking at shots of cuddley creatures. :)

  6. Maya says:

    I just looked up Kettle brand and they don't sell nut butters near me! Oh well. I'll have to request it. Staying busy helps a LOT when you get emotionally hungry. I don't keep it in mind enough. The oatmeal bars look delicious!

  7. findinghappinessandhealth says:

    i don't blame you for how tired you are- your job seems exhausting!! & i know what you mean about the exercise & food correlation thing- i hate that. but truly, our body needs the same amount of food every day i've heard. hope you have a good day today and keep pushing yourself- i know nut butters have been hard for youu in the past and i'mr eally proud of you for trying a new one!!! :)

  8. Krista says:

    Great eats, Melissa! I love cashew butter, too but haven't ever seen that brand. And I'd be totally bummed if you didn't post at least one picture a day of that beautiful fur baby!!!

  9. mymarblerye says:

    I'm glad you got out of the house before "danger" occurred. Great job…I might use that shopping excuse next time I'm bored. I know which books you are reading from twitter and let me just say…I'm open to a book exchange after you're done. :)

  10. graduategourmande says:

    Cute, cute kitten! Hope you're keeping cool with your amazing-looking eats!

  11. Ashley@thehungryscholar says:

    What a great brownie recipe. I'm not vegan, but a lot of other graduate students are…so i want to have snacks for them at parties! Must get that cookbook!

  12. Lara (Thinspired) says:

    I REALLY want to try cashew butter! I've tried brazil nut butter, almond butter, hazelnut butter, and of course peanut butter, but cashew is next on the list :)

    I know exactly what you mean by struggling to get emotionally full. If only it were as easy as getting physiologically full :(

  13. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    Woohoo for 2 desserts!!! Life's too short, you know?
    Must get my hands on cashew butter!
    And white peaches are pretty much amazing…
    Love ya!

  14. Marissa says:

    I want to see as many photos of Honey as possible! She's so cute! And way to go on everything. You're pretty amazing, you know that? There will always be other days to run.

  15. Danica's Daily says:

    Ok so I am slow at catching up – I just saw this – thanks for the link love :D

    I LOVE that cashew butter! But, really, I think now I want to try your blackberry or raspberry squares – YUM! they look so delicious!

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