Half Marathon #2 for 2010

I’ve got the travel bug…

Chicago in August and…

Half Marathon #2 training will commence, for this beauty in September (birthday month!)

Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon home page

And you know there are going to be bloggers involved…;)

Off to a fun filled weekend of family and graduations from college!  So proud of my brother!!!

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15 Responses to Half Marathon #2 for 2010

  1. Marilou @ Mostly Healthy says:

    Good luck on your training!!! I'm looking forward to following you on your adventures :)

  2. Mama Pea says:

    You just made my Saturday! I CANNOT wait and am marking it on my calendar RIGHT NOW.

  3. Food Makes Fun Fuel says:

    Running through wine country would be AWESOME. Can't wait to see pics!

  4. Jenny says:

    Ah yes, yet another opportunity to live my life vicariously through you :) good luck training, beautiful!!

  5. Erica says:

    Wow- that will be an awesome half! All the cool kids are born in September ;) Enjoy your weekend

  6. Christina says:

    Oh cool, you're going to be in Chicago!

    Sounds like some fun plans you have planned. =)

  7. Krista says:

    Oregon sounds like a beautiful place to run a second half!

  8. mymarblerye says:

    Zomg. I'm getting pumped FOR you!

  9. J says:

    How fun! …my birthday is in September as well. I will be 25 (ugh) on the 19th.

  10. Mica says:

    Congratulations to your brother!

    And that's great that you have another half to train for and look forward to!

  11. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

    ohhh that sounds beautiful!!

  12. keephangingon says:

    Hey girl, I just came across your blog today and it's AWESOME. I love that you're a vegetarian, runner, and environmentalist, because I'm ALL OF THOSE THINGS TOO! :) I can see you're really passionate about the environment. your job sounds WAY cool. HAWK WATCHING! And I think your mixed parentage makes you and your brothers really good looking! :) Thanks for sharing your stories about your ED, I love your honesty and courage to open up to the world.

  13. Gabriela says:

    That's so exciting, good luck with the training! The wine country one sounds especially awesome, I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  14. Andrea of Care to Eat says:

    YAY! I'm so happy you signed up for the race! I'm half tempted to join you, but I'm not sure my knees are up for 13.1. I will still be there at the finish line, cheering you on!

  15. BOBBI McCORMICK says:

    I love you girl! #1 on tonights post I am praying for you
    #2 On this post, I WANT TO DO IT TOO!!!!

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