Readjustment Time

Oh man what a whirlwind of the past few days.  I really can’t even tell where all the time went…other than I am now working full time and LOVING IT!  I mean, how could you not, walking around in this:


It is absolutely beautiful out here, at least at this spot where I surveyed today.  It was a very early and quite a rigorous first day to say the least!  Let’s put it this way, the survey that we did encompassed about 7 miles of walking!

But I must let you know, I won’t be able to talk too much about my job because much of it is confidential to our clients and only them.  A bit of a disappointment that I won’t be able to discuss much of my job, but I will be able to provide you with some beautiful pictures!


The area I surveyed today is located near/in an area known as the California Poppy Reserve.  I have never seen California’s State Flower look more beautiful…even though I’m actually about a month late in seeing how really amazing it could have looked!


It was absolutely breathtaking most of the time…until all the grass seeds were digging into my legs so badly that I cringed with every step.  Time to readjust!


How else am I trying to readjust my life right now? 

Yep, I’m currently living here:


Not to easy for me when I like having lots of fresh foods and such, plus a kitchen!  But, I cam prepared with a few things to hopefully last me through the week:


That is a lot of cans of beans: chickpeas, mixed beans and black beans.   Awesome to mix in everything…and thank goodness I brought my rice maker so I can have some sort of grain!


Of course my cabinet staples and then fresh fruit to follow:


Thank god for my mini fridge.  Not as cold as it really should be, but I’m dealing with it.  Lots of fresh fruits, yogurt, hummus, cheese and bread thins. 


Yep, hopefully I’m set for the field for at least a week.  And only a week…we’re apartment searching tomorrow so I’m keeping my fingers crossed we’ll find something for me to move into asap!  My new coworker is showing up next week so I’ll be rooming with him until the end of summer.  After that, I’ll have it all to myself! :D

A little recap of my Side Note I talked about the other day:

[[ Did you read about my great debate?  About what I had decided to do about it? 

As I mentioned, I decided on Friday not to step on the scale Saturday morning, being it the only chance for me to weigh myself before heading off to my new job…but being at home…I had/have such a deep routine ingrained in my head that lo and behold I found myself standing on the scale, looking at the wall.

I stood there, staring at the wall, asking myself why I was really standing there; what it was going to do for me; what it wasn’t going to do for me; how it wouldn’t help; and so on and so forth.

I stepped back off. 

I never looked down and saw the number.  I never needed to see it and I still don’t need to see it.  None the less, I feel like a champ being able to reject the urge to see that number.  I’m not gonna lie, I still have a huge inkling to see how much I do weigh…but like many of you said, the cons outweigh the pros, I don’t want the weight of the guilt I would develop to sit on my shoulders, and what we should all believe:



I encourage all of you to check out the wonderful comments left about the debate in my head and I hope that if you have the same sort of struggle, that the words from these woman will help you find the courage to move away from the scale and further on with your life! ]]

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18 Responses to Readjustment Time

  1. Emily says:

    Looks like a beautiful place to work. And it looks like you're stocked with good eats for the week!

    I think you made the right choice about the scale. You know who you are and it shouldn't be affected by what the scale says. :-)

    I made your berries + chocolate chip bread! Sooo goood!

  2. lynn @ the actors diet says:

    i've always wanted to see those poppies in person! thanks for the pix.

  3. Rachael says:

    Ah, living out of hotels…and thank god for mini-fridges. At one point, I steamed my greens in a coffee pot, and was very proud of myself.
    My scale lives in my room. I'm trying not to get on it these days, but somehow, knowing it's there is comforting.It shouldn't be comforting – as you said, just numbers. Subjective, silly numbers. Maybe it's time to relocate it to the basement, or trash even?
    Enjoy Cali.

  4. Jenny says:

    Numbers do NOT define us! You are a beautiful, amazing lady!

  5. Mama Pea says:

    I am not just PROUD of you, I am so happy for you. I can feel you freeing yourself. I can feel it lifting. I am overjoyed…you deserve this, Melissa.

  6. Courtney (Pancakes & Postcards) says:

    dude, proud of you. I know how HARD that battle with the scale can be, I go through it myself almost every morning. Yet the best I have ever felt is when I let it go. Numbers do not define us. It is how we feel, both physically and spiritually, that does.

  7. Kim says:

    Wow, Melissa! GOOD JOB!!!! Way to be strong about the scale! That is HUGE!

  8. Krista says:

    What gorgeous photos. You always have the best ones!!

    I giggled when I saw your bag on top of the lamp! HA!!! Is that to dull the light???

    Wicked will power to not look down while on the scale. Proud of ya! ;)

  9. Mica says:

    You're right, numbers do not define people. Congratulations on your personal victory over the scale number.

    How long do you plan to have this current job? You're such a little traveler, jetting all over the country. It seems like you never stay in one place very long.

  10. Katie says:

    What a beautiful place! Those fields are gorgeous… I can imagine getting an instant mood lift the moment you step out in the morning.

    Good for you for taking the power away from the scale! I'm so proud of you.

  11. Faith @ LovelyAsCharged says:

    What a gorgeous work setting! Lucky girl.

    I'm glad you chose not to look. Looking would have done no real good in the long run, and you are who you are regardless of a lousy scale. I'm sure you feel extremely freed by your choice.

    Hope your hotel stay is fun! I've always loved hotels!

  12. Gabriela says:

    You've really made the best of living in a hotel room! Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? MAJOR congrats on not looking at the scale…you are totally a champ :) Hope you have a great week love, good luck finding an apartment!

  13. Heather says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you've got a well stocked fridge and some great eats for your hotel living!

    Good job with the scale – you should be very proud of yourself.

    If you don't have a coffee pot in your room, try picking up a cheap hot water heater – makes instant oatmeal very nicely!

  14. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    Aw girl, I'm so glad you are loving your job! Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! You're so lucky to have a job that you love. And I know you must be SO happy to be back in Cali :)
    And I'm really happy for you about stepping off the scale. You ROCK!!! That just goes to show how so very strong you are and how far you have come in beating the ED once and for all!
    Love you girl!

  15. Lisa (I'm an Okie) says:

    looks beautiful! and your hotel looks just as nicely stocked as my kitchen does right now haha!

    and great job–that was a HUGE step.

  16. Jeri says:

    those poppy pics are gorg.

  17. whataboutsummer says:

    sometimes getting away–100% out of the old environment–is the best thing for healing.

    it looks gorgeous where you are and I can't wait to hear more!

  18. Doris says:


    Btw, I totally went to those poppy fields because my mom really wanted to take pictures there haha it's so beautiful there!

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