What is this? Two posts in one day?  Too bad this one isn’t anywhere near as exciting as the first one…

I’m waiting for the drama to start with the new Side Note I did on Breaking Bad Habits II: Log Counts.  Just kidding, I totally don’t want any drama; just to help out at least one person who might need it.

I got the most minimal amount of produce I could at Publix with only a week left here in FL and came home to nap…of course.  And eat like, two cups of grapes.  Damn they were tasty, and nice and cool since it’s in the 90’s and miserably humid.  Yuck.

I tried my hardest to convince myself into a run, but that didn’t happen…and then I realized I hadn’t done any strength training for a while, so there ya go!  Besides, I’m honoring my New Years Resolutions (yeah, remember those?!) of doing ST sessions two times a week. 

There ya have it, an hour of ST down and sweaty in my room with my SELF cards.  I need to get more of those…I like looking at cards to mix up instead of following videos…means I can watch TV too!

I was weak in the knees by the time I finished, so I quickly showered and got myself some food!  Because it’s hotter than the dickens you know I wanted something without any heat for dinner.  What better than veggies and hummus mixed together, paired with a bagel thin and a crispy fuji apple?

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I totally wanted some Japanese curry for some reason, but that stuff cannot be consumed when it’s more than 70 degrees outside.  It’s not meant for warm or hot days…especially when my body revolts and swells like it does.  Yuck.

And finishing off the night with hulu, some chocolate sunflower seeds…and packing.  Agg…I can’t believe I only have a week left…which reminds me, plans have changed as my friends restaurant is no longer opening on the first and instead on the sixth, which I obviously won’t be here for.  Makes me so sad…I totally wanted to attend a soft opening for a restaurant. [[Major sad face]]

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5 Responses to Lackluster

  1. theemptynutjar says:

    I hope you have a nice night Melissa. You certainly deserve it.

  2. jewel@fit-and-fabulous-jewel says:

    You can come hang with us if you like…we will be camping the weekend at MM70 and having a nice campfire (should be breezy right on the water) and a veggie dinner…(or pack your own if you prefer).

    Just bring a chair.

    Not as good as a soft opening but still the Keys and still relaxing and beautiful!

  3. Krista says:

    Veggie and hummus are a match made in heaven. Yum!

  4. Thinspired says:

    Melissa! Oh boy do I appreciate your thoughts on calorie counts. Wowie about your document. I have something similar, but I have never tracked my emotions alongside with tracking my calories. I should probably examine those more closely. I have an on-again, off-again relationship with calorie counting for sure. Sometimes it really helps me out and I can do it in a healthy way…sometimes not so much. Why is it so hard to find the balance?!

  5. Lisa (I'm an Okie) says:

    Its a hard thing to give up because calorie counting can be such a safety net sometimes. You take the focus of relying on you to tell yourself what you need but instead let a calorie log dictate how much you need.

    I just had to throw everything to do with calorie counting away to help me get over it.

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