Vegan Indulgence: Sublime Restaurant and Key Biscayne Running

Wow, the past two days have been crazy!  I’m not even sure what exciting thing to start with!

To sum up Friday before 4.30pm we’ll just say it consisted of sitting in front of a computer all day…and listening to elevator music while on hold with McAfee for 4hrs before being disconnected.  FAIL.

Food was totally unexciting before dinner, so we’ll just leave all of it out.

How excited was I about dinner?  Beyond anything you could believe…because not only would I be getting to have an all VEGAN MEAL but I had the greatest company ever: Gena from Choosing Raw!

We’ve been talking for a bit and I suggested going to Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale after seeing a blogger meetup there when Angela was in town!

10042300301004230029 How gorgeous is this restaurant, waterfalls?!


Of course Gena and I checked out the entire menu before even getting there, what food blogger wouldn’t?!


I tried hard to get a nice picture of Gena for the blog but we had a feisty waiter for our table…


He nicknamed Gena “The Seductress.”  I don’t think I got a name.  But he definitely made brownie points with his fun attitude, outgoing manner and the abundance of compliments throughout the night.


After taking a bit to check out the menu we finally decided on some grub, but not before being offered a generous appetizer to keep us happy:


I’m retarded and don’t quite remember what was in it, but it was polenta and man oh man…we demolished it quicker than I can spell polenta…which is fast. :)

After much discussion we decided to start with, according to Nick (our waiter), one of their more popular appetizers: Frito Misto


I’m not a big fan of sweet-savory things but decided what the heck, I’m only here once!


They were nice large pieces of cauliflower lightly fried and coated in a sweet chili sauce and topped with sesame seeds and green onions (does that look like green onions? idk…).  We both tried a few pieces but didn’t want to fill up because we had a lot more coming for our meal…

In addition to the Frito Misto we also get a side of Asparagus, which was awesome because it still had enough crunch to it and wasn’t soaked in old or “butter.”


Gena and I both decided on different items for our meal but obviously shared with each other!  You can’t go to a blogger meet up like this and not share this awesome food!  She decided to try the Dynamite Roll with their sauce on the side (doesn’t like onions and raw red ones were mixed in it) and the Quinoa Roll.


Seeing as how I love to make my own sushi at home I was intrigued at how the Quinoa Roll was going to come out since it doesn’t naturally stick to itself very well!


I was quite surprised how well it stayed together, but as soon as I dipped it in the sweet teriyaki sauce there was quinoa all over the place.  It was still interesting though!  I might have to try making this myself!

I also tried a piece of the Dynamite Roll but was a bit skeptical of it since I am in no way shape or form a fan of cream cheese, vegan or not.  I tried a piece and dipped it in a bit of the sauce that was supposed to be on the inside (or on top? Not quite sure how it was supposed to be presented) and it was ok.  I felt like there were too many flavors in there and was a bit overwhelmed.


On top of the two rolls Gena also ordered their Chopped Salad…which I LOVED the presentation for!  I love it when things come out looking almost too pretty to eat!!!  I took a bit and liked all the tiny pieces of salad components in there but agreed with Gena when our first one came out that it had way too much dressing on it (we asked for another with much less dressing and our request was graciously granted).


And what did I order?  I knew I had a long run scheduled for the next morning at the crack of dawn and as pre-race meals I always have pizza…so why not for my long run right?  Heck ya!  I’ m a huge fan of Margherita Pizzas so I had to go with their version: Margherita Classico


Pizza pizza!  I asked for it to made with their Whole Wheat Crust and it was absolutely amazing!  I loved how thin and crunchy the crust was and that the pizza was absolutely drowning in “cheese.”  I would have liked to have more and bigger pieces of basil but I was amazed by the flavor of the marinara on there that I could barely pay attention to anything else…so tasty!


I really enjoyed the restaurant and would gladly suggest it to anyone who is in the South Florida area, especially Ft. Lauderdale!  And of course it was made that much better because I spent an awesome 3+ hours talking blogs and life with Gena!


(Ugg, white washed pictures because the lighting in there was horrid for cameras! )

Thank you again Gena for asking me to meet up with you!  I’m totally taking up your offer to get my butt to NYC and see you!!!  You better come to Southern California too!  I’ll be waiting!


Today has been crazy, and starting at 6am!!!  I got back just before midnight after dinner with Gena and after being up since 5.30am for work you can guess how exhausted I was!  But I was up and prepped to leave for Key Biscayne to go for a long run! I was improvising on where and how long to run but knew it was going to be around either 10 miles or an hour and a half.

We were greeted with a gorgeous sunrise on the drive over there…I couldn’t help but take it in black and white…too pretty with the beach and sun!  And on the drive over I noshed on a very ripe banana and an apple zbar.


Brit is doing a 1/2 Ironman next Sunday in Key Biscayne so she wanted to scope out the area on her sweeeeet bike.


I was ready with my trusty sunnies, visor, ipod and running gear!


It was an insane run to say the least.  I didn’t know where I wanted to run but when we drove over the bridge to get over to the key I knew that was going to be my goal.

Key Biscayne Bridge, Miami, Florida(Source)

Um, why is it so hard for me to run hills?  Oh that’s right, Florida is as flat as a pancake and I haven’t run hills in over 5 months!  Yikes!  But you know I conquered that baby!  I ran up and over and then back (which absolutely sucked because the wind was fierce the whole time) along with distances run after and before each climb…I did end up with a stomach cramp after the first downhill part but ran through it and blasted back over that bridge!

I dropped off a water bottle half way through the first part of the leg and picked it up on the way back to guzzle, along with having two strawberry GU chomps.  Definitely helped with the last leg back to the beach where I had everything waiting for me!

I ended up finishing the run 10 minutes and a mile shorter than I had wanted, but truthfully, I was ready to be done because I was tired, my belly was upset and I think had lost most of the water in my body with the humidity and my insane sweating…

I relaxed for a bit on a picnic bench and stretched a lot before finally heading over to join my roomie and of course, EAT!  What better than pizza pre-race/long run…than for post long run!!!  I was most certainly not going to let the last three pieces go to waste!  It was too good!


I also had an orange and a crap load of water before passing out in the sun in my bikini and getting some much needed zzzzzz’s…

We left the beach around 1.30 and when we finally got home just after 3.30 you can bet I was famished!  I had the worst hunger headache on this planet and threw together the fastest bowl of food: greek yogurt, strawberries, apple spice muffin, trial mix and dark chocolate dreams pb.


Talk about pure heaven. 

And then I spent an insane amount of time on my phone…(and that’s not minutes, that HOURS)


On hold…waiting to get help for my computer…and kept myself occupied with things like recipe searching…to use up ingredients I won’t be able to take home in a week!


And taking a nap on the floor.  :D

I finally got through and my computer is now fixed!!!  Whooohooo!!!  I was dancing around like a child and can bet I was screaming songs from my new addiction (Cough: Glee: Madonna cover songs: Cough) to show my excitement.

It took me forever to finally get hungry for dinner, but when it finally hit, it was massive!  Again, I was in a hurry to throw together a meal, mainly of leftovers waiting to be used in the fridge!

I did have something new worth noting though!  I saw these at Publix on sale last week, and along with the dollar off coupon attached to it I couldn’t pass it up.


I sauteed two of the chick n breasts to have on top of a bowl of a mix of marinara, cauliflower, spaghetti squash and fresh spinach:


Maybe I over cooked it a little, but it was really really chewy, like almost rubbery.  Anyone else have this issue?  I’ve seen quite a few reviews for gardien’s products in the blogsphere…which also intrigued me to try it out.

And of course to round out the evening…chocolate dessert.  Oh yeah.


When I had all that time on hold with McAfee I got to go over my cookbooks and decided to make some cookies with the Sunbutter samples I received! I got a cookbook with the samples I received and tried one of their cookie recipes, but used a flax-egg substitute and added in chunks of Newman’s Own Organics Dark Chocolate.


I had one of the cookies on top of some Kashi Puffs and the last of my TJ’s Chocolate Pudding…the cookie was pretty good, but not quite like a regular pb cookie…I think it was the flax egg.  Boo.

And now I’m officially ready for bed.  Even though I took three naps today… :)  Isn’t that was the weekend is for; catching up on sleep lost during the week. 


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13 Responses to Vegan Indulgence: Sublime Restaurant and Key Biscayne Running

  1. Run Sarah says:

    Awesome job on the run and tackling those hills! I love weekend naps, I had one today as well. Have a great Sunday girl! PS – no mail for me yet, but Canada Post is slooooow and no weekend delivery.

  2. ktbwood says:

    girl you are awesome at running!
    AND LOVE THE BLOGGIE MEETUP <3 that color looks AMAZING on you by the way..the blue..for real stunning!!

  3. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    You lucky girl getting to know Gena, she seems so nice! ;)

    I hate running hills too…. I just get exhausted! So, great job on the run!!!

    Have a great Sunday~~~ :)

  4. Gena says:

    It was a true honor and joy to meet you! Honestly, I'd guessed at your kindness and humor and genuine way of being from your blog, but it was so lovely to have all of those qualities confirmed in person! THANK YOU for meeting up with me, for making the long drive out, and for spending such a fun evening with me! I loved every moment and can't wait for So-Cal and NYC trips :-)

  5. Jessie (Vegan-minded) says:

    I'm glad you got to try Sublime before your move! Amazing isn't it? I'm going there next month and I can't wait. Congrats on finally getting your computer fixed, I know how frustrating that can be! :)

  6. Erica says:

    What a fun dinner with Gena! The food looks really unique. Glad you guys had fun. I have the same problem with hills!! SC is also quite pancake like. Before I do a bridge race, I run the bridge 1 – 2 x's to get myself back used to elevation changes :) I haven't tried that particular kind of gardein yet. Their chicken tenders are awesome though.

  7. Krista says:

    I can not blieve how long it too you to get through to those people to get your computer fixed. What crap ass customer service!!

    Sounds like you and Gena had a great time together and all the food you ordered looks beatiful.

    Also, what a gorgeous spot to run. Wow.

  8. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    What a fun dinner and opportunity to meet Gena, I'm so jealous! :-) Great run, the hills would probably have done me in.

  9. biz319 says:

    Loved reading this post from beginning to end! Wow, that cauliflower dish looks amazing – I may have to try to recreate that at home!

    And they were skimpy on the basil – I would have asked for more!

    I know what you mean about hills – where I lived before was just flat – not a hill in sight! I signed up for a 5k near our new house (well, that was 9 years ago!) and I almost died – the hills are killer!

  10. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says:

    Wow this post is amazing!!!!
    First thx for telling me bout your CA stuff…me too, and hopefully soon!!!! Nothings for sure but fingers crossed.

    As for the restaurant food…wow, what a great review of all the items. Quinoa and not sticking, veganaise i do adore and bet i would love that roll, the really pretty too healthy to eat :) all of it…great!

    Loved seeing these pics of Gena, too! So playful and fun and the flirty/fiesty waiter…too cute!

    Love this post!

  11. Carolyn says:

    That sunrise pictures is amazing!! Needs a frame and a place on your wall.

  12. Jenn (eating bender) says:

    OMG! Two of my faves in one place? I don't think I can handle it. Mainly because I am extremely jealous and wishing that I could have been there! Alas, the miles separated us ;o) Soon enough, lady! We'll make it happen!

    That food looks phenomenal. I love the concept of the quinoa sushi!

    You're the best, lady. Sorry I've been so MIA – traveling this week and I'm losing sleep fast. I miss you so much!

  13. Jeri says:

    awww I love that pic of you. your hair is getting so long! I can't handle hills either. Blech.

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