Paycheck: EATEN

Oh yeah…I got paid today.  And one of the FL malls ripped me for all I’m worth.  But really, I got all this stuff for about $93…which I think is pretty good!

1004090005 1004090006

Ok, I did go into William Sonoma to look at all the pretty things…and contemplated buying this entire knife set because well, I have two Wustoff knives right now and want them all…but the $500+ with the wooden block…it was hard to say yes no.

Instead I went over to Express to try some dresses onthis one was so cute!  I could totally use it for a night on the town…cause you know, I totally do that all the time and would buy this for such an occasion.  Psssh.


Price was a bit steep for me…for something i have no idea when I would wear it…

But I really really liked this one.  The top white part was cotton, it cinched around the bottom of my ribs, and then was pleated by fitted towards my knees, and even had pockets!  (The freak’n black door in the background makes the dress so hard to see…so pretty!)

1004090010 1004090011

Sadly it also had this price:


Uh, no.  Sorry, can’t do that.  Mom, birthday?  My 1/2 Birthday just passed!?!??!

Instead I went to Crate & Barrel and broke the bank (not really, I’m way to cheap) getting some new plates and bowls.  These are some of them.  You will see the other two if you make you surpass the boredom I’ve already presented you with and read about my dinner.


I then hit up Bath and Body Works for a few new Shower Gels and one of their new summer scents they were selling for a buck.  How could I pass it up?  The lemon vanilla smelled AWESOME!


I went over to Aeropostale for some clothes and walked out with…one shirt and underwear.  The underwear were legit purchases as some of mine have been ruined due to dirty field work!  They no longer are their original colors…I would have come home with a pair of shorts also, but I was to lazy to go back and find a larger size when the ones I tried on were just a weeeee bit too tight.


And last but no least, MY FIRST PURCHASE EVER from HOLLISTER.  Yes, first time Hollister shopper right here.  I tend to stray from big name labels and such because well…these guys are all about promoting CA and blah blah…somehow it just kinda bothers me.  Just like Abercrombie and American Eagle (though I do buy from them often)…I’m weird like that.


The whole shopping trip was supposed to take place with Meredith but sadly we had a bit of a miss communication and time lapse and missed each other by minutes at the mall! Boo!  But, we did eventually meet up at WF, so the journey up there was not in vein…of course for Meredith and the shopping!

Anyhow, I had today off (thank god, and I finally got a good nights sleep) and started off the morning slow as I wanted.  I had a breakfast similar to yesterday but with PB instead of Sunbutter and added in some strawberries.  Freak’n delish.


I went out and sweated my brains out for 6.1 miles before trying to meet Meredith at the mall.  After waiting until noon and finding out we missed each other, I was ravenous and devoured my packed lunch in two minutes…in front of William’s Sonoma of course.  I couldn’t wait to go in!

For lunch I had inhaled a Jazz Apple and a Bagel Thin w/ hummus, tomato and a fried egg. Tasty.

1004090003 1004090004

I did my shopping thang…and before heading to pick up some produce snacked on a Superfood Odwalla bar while driving…I love those bars.  I need to invest stock in them.

By the time I got home I was a hot and sticky mess (thunderstorms rolling in = HUMIDITY) so I opted for a cold dinner.  What better than leftovers, fresh bread and sweet fruit?

I started off by having the last of my pineapple (sad it’s all gone; it’s ok, I picked up some more oranges to replace it) and some strawberries

(PS See the new plate? Square with rounded edges and clear)


And to dip in my cold, leftover black bean soup (which I am now dubbing Black Bean Gazpacho) I had three very small pieces of fresh sourdough bread from the bakery…it’s rare I buy anything but whole wheat…but sourdough, sheepherder’s and pumpernickel are a different story…


And since I at the those fruits separately, I had the last of my TJ’s Chocolate Pudding with about 3T of Kashi Go Lean Crunch.  Nice and cool…

(PS New bowl here too…I was on a see through kind of bowl/plate purchasing spree today…)


And now I’m chilling out, and debating whether or not to hit up the local winery for some fruit wines, live music and new company…um, what am I waiting for?  Oh yeah, I’m tired. 


Hope you’ve got a great Friday night planned!  And weekend ones too!  (FYI weekend plans were shot out of the water…so don’t know what I’ll be up to this weekend…)

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10 Responses to Paycheck: EATEN

  1. Runeatrepeat says:

    Love that second dress :) You look great!

  2. Maddi says:

    that little black dress is adorable! you are so pretty and petite! i have never shopped at hollister or Abercrombie, but those two tops you bought are REALLY cute, unlike most of their shirst that just have a big HOLLISTER across the boobs! ;) Sounds like a really fun day, get some good rest tonight! :)

  3. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    Haha so you and I have very similar shopping tastes. I love american eagle but hollister? It seems.. overwhelming. I don't know. When I walk in the store I feel so..judged! Silly I know..
    Cute dresses though! I love Express!! I see tops and dresses that I love like that all the time but then I think… where I am going to wear this? I don't really go "out." Ah well.
    Cute bowls!!!!! I LOVE Williams Sonoma.. well I love window shopping there haha!

  4. Jessie (Vegan-minded) says:

    I love Crate and Barrel, I could spend hours in there! Looks like you got some great finds on your shopping trip. Hope to see you next weekend! :)

  5. theemptynutjar says:

    i think u r awesome. u r beautiful…me? friday night…and i keep eating and eatingg….so full, but just eating anyway…oh chocolate is my nemesis :)

  6. findinghappinessandhealth says:

    hello gorgeous :) that dress is amazing! so simple & cute. & the egg sandwich sounds fantastic .. i might have to imitate that combo!


  7. From Here to There. In Purple. says:

    LOVEEE the black dress!!

    and i have a slight, yet wonderful, obsession with williams and sonoma!

  8. Gabriela says:

    I love the mall purchases!! That Express dress is adorable, so classic…not to be a bad influence, but if you got it, that's the kind of dress you get a lot of use out of!!

    I'm an Odwalla fan too…the spirulina bar is surprisingly good, in spite of its weird color!!

    Hope you have a great weekend love!!

  9. Krista says:

    I think that dress was made for you! Lovely!

    My daughter just informed me that I am to take her to Aero today because she NEEDS some things. HA! To be 10 again….OK, maybe not….

    New dishes/bowls are always fun!!

  10. Katie says:

    CUTE CLOTHES! I need underwear too… I love Gap's boy shorts.

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