Easter Plans?

I come from a family that is big on holidays throughout the year.

We get together for the main ones like Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Japanese New Year (ie regular New Year) but with my job, I’m normally away for most of them.  It makes it hard to get through them without my family but luckily I have friends wherever I go that offer up their home and families to help fill the hole I feel every time I miss an event!

But, enough about my wallowing: What kind of plans do you have for Easter?  Does your family have any traditions on the day?  Do you color eggs or hunt for the plastic ones? Or do you play games with family and friends? 

Normally my family makes the hard boiled eggs the day before and we color them to our heart’s content and end up dying our fingers in the process.  We also work on making Easter Baskets for my little cousins and such and fill plastic eggs with CANDY and MONEY.  Well, not a lot, but some.  I definitely like those the $$$ ones the most! ;)

Anyhow, I spent the afternoon running errands and applying for A TON OF JOBS and am keeping my fingers crossed for a call back soon.  Things aren’t going as fast as I’ve experienced in the past with my field applications…but every season is different! 

I suppose you could say I had some healthy snacks throughout the afternoon like dried edamame and peanut butter pretzel nuggets…but might have made them not so healthy because they were COVERED IN CHOCOLATE.  Oh whoa is me I can never stop eating things covered in chocolate…even when my belly screams otherwise.

And how do I not learn from this when I know that even 2+ hrs later and I go for a 4.8 mile run, my belly is most definitely going to be upset from those foods?  Will I ever learn?  Obviously NOT; geezzzzz…It was still a good run because I ran the second half at a much faster pace than the first and felt good (other than my belly) in my legs and energy.

Pishah!  Finishing up I showered and shot back out the door to head over to the new Publix that just opened!  I totally stocked up on fresh fruits and greek yogurt of course…I just need to spruce up how I use them!

I was craving savory and vegetables when I got home, and because I was lazy, settled on a veggie sandwich.  I’m so boring.  I was looking forward to the fried rice I talked about earlier because I got a fun ingredient in a care package today, but simply had no time…since we got back and I was eating at like, 8.45!


Your typical veggie hummus sandwich.  I’m just a bucket full of sunshine!


The first package I got in the mail today was a free sample from Kashi!  I had yet to try their new GoLean Crisp with the toasted berry crumbles!


I can’t wait to have this in my yogurt tomorrow!  What fruit do you think I should use?  I have a choice between bananas, strawberries and pears!


Next up was the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetest package from the sweeeeeeeeeeeeetest blogger:

Jasmine from Sweet and Fit!

She saw me ranting on Twitter about not having a Trader Joe’s in Florida and was kind enough to offer up sending me a package with some of my favorite items!  This girl knows a way to my foodie heart!

I am a huge fan of TJ’s Granola and was excited that she was able to get me my favorite kind: Lowfat Granola with Almonds.  Tasty tasty!  She also included a jar of their Organic Creamy PB to boot!  Can you believe I’VE NEVER  HAD A TJ’S NUT BUTTER!?  What a tragedy…until now!


She also included not just one, but THREE BOXES of my now favorite Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix!  The ones made by Jello never work and thicken up with the Almond Breeze I use, but this one…oh man!  It’s a party in my mouth for my tastebuds…I swoon.


I also got a sweet stash of bread and muffin mixes to try out!  I feel like such a TJ’s newbie because I’ve never tried these things!  I guess I’m always a sucker for their frozen goods and chocolates…;)  I can’t wait to try these as soon as I get a chance to bake!


She was also sweet enough to get me one of TJ’s greatest Trail Mixes on the planet, their Sweet, Savory and Tart Trek Mix.  Who can pass up a trail mix with pb chips in it?!?!?!?!


And last but not least she included some items to reflect the Asain side of my foodie self:


I got the package before my run and dinner and was stocked for the mix on the left because it goes in fried rice!  Too bad that didn’t work out for today…definitely some time this week!  And the Pocky, but with chocolate and almonds!?  Give Me Now!  I don’t know I’ve seen these and I’ve seen a lot of varieties of them…so I’m excited it try!

Alright, I’ve got a field day to prep for tomorrow…Hopefully I’ll have something fun to report from out adventures!

Ohhhh!  But I forgot to tell you all I have a sweet video post I’m working on to show you the fun we had Gator Spotting last Thursday night! I don’t have a video maker program or anything and am looking for a free one that might be online…anyone use one? I’m up for suggestions!

Good night lovelies!

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16 Responses to Easter Plans?

  1. Jenny says:

    I have no plans for Easter so far, possibly working- we'll see!

  2. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    What a fun package!! That vanilla granola is the BOMB!! SO SO GOOD!!! And TJ's almond butter is the best! (Wow I use a lot of exclamation points ha)
    I want to try that Kashi cereal too! I'd say strawberries AND bananas, yum!
    We always have a big family lunch on Easter and then we used to do Easter Egg hunting. But we have no more little kids :( I used to secretly love that part, even as a teenager!

  3. Raspberry Stethoscope says:

    That is so sweet to receive packages from other bloggers:)

  4. Raspberry Stethoscope says:

    ps–how did you get the free sample?

  5. runsarah says:

    What an awesome TJs package! Your veggie hummus sandwich looks so yummy.

  6. Katie says:

    You lucky girl with all of that TJ's stuff! I went there today and saw all of the chocolate covered goodies…luckily I refrained from buying the choc covered pb filled pretzels…I knew that they would be gone lickity split! I am thinking about trying the edamame the next time I go though. :)and maybe the plain pb filled pretzels!

  7. jenngirl says:

    We usually travel to see our family in Arkansas for Easter–not this year though..I feel bad but I'm contemplating not going home this year…it just sucks to travel back and forth in college!

    I got my Kashi sample yesterday! I'm so excited to try it! :)

  8. Astra Libris says:

    Such an exciting package! :-) Your veggie sandwich looks soooo yummy – nothing beats veggies and hummus! :-)

    I'm looking forward to Easter – Zach and I always go to a super-early sunrise service and then cook Easter dinner together… :-) I hope you have a wonderful Easter too… We're both far away from our families also – sending big sympathy hugs!

  9. Thinspired says:

    My family normally celebrates Easter together too, but this year I won't be able to make it home to join them :( No dyed eggs for me :(

    Dude, I got my Kashi sample in the mail and ripped it open so quickly that my coupon got ruined! I was heartbroken!

  10. Gabriela says:

    Oh my gosh, what a fun package!! And speaking of TJ's…they make AMAZING chocolate covered PB filled pretzels. Legit crack.

    Hope you're having a great Tuesday!!

  11. Krista says:

    No huge plans for Easter. Just hanging with the fam.

    That's a super awesome pacakge you got!!!

  12. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    We're doing a family dinner for Easter at my Dad's, should be lots of fun and chaos. :-)

    Awesome package, I missed Trader Joe's while living in Florida too!

  13. sweetandfit says:

    yay! so glad you got the package, i was worried it was a bit heavy.

    i am mixed religously, i'm half jewish 1/2 muslim, but i went to catholic school – lol, so we dont really have any big plans for easter, but for my mom's preschool (where i work), i am making over a hundred candy filled eggs so they can have an egg hunt =)

  14. Mica says:

    That's a great package of goodies, I love the Pepero. Actually, I've never had it, but it looks like Pocky, which I enjoy.

    No Easter plans here. I think I'll make something delicious and eat it.

  15. whataboutsummer says:

    Major TJ goodies there! I was trading this morning myself! (I wish a package would show up for me of their goods too- enjoy it!)

  16. Tiffany says:

    i heart TJ's so much! what a great package!! i TORE through the box of almond vanilla granola when i bought it a while ago – don't worry, you'll be addicted soon. ;)

    oh gosh, pocky! brings back childhood memories for sure! back then, there was only chocolate and strawberry, but now they have crazy flavors like "Men's Pocky"… uh.. what? haha

    and… no easter plans for me… we don't celebrate it. i'll be busy in the library working on the dang thesis on sunday, though… boooo!

    happy hump day!

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