Tampa: Gasparilla

Man, I sure did underestimate how far, how long and how tired I would be driving up to Tampa after a full day of field work. But I finally made it, and was happy to see these two happy people!!!

Weeeeeeeee!!! I am exhausted though! We had some pretty interesting field work today, trudging around in the ash, mud and burn and then having the boat leak gas all over the boat! Yikes! We were driving, ready with the fire extinguisher. Eep!
Anyhow, no food pictures today. I simply didn’t feel like taking pictures, and nothing was too new to talk about. I think the only thing worth mentioning was that, in light of my Side Note about Fear Foods: FAT I forgot to mention that I’m also afraid to eat AVOCADOS.
Ridiculous right? I hate having fear foods. But at least I can say that I’m working through them! Recovery is a very long process…even for some people who seem like they’re so strong. ((raises hand high)) But, I ate half of one today, 1/4 with lunch and 1/4 with dinner. Sounds minimal, but that’s progress for moi!
I hope that you’re enjoying some of the blogs I’ve mentioned this week of some girls who are some of the strongest girls in the blog world when it comes to overcoming their eating disorders. Here’s a few more that I’m sure you know about and if you don’t, definitely check out!
Kailey at Snackface (Seriously, this woman needs to just…gosh, i have no words. she is freak’n FABULOUS!!!!). Love this woman’s humor. To Die For.
K, bedtime! Early day tomorrow!!!
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4 Responses to Tampa: Gasparilla

  1. moretolifethanlettuce says:

    omigosh thanks for the shout out lady!! so sweet of you :). looks like a fun day, so glad you made the trek even though you were wiped out from work! it's good to take a day off from snapping pics of eats! avocado is a fear food of mine too, i've found that eating it in GUACAMOLE form has been key to helping me overcome it. not to talk #s beacuse i hate counting calories, but 2 tbsps has a pretty low calorie count, around 35 usually. not so scary right? and from there you can build up to eating more avocadoes, they are soo good after all!

  2. ktbwood says:

    awww soo much fun!! what a great day! sometimes its good just to take a break from foodie pics-totally understad that. love you!

  3. Meghann says:

    Yay!! You're here!!! :)

  4. Krista says:

    Glad you made it safe! Now hope you have lots of fun!!!

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