More Winners!

So, since I didn’t get a response from three of my Forze GPS Bar Winners I’m going to pick three new ones!

-Evan from Food Makes Fun Fuel

-Anne from Harping on Fitness

-Natalie from The Sweets Life

Congrats to my new winners!  Please email me ( at gmail dot com) with your mailing address so you can get your bars to try!

Gotta make this quick as I need to get dressed, make lunch and get ready for some point checks out in the glades today!  Yikes!  But grocery shopping tonight!  Anything new you think I should try?  You guys know what I eat, give me some suggestions to help me out of my rut!!!


  • Plain LF Yogurt
  • Kashi Go Lean Crunch
  • Honey Nut Cheerio Knockoffs
  • Heart to Heart Cinnamon
  • Pear
  • Cinnamon


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10 Responses to More Winners!

  1. Food Makes Fun Fuel says:

    Sweeeet. I'll email ya'. And how about soy yogurt for a change? If you want to really get an exciting product, peanut flour from is so good in yogurt or oatmeal and is a protein powerhouse

  2. Anne says:

    Oooh, awesome! I just emailed you :) Have a great day, girl! Hope you score some awesome finds at the grocery store today

  3. sweetandfit says:

    have you tried chia seeds yet?

  4. theemptynutjar says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Maybe you can look at Kath Eats Real Food…she has a ton of great oatmeal combinations…and she makes a lot of dishes like sweet potato + chickpeas….or this and that…
    good luck to winners.

  5. klkasych says:

    I was one of the original winners, and I sent you an email…but I never heard back from you. I hope you didn't replace me!!!

  6. Krista says:

    Congrats to the 3 *new* winners!! LOL

    How about a new nut butter? Maybe sunflower seed? That one is great on wraps and works well savoury and sweet…

  7. Tracey- says:

    Good luck at the half this weekend! So exciting! I'm doing the Race for the Cure in West Palm on Saturday. And I read your post from yesterday… good for you for trying to figure out where your funk is coming from. Sometimes we get caught up in our feelings, and when we don't understand where they come from, we can't do anything to make ourselves get better. Give it some time… things will get better! :)

  8. moretolifethanlettuce says:

    haha too bad i didn't win in round 2 either! store…i am so in love and have no problem finding SOMETHING new to try each time (or many somethings, my wallet is aching) but i don't know what to tell ya. hope you find something great!

  9. chrystad72 says:

    congrats to the winners! So fun. I sometimes like to mix grains into my greek yogurt for some chewiness. and add on some warmed apples. Delish! Almost tastes like dessert. Hope your having a great day!

  10. runwritetherapylife says:

    Try warming up a pear or apple before mixing it with yogurt, cinnamon, and cereal. It's delicious!

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