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Boy do I have some eats for you.  Mostly a picture post as I’m running around, packing to leave tomorrow for SACRAMENTO!!! I don’t know how long I’m going to be up there, but I really don’t care, because I’m going to be spending time with my best friend Emily of almost 20 years.  Yes, TWENTY YEARS.  I mean, how could you not love this girl?


How cute are we?  And that’s Kindergarten, I was 4. Yes, I started young, but it’s only because my birthday is just after school starts in September. :)

Do I have any readers/bloggers in the Sacramento area?  Or San Francisco?  I know I’ll be making my way over there at least once, maybe a few more times if I can, so I’d love to have a blogger meetup! Email me and let me know!

After our late french toast breakfast yesterday I did nothing but write, check out blogs, and watch TV on our new 40 inch Flat Screen TV!  I was lazy…I did do some stretching though…does that count for anything? ;)

My lunch was inhaled as I made grilled cheese for the brohams and pappi, but was definitely not as Hugh-Ass as some other salads in the blog world: spinach, carrot, tomato, cucumber, celery and hummus

blog 001

along with an orange

blog 002

and soon followed by a Granny Smith Apple, heated with one of my PB Bars on top.  Sooooo goood.  You will see this again.

blog 003

Since we ate so late I had a simple snack in the evening: grapes and carrots

blog 004

Dinner was late, quick and simple.  We had a bunch of leftover crackers from Thanksgiving so I paired up the Water Crackers with a Lite Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge, Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus, and some baby carrots.

blog 005 blog 006

And had almost the rest of my blackberry bread…it’s the second to the last piece.

blog 007

I was really tired last night, so I hit the hay early, rising well rested for the 10 miler I had planned for today!

I woke up insanely early, but laid in bed for a while…because it was simply too cold. I finally rolled off my bed inflated mattress and had my staple breakfast of a piece of whole wheat bread, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a banana (normally it’s an apple, but I wanted a banana). 

When I run at home, I have to run city blocksEach side of the blocks, are a half mile long, so it’s pretty easy to figure out your route and distance.  I had planned on doing 10 miles, but because I’m lacking my normal math skills, I ended up doing 11My bad.  My time is what led me to understand that I added in an extra mile…I knew I wasn’t running at a 10.30 pace (not that that’s bad, but I knew I wasn’t going that speed)!

Oh, but since the San Antonio 1/2 Marathon, I thought I would show you what I have to do to my toes every time I do a long run:

blog 010

Love the tape.  Love the tape…

I was dehydrated as ever by the time I got home, as all the salt had been taken out through my pores, and were evident by all the crystals planted all over my face.  So I guzzled 24oz of good ol’ H2O.

I cleaned up and finally got myself some food.  I always crave eggs after I run, so of course I have to give into my cravings, right?  One egg and two whites later, combined with a lite Laughing Cow Cheese, ww pita, tomato and spinach I was stuffing my face.

blog 012

And then I had my new favorite snack: heated apple and PB bar.  Delish.

blog 014

Btw, this is where I want to go.  The newspaper has influenced me so:

blog 013 

Now if only my car would stop ripping me of my savings so I could go out and do something fun.  Gosh.

I’ll be back to post tonight before I leave tomorrow morning for my nice drive to Sacramento.  And be forewarned, it’s going to be a pretty deep post.

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12 Responses to Nom Nom

  1. findinghappinessandhealth says:

    i'm glad you ahd a great run! & i'm loving your post-run eats..they look delicious!


  2. Jenny says:

    20 years?! holy mackerole – I haven't even been alive that long! what a special friendship.. you two lovelies deserve eachother! :)

  3. jenngirl says:

    Oh your visit with your friend is going to be a blast!!

    Crazy about that run, but sounds like you did a great job even though it wasn't what you expected, and eggs to refuel sound perfect to me! :)

    Have a safe trip!

  4. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    wooo!!! meeting your best friend of 20 years! that's really a long relationship! have a blast with her!!!
    another 10 miles? or 11? you're so strong!!! and good fuels afterward!
    I'm glad to know you're happy girl!! :)

  5. THE ACTORS DIET says:

    have a wonderful time! you're lucky to have her in your life!

  6. K from ksgoodeats says:

    I see you and I have both been renovating our blogs – yours looks great!! I like :)

    YAY for being reunited with your friend!! That's like the bestie and I, we've known each other for YEARS. Enjoy your BFF time!

  7. Staci Dombroski says:

    Your blog is leaving me hungry! I love all the pictures :-)

  8. Jeri says:

    Ahhh I've been craving an apple all day and your blog just is NOT helping. :p Great job on the 11 miler. I hate when I get all messed up with my math while running. grrr. :)

  9. ktbwood says:

    what a great run! that is so funny you crave eggs after you run! but true that..gota give in to your cravings!

  10. Krista says:

    What a great run! And I bet your toes love the tape more than you do!!! ;)

  11. Mica says:

    I get salt crusties too! It must happen to all the cool people.

  12. Lara (Thinspired) says:

    Melissa!! I just landed in SF and I live in Sac! How long will you be in the area?! I'd love to meet up :)

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