Those Some Fight’n Words…

As many of you saw if you are friends with me on Facebook, I got an awesome (enter sarcasm) comment on my Clean Eating Post yesterday…in which I was deemed “fat”, a “b*tch” and “should got back to being anorexic.”  Um, really?  I don’t know who you are, and I even hate to have to bring this up on the blog and give you this kind of recognition, but I want to say a few things to you:

You don’t know me.  You may read about my life, but you don’t know half there is to know about me.  You must live in some sort of messed up world where you think it’s ok to rag on people who have done nothing what-so-ever to you in any way horrible.  You need to get a life and remember that no matter what you say, how many times you say it, or how you say it, I am going to laugh in the face of your comments.  I’m going to shake my fist at you, but then I’ll laugh, knowing how pathetic you are since you’re a bully and deserve to be slapped.  And believe me, I currently have quite a few friends who want to slap you, or worse.  So take that.

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So lets move onto more wonderful and enjoyable things like my eating today, yes?

I left my bike at the tower yesterday because of the rain and never went back to get it, so while laying awake from 2-5am this morning I decided that I would run to work instead of driving and wasting gas, and ride my bike home.  I had it scheduled to do a nice 40 minute run today and couldn’t do the whole thing in the morning, so it didn’t seem like a bad idea to split it and do half in the morning and half after work before biking homeSo I took a longer way to work and did 21.30 minutes before work.

I did some strength training moves at the tower and after changing clothes (it was chilly out today!  Three stories up with a breeze and lots of clouds = Brr!) got to work, and breakfast!  Again, I had greek yogurt w/ cinnamon, but this time with an apple and a peach.  Just as good as yesterday with the grapes!

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The morning went by well and I had a banana with natural WF pb for a snack.  That run made me hungry!

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I cooked up some chickpeas last night and had some today with my lunch, which included the chickpeas mixed w/ chunky salsa, extra tomatoes, a carrot and spinach.  Such a filling lunch!

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I was fading by the afternoon after being cold and not getting much sleep last night, so I had a Mocha-walla Odwalla bar.  Now I know in my guidelines I said I wasn’t going to have bars, but I realized after a comment from Laura, that really, it’s going to be ok for me to have them; I think I just want to not have them as often and eat more whole foods.

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Anyhow, after work I finished up my run by running another 21 minutes, did some more strength training moves, then took a nice against-the-wind bike ride home…it was just what I needed for a cool down.

And I came home to a nice package!  Foodbuzz is working with Nature’s Pride and promoting their new breads!  I’m super excited to try these and since they’re made without partially hydronated oils or corn syrup, I think they work with my guidelines.  I was provided with a loaf of their 12 Grain variety:

blog 066

And a loaf of their 100% Whole Wheat

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Look forward to seeing these on the blog asap!

I cleaned up and began on dinner.  I have had two mangos lying around for a bit waiting to be eaten so I dug into one tonight.  It was ok, not as good as the ones from this summer…of how you will be missed.

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And then dinner was fantastic!  I had some of my broccoli from last night and then cooked up an egg with two whites to wrap in a WF whole wheat tortilla w/ some more broccoli and a bit of salsa.  Dude…this was a great meal!  I really really liked the tortilla though…it had a bit of a sweet taste to it.  Yum!

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For dessert I had about a 1/2 C of GORP to satisfy that little bit of hunger I had left, and proceeded to talk to the parents, miss a call from Brad (since he’s in a no reception zone at work…haven’t talked to him since Saturday; sadness!!!), talk to my colleagues from work, and then study hawks.

Now I’m off to try to catch up on Google Reader.  I wish my internet were faster so I could read your posts more often!  I swear I’m trying!!!

Good night my lovlies!

P.S. Please send your love to my dear friend Jenn as she just lost her grandmother this weekend.  Hugs babe.

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20 Responses to Those Some Fight’n Words…

  1. glidingcalm says:

    oh gurl. people are just so cruel sometimes. I love you and your adorable fist-fighting stance pic. You are so beautiful!!!

    i wish your internet were faster too!!

    happy wed, Melissa!

  2. Jen says:

    One has to only read what you eat to realize that you are healthy person. Kudos to you for holding your ground; as someone who has also dealt with eating issues, I know how hard that can be… Happy eating. =)

  3. Mica says:

    Sorry about the nasty comment. It is unfortunate that the Internet doesn't make people smarter; instead, it provides idiots with a safe place to be even dumber.

    I'm also sorry that your mango wasn't very good. That's something that would make me really upset, so I hope you have a better one soon!

  4. I am Angie Pooh says:

    Sorry about the negative people!!! No need to waste time/energy on them.. they're just jealous and/or insecure. Lamee! Just keep doing your thang. :-)

  5. BOBBI McCORMICK says:

    what a nasty comment!!! WTF, why would someone say that. You are amazing and never forget it friend :)

  6. Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) says:

    GOOD FOR YOU. I'm one of those wannabe slappers for sure.

  7. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    sorry that you got some negative comments on your clean diet post…. what can I say? there's people of all kind in the real world, so does the blog world. Just ignore them, don't let them affect you and be strong.
    Great eats girl~ keep it like that! :)

  8. VeggieGirl says:

    You know I'm on your side, girl. Major hugs xo

  9. itsawrapteacher says:

    What a horrible comment to make! I'm glad you can bounce back and not take a comment from a small-minded person personal.
    I tried giving up bars too at one point but it's not possible for me. I just limit the amount now. Moderation right? And there are worse things I could be eating.

  10. Emily says:

    Hey Melissa! Can I join the ranks of people who want to slap anon? :) I'm glad that you addressed it and aren't letting it get you down.

    I love egg wraps…I think I may have to have one for dinner tonight! :)

    Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  11. healthy ashley says:

    I can't believe that comment. I love your response!

    Love the eats! And how awesome were you at fitting in so much exercise? Woohoo!

  12. emily says:

    Some people are just jealous!

  13. brandi says:

    I honestly just can't believe what people write sometimes. Especially the "anonymous" ones. Really? You want to make a comment like that? At least make it and don't be a coward by not posting anything letting people know who you are.

    I hope today is a good one! Man, I wish I got that bread. IT looks great!

  14. fleur says:

    I just dont understand why people would ever want to leave a comment like that! Its quite sad.

  15. Krista says:

    I can not believe someone left a comment like that on your blog. Kudos to you for addressing it!

  16. Andrea (Off Her Cork) says:

    I love Odwalla bars! And they are pretty good eats, so you're coolio there. :)

    Just had the 12 grain bread today and it was awesome!

  17. Jules says:

    I can't believe anyone would say such things! Took some guts to post it anonymously, I tell ya.

    You are beautiful, strong, and smart!

  18. Jenny says:

    I am seriously appalled and kind of want to slap a hoe. Good thing you are a strong chick who isn't fazed my such immaturity. Love you girl and you always have my support — but you already knew that :) <3 !!!

  19. Laura: Learning to Love says:

    I'm glad my comment was helpful!! I don't know about you, but I think those Odwalla bars are EXTREMELY tasty…so why deprive yourself???
    Plus…I have a chocolate chip peanut one packed for a snack tomorrow =)

    Oh…and excuse the language, but fuck whoever said that. Fucking. Asshole.


  20. Jeri says:

    oh man…mangoes sound goooood. :) Sorry about the mean comment. I can't fathom why anyone would be that intentionally hurtful to a stranger. Glad you're such a strong chica.

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