I just, I can’t, I…

don’t have a title for you today. :)  Did I getchya? Teehehehe…

Anyhow, not much to report on today.  I was super tired after being up late last night and waking up way too early, but alas, I got some good eats in!

I was seriously low on fruit this morning and the only thing I have left is apples, so apples and greek yogurt it was again!  I added in some cinnamon, cranberries, and about a 1/4C of Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

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But I guess I was hungrier than I thought.  I had made this with the intention of eating for my afternoon snack, but my tummy wasn’t satisfied after breakfast.   So I had the 1/2 PB sandwich on my new 100% Whole Wheat Nature’s Pride Bread.  I really liked the bread because it was chewy and had a bit of a sweet taste to it.  It was just enough…Two thumbs up for this bread!  Yay!

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I worked counting out thousands of Broad Winged Hawks this morning and talking to visitors, and finally settled down for a lunch of sorts.  I had my typical 1/3 cucumber, 2 carrots and roasted pine nut hummus (sabra brand).  But I also had some very mangled Garden Herb Triscuits on the side.

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I was seriously lacking mental ability by the early afternoon so I dove into another snack in hopes it would keep me awake and more alert (at this point there were really no birds, and my eyes were burning from staring at the clear, blue sky), but it didn’t.  At least I wasn’t hungry anymore.

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I shot out of there at the end of the day because I needed to drive the hour it takes to get to town to get some much needed fresh groceries!  I was basically out of all my fruits and veggies except for a few carrots and some apples.  And some very ripe bananas.  I should have thought about dinner before I left, knowing I would be gone for so long…but I didn’t.  So when I got home, I made the fastest thing possible: Mess!  I had the rest of my chickpeas, the rest of my broccoli and some marinara all heated up and eaten with broken tortilla pieces. Awesome.

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I probably should have waited a bit to let my tummy digest my dinner a bit but I was still hungry and ate one of my bananas, 1/2 plain and 1/2 with a little bit of pb.

Now I’m settled, cleaned (well, as best as I can be since we haven’t had hot water in 3 days?  Cold showers are not fun..), and ready to relax and hopefully talk to Brad.  I miss him!

G’night all!

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6 Responses to I just, I can’t, I…

  1. Lindsay says:

    I would go crazy without hot water! I can't stand taking cold showers, I just never feel as clean afterwards. I hope you get hot water soon!

  2. Devan Geselle. N says:

    your dinner looks so good!

  3. Mica says:

    No hot water?!? I hope it comes back soon because cold showers (when you don't want them) are the pits.

  4. Diana says:

    Yuck, cold showers suck. When I lived in china, we only had solar hot water heating, so it was pretty rare I had a truly hot shower. I know how it feels! Stay warm. :)

  5. Krista says:

    Those garden herb Triscuits are pretty tasty. I think they're great just on their own…:)

  6. Jenny says:

    not gonna lie — i'd rather not shower at all than take a cold shower. Needless to say when we're out of hot water in the PB&J household things get mighty stankkky up in my room :)

    Stay warm, girl!

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