Clean Eating Guidelines

So, this week I have decided to take up a Clean(er) Eating Regime since my pants/shorts are getting a littttttttttle snug as of lately…not something I’m very fond of…I don’t got money to buy new clothes!

Anyhow, these are my ideas for this week:

1.  Less processed foods, which means:

  • no cereals (unless they’re for meals, no more for snacks)
  • less soy products
  • less bread products
  • no treats or bars

2.  And instead try integrating more of these foods into my diet (since I’ve been avoiding them for some odd reason…too lazy to cook them):

  • brown rice
  • beans (in my case, black and chickpeas)
  • homemade sauces (ie marinara)
  • natural peanut butter
  • homemade polenta
  • oats/oatbran

3.  More flossing!  I know I need to eat the good things for my body, but I need to take more care of the mechanisms that help it digest!

4.  More vegetables!  I know I get enough fruit in my diet, as I’ve had some people point out, but I don’t think I get enough, or at least an adequate variety of vegetables in my diet throughout the day.  Therefore, more veggies!

5.  And last but not least, I’m hoping this plan will help me combat my anxiety and boredom eating that I’ve been succumbing too as of late, which as led to my bit of snugger clothes.  I’ve been thinking up tactics to combat this but so far they’re all failing.  Suggestions?  It’s hard to get outside for me here as the bugs are so ridiculous and there aren’t many places for me to go to to get away from the food that I might munch on.  I’ve tried reading, I’ve tried writing, I’ve tried calling friends, but they all haven’t done me any good…so any other suggestions would be great!!!

So eating today went pretty well and I’m hoping the rest of the week will go as well too.  I started off the morning with some greek yogurt, mixed with cinnamon, an apple, some grapes and some cashews.  Was a great combo!

blog 036

I was running back and forth between the trailer this morning doing some much needed laundry (and successfully flipping my mattress.  Fingers crossed for better sleep tonight!) and returned around lunch to lots of birdies, and a sweet storm coming in.  I started off with a peach:

blog 037

And then had two carrots and a 1/3 of a cucumber with pine nut hummus.  I seriously love this combo.

blog 038

Some other birders were kind enough to share some of their fruit.  I ate this, times like, six.  The pineapple was super super yummy.

blog 039

Later in the afternoon I was taking lots of photos of the sky, in color and b&w…which is why this one is in b&w since i forgot to change the settings back. Haha.  Banana:

blog 047

And I also had a medium sized baggie of my homemade GORP (oh yeah, super easy to make; just mix together raisins, peanuts, cashews and m&ms/chocolate chips.  Voila!)

A storm rolled in and I had to leave my bike there, so I biked to, back and to the tower today…which ended up equaling 6.3 miles.  I did a lot of standing and walking around at the tower, so I’m hoping that was enough exercise for today.

I came home and tried to use my oven, but I couldn’t get it to start.  Arg.  So instead of roasting my vegs w/ seasoning, I had to steam them: broccoli with garlic and Italian seasoning.

blog 050

I had that plus about 10 of these crackers topped with tomato slices.

blog 051 blog 052

And now I’m off to brush and FLOSS, read and work on my long term project…

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11 Responses to Clean Eating Guidelines

  1. caronae says:

    I know I get upset when my pants get snug too, but this plan seems a wee bit restrictive, no? Your dinner looks pretty small. I say, eat what makes you feel good and full!

  2. eatingbender says:

    My clothes are always a good indication of how I'm feeling energy wise and that's often tied to how I'm eating. Cleaner eats always make me feel better, so good luck with your new plan :o) I'm here if you want to chat more!

  3. Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) says:

    How about other things to keep your mouth busy, like gum, air popped popcorn or frozen fruit? Or, paint your nails…it's really hard to eat without gumming them up!

  4. Devan Geselle. N says:

    pineapple and watermelon are my favorite fruits :)
    good for you on Clean Eating :D

  5. carolinebee says:

    Good luck Melissa! My roommate and I are all about the Crystal Light packets right now :D haha shhhh don't tell blogland! They're good for something "sweet" after din if the fakeness doesn't creep u out!

  6. Mica says:

    Good luck with your clean-eating plan!

  7. Laura: Learning to Love says:

    I can understand your want to eat more "whole foods" but try not to completely limit yourself! Saying "no bars" often makes you WANT them even more. Maybe just "less bars" or "no more than 2 bars a week".


  8. brandi says:

    good luck with your plan! just don't be afraid to change it if it's not workin' for ya or you're not happy with it. always be flexible.

    Love GORP!

    i don't floss enough, either.

  9. K from ksgoodeats says:

    Good luck!! I agree with Mama Lovin – painting my nails always occupies my time so I don't mindlessly 'need' a snack :)

  10. RunToTheFinish says:

    I've seen your abs and can't imagine your pants gettin snug! I think you've set some really good goals…and I too am working on less processed things!

  11. Amanda says:

    Not sure if you'd be into it, but when I need to combat anxiety I love to color in coloring books and knit!! I've got some pretty fantastic scarves :)

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