Oh Yes, That Blog of Mine…

So, because I don’t have any food pictures…I’ll give you a synapses of my weekend:

  • Hummingbird banding on Saturday morning: caught 8
  • Also caught two CARDINALS. They BITE, and it HURTS.  My pour finger has a boo boo.
  • I watched “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”, by Tucker Something or other (I forgot).  It was an ok movie; raunchy, but had it’s funny parts. The blog is definitely better.
  • Stayed at Brad’s brother’s house again Saturday night and drove back to work Sunday morning at the crack of dawn. Being up at sunset is nice, but on a Sunday?  5.45am?!?!?!?  I’m super tired now, as expected.
  • I missed a huge count yesterday (Saturday), and included 5 peregrine falcons, an albino red-tailed hawk, and 2 bald eagles.  I missed it.  But…
  • I got to count 12,000+ birds today!  Most of them were broad wings, which were my species for the day…so my eyes are a bit under the weather right now.  But it was FUN!
  • This week starts a strict week of clean eating. I’m moving away from as many processed foods as I can to hopefully do my body some good…I haven’t been treating it too well as of lately, eating too much when anxiety strikes, which happens to be too often.  So hopefully that can go over well.
  • And…I have a week of work and more work and don’t know when my next day off will be.  Joy!  Weather is supposed to get pretty crappy here within the week, which will hinder the count, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it won’t.
  • Oh yeah, and I took an age test that I saw on Krista’s Kravings the other day, and according to Dr. Oz, I’m 18.2 years oldor my body is.  Hah!  I don’t know about that one.

K…off to clean and SLEEP!  Which I’m much lacking.  And so are my english skills. Hah.

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6 Responses to Oh Yes, That Blog of Mine…

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Awesome weekend highlights!! Rest up :)

  2. Olga says:

    Holy shiz, that's a lot of birds!

    Hope your clean eating goes well!

  3. Mica says:

    Cardinals bite? Ugh. I guess I'm glad I know now…

  4. K from ksgoodeats says:

    Good luck with the clean eating!! Woohoo for being 18, I was 23!

  5. The Washingtons says:

    oooh, to be 18 again… at least the test says your body is. :) -cw

  6. Jeri says:

    I think I Hope they serve beer, is a book also…it's on my list to read. :) I love bald eagles. It's the SoDak state bird. whoot whoot! :)

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