What now?

Yes, I had a bit of a day…but I’m going to concentrate on the good things…

Like my brothers are finally back in the USA!!!  If you don’t remember, my brother Craig did a guest post a while back when I was running the WWR in Colorado, if you want to check that out again.  They had some fun times in Germany and Prague!!  But I’m glad they’re back home, safe and sound…too bad I can’t be there to welcome them back!  I’ll see you at Thanksgiving hopefully!!!  I miss you both!

Anyhow, food wasn’t anything stellar as it’s what you’ve all seen before…if there’s one thing that stinks about living so far away is that variety is minimal.  boo.

Breakfast: very very ripe banana, very very ripe strawberries, h2h cinnamon, kashi sunshine, and kashi go lean crunch.  And again, via Brad style, with water; I’m cheap like that.

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I woke up famished this morning so I packed a little extra for my morning snack, as I knew I was going to be hungry again, asap: homemade trail mix and the best grapes in seriously, the entire world.

blog 247

And tummy was growling by 11, so I gave in…everything was spread about 2 hrs apart though..so I guess I give my tolerance props: apple (damned thing was the size of a softball!) and a very hummus and veggie filled sandwich.

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I raced home on my bike for a bit to call the family to find out if my bros got home safe, and munched on a peanut and chocolate chip odwalla bar soon after getting back.

I was not feeling the exercise this afternoon and decided to fully give my legs a break as I did ST last night with a very short run (6 minutes!  yeah!)  I was craving cheese hard core today so what better than to have a quesadilla!!!  Small bits of sharp cheddar cheese with diced bell pepper and salsa (like the reusing of my oikos yogurt containers? oh yeah, going envi friendly there…)

blog 250

and some juicy fruit to finish it off: peach and blueberries.

blog 251

I’m not snacking on a bit of cashews and drinking some cranberry, raspberry, strawberry Australian tea.

I’m going to read up on my book Salem Falls, in which i’m over 1/2 way done, and hit the sack.  I’m absolutely mentally exhausted.

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6 Responses to What now?

  1. Jenn (eating bender) says:

    Hurray for your brothers being back! I hope they had fun on their European adventure :o)

    Glad you're feeling better physically but hope that you rest up mentally. Have a great week, Melissa!

  2. Gaby says:

    Hi! I'm glad your brothers are back and had a great trip! My parents are in Germany right now and calling constantly to rub it in.
    It sucks that Houston is so far for you, I'd take you shopping! I did want to share with you though what I've been doing lately to save money and switch up the foods a bit. I've been making my own cereal mixes. You can make flakes by mixing any kind of flour with things like flax, sugar or honey/ agave, spices like ginger, cinnamon, etc and water or even juice if you want until you get a pancake batter consistency, then line a baking pan with foil and pour it in and spread it out and bake until its all crispy and hard then you crumble it up. Then I make some granola with oats and pour it all into a big bag and shake it up. Add nuts and dried fruit if you want. This way I'm always experimenting with new flavors and saving money on all those prepackaged cereals.
    Also, if you're out of milk, you can put some of that banana in a blender with a little water to make a really good substitute.
    Hope that helps tide you over!
    Have a great week!

  3. brandi says:

    I'm glad your brothers are back in the states!

    i hope today is a good one :) now I want a quesadilla.

  4. healthy ashley says:

    Sorry about the day! I surely hope today is better!

    Yay for your brothers being back home safe!

  5. K from ksgoodeats says:

    That quesadilla looks DE-licious :)

    Glad the bros are back and had fun!! Hope you have a good day!

  6. jenngirl says:

    Glad your bros are back safe and sound! :)

    I always space my meals 2-3 hours apart…even a big breakfast doesn't last me much longer than that. It's a good interval I think.

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