One Week Away

I’m going to be in Fort Collins, CO by this time next week!  And at that time I would be only about 12 hrs from running!!!  Um, have I mentioned how excited scared I am?  Yeah…but it’s going to be AWESOME!!!  I mean, look at tall the awesome bloggers/friends, also known as the DANGEROUS DOZEN, I’m running with:

I was designated as runner #1, so I’m starting the race!  Yipes!  But check out the details of my legs:


This is the one that I’m most scared about…no altitude trailing and very little hill running beforehand!


And last but not least:


Then I wait and cheer and WE’RE DONE!  I’m super excited to finally get to see all the great ladies and gents taking part in this race…and I’m going to be spending lots of time w/ Bobbi since we’re driving out there and back together!

Anyhow, onto food!  Today was a lazy day…I woke up totally not feeling a run…I wanted to go back to sleep, but when that light hits my eye when I open them, there is no going back to sleepy land.  So I got up…and moped around.  But I tried something new for breakfast!  I picked up this soy yogurt the other day because it was on sale and I hadn’t tried one in years (since the last time I tried, it was HORRIBLE) and wanted to try it again. 

blog 017

The ingredients aren’t too bad, but I wasn’t too thrilled about the 19 grams of SUGAR.  Um, that’s a little much.

blog 018

I mixed up 1/2 the container w/ lots of kashi go lean crunch and some super sweet strawberries.

blog 019

I went out and ran errands w/ Mom and to get some groceries and meds, then came back ready for lunch.  I started off w/ a fruit salad including raspberries, blueberries and a white peach.

blog 020

And had a Mr. Praegers burger on an Arnold’s Thin w/ spring salad and tomato…that burger was spicey!  I don’t know what kind it was as it was purchased a while back, but it sure did have power too it (either that, or my tongue is week sauce, which I don’t doubt).

blog 022

And then I had this, times three. :)

blog 023

I spent a lot of the afternoon scrapbooking as I want to finish up most of the pictures I got printed before I leave next week.  Then I walked to Meghann, then Brad for a bit and went for a short yet speedy run!  I set off w/ a little bit of a job and then set off to run a two mile square block as fast as I could.  Ok, not as fast as I could, but faster than normal.  I finished that suck’a in 15.35!  I haven’t done speed work in a LONG TIME so I was quite surprised at this!  Makes me wonder what I could run a mile in (like the awesome mile that Meghann and Kelly ran today in 6.39!

Then I set out for din din!  Mom and Dad were eat’n veggie burgers but since I had one for lunch I wanted a little something different.  So I sautéed some black beans w/ lots of spices, bell pepper, onion and mushrooms and a side of 1/2 a pita (the other 1/2 was eaten w/ pb last night) and sided it with some honeydew.  Perfect dinner.

blog 024 blog 025

And even though I had a few sweet early, I was craving chocolate, so I gave into it and had a tiny tiny glass of cookies and cream fro yo from the freezer…just enough to hit the spot, and small enough that I ate it so fast I didn’t get a picture! :)

Now I’m off to get more scrapbooking done and plan my LAST WEEKEND AT HOME.  And I think I’m heading down to San Diego.  How ironic.

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8 Responses to One Week Away

  1. Eve says:

    That's awesome that so many bloggers will be running together! I'm sure just having the support will make it a fantastic race.

  2. Thinspired says:

    Wow Melissa, this looks intense! What a great group of girls to be doing this together. I'll have to check out some of their blogs. You deserve a metal just for taking this on. You girls rock! :)

  3. shelby says:

    I bet that will be an amazing race!

    Oh and I hate when soy yogurt jacks up the sugar! I love that brand but I'll only eat the plain kind…it's still super sweet!

  4. K from ksgoodeats says:

    That race sounds amazing! You guys are going to do great :)

    Spicy veggie burger?! YUM!!

  5. Jeri says:

    Your second leg scares the bejesus out of me. :s Luckily mine aren't too scary, just long. I'll have to do a similar post since everyone else is. I'll be doing my leg at about this time next week. WHOOOOO!

  6. Anne says:

    Good luck on the run! Your second leg looks tough, but I'm sure you can get through it. Your yogurt + granola mix looks delish, and I love that lil milky way. It reminds me of halloween, haha!

  7. Meghann says:

    It was great talking to you too! I'm glad you got to talk to brad as well :)

  8. meg says:

    I am so excited for you! I am in Colorado right now and it is beautiful!

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