Je suis fatigue…

So this is going to be one short and simple post.  But remember to submit your recipes or post back about my giveaway!!  It ends tomorrow at 11.59pm (PST)!  And the winner will be announced the next night!

Anyhow, I started the morning off great w/ a nice hilly run at Ralph B. Clark Regional Park.  I needed to get in some hill running before WWR in just over ONE WEEK!  I ran 4.5 miles in 40 minutes…not as great/fast as my time yesterday…but it’s been a while since I’ve run hills.  But it was a great workout!  On the way there I ate about a 1/4 of an apple and had a bite of my mom’s mojo bar.

We got home and I ate a quick lunch because I was famished…the park is about a 20 minute drive away…and I’m always hungry after runs!  I made sure to incorporate lots of yumminess so I made an egg and one white topped w/ salsa, eaten with an Arnold’s Thin and the rest of my apple…sorry, the apple is ugly.

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And then I iced and headed out to Newport Beach to meet up with one of my old college roommates for lunch.  We went to a little French Bakery called Champage, which is well known for it’s mini desserts (but we refrained, and saved room for other dessert…you shall see).  I ended up getting the veggie and artichoke crepes with a side salad and some water.  The crepes were ok, but nothing too phenomenal.

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And even though I was participating in Bobbi’s Challenge of no sweets this week, I had to indulge today…this was me and the roomies most favorite past time.  We ate so much fro-you in college it’s ridiculous.  I’m surprised I’m not fro-yo by now. Hah!  We went to a self serve yogurt place called America’s Cup where I got pb, chocolate and vanilla fro-yo with carob chips.  Great dessert!

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I got home and was a bit hungry so I had a white peach and some ritz crackers.  Just enough to hold me over for my huggggge salad!  I mixed up some chickpeas w/ rice and mushrooms in a variety of spices, on top a bed of spring salad w/ cucumber and tomato.  Very good and flavorful dinner!

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And I had more Pinkness going on…I ate the strawberries and raspberries and dad made the rest…

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And I might have eaten two four of my vegan chocolate chip pb oatmeal cookies…vegan with a vengeance rocks!

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I walked the dogs w/ mom and came back hungry so I had 1/2 a pita w/ naturally more pb…great way to end the night.  good night everyone!

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10 Responses to Je suis fatigue…

  1. rediscoveringlauren says:

    hi hun,
    the eats look delicious! and 4.5 miles in 40 mintues? amazing :) congrats girlie!
    enjoy the rest of your night!

  2. Tasty Health Food says:

    Yay! Frozen yogurt! I just had some Yogurtland today for the first time in months! It was delish, and I kept the spoon. ^^

  3. Mica says:

    I had tart frozen yogurt yesterday too! I'm trying not to get addicted because I think it's overpriced here, but I find myself craving it. Booo!

  4. jenngirl says:

    Great run!! ;)

    That frozen yogurt sounds really good!

  5. healthy ashley says:

    4.5 miles of hills in 40 minutes? Sounds pretty good to me!!

  6. Olga says:

    mmm fro-yo! It's such a nice summer treat.

    Nice run stats girl!

  7. coco says:

    congrats on the run! that's really fast!
    and your eats look all delicious!

  8. flower says:

    I wish we had fro yo places like that in England, Id be there all the time, even in this shitty cold weather!

  9. Jenny says:

    i prob. would've whipped your tush if you passed up the froyo opportunity ;)

  10. HangryPants says:

    Yeah that fro yo looks completely delicious and so do the cookies!

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