A Few Things…

Have gotten in my way since yesterday for me to post!  Being down in the Everglades can be so fun yet so daunting all at the same time.

Anyhow…yesterdays hike went great!  Well, other than being poured on, then having thunder clapping directly over your head and lightning striking not too far in the distance.  We only accomplished walking 6 miles because we didn’t even walk the trail we had wanted, as we couldn’t find the entrance path to get onto it.  So yeah,  otherwise I don’t have too many pictures to show as Brad has most of them on his camera, but I did catch a few:

blog 261

Now that is what’s known as a Leatherback and it tried to bite my foot.

blog 265

And this is a preview of how wet and dirty I got.

I had a blast though!  I forgot how much I really really liked hiking!  Though over mountains and hills would be much nicer…

Now to the food!  It was really early when we headed out so I grabbed this to enjoy as I walked out the door.

blog 258

Dude, this PB was freak’n awesome.  I bought them on a whim to take with me out in the field for emergency purposes…but used it here.  It was an emergency, right?  I needed something fast and quick and didn’t want to wake up Jean walking around in the trailer!  Anyhow, I still have the original and cinnamon to try, which I’m super excited about. Too bad they run about $0.69 a piece…which for a jar of PB that would hold about 2.5 cups would cost about $22!!!  This is why it’s rare I buy these things…

We hiked and hiked…and I drank too little water which left me dehydrated since it was so hot and humid…so I drank a bunch of water when I got home…and dug straight into a great lunch and snacks thereafter:

blog 266

hummus, tomato, spinach, cucumber sandwich on whole wheat w/ a mango and a piece of chocolate raspberry bread…

blog 268

Apple and more pb…

blog 269

And spent the afternoon snacking on this new item and a pretty funny and informative bird book…I thought the PB cups were just ok though.  Maybe I’m just so used to good ol’ Reese’s PB Cups but the pb filling was kinda bland/not sweet enough and the chocolate was super super bitter.  Don’t know I’d buy them again…

We headed out into Miami, well, if you’d even call it Miami, to the Dolphin Mall to get dinner and wander around.  We ended up at TGIFriday’s, which I’m never a huge fan of because there is nothing much for me to pick from.  I butchered one of the salad entrees and ended up with the Santa Fe Chicken Salad, SANS chicken, cheese and dressing on the side.  And goodness, what a WASTE OF DRESSING.  Seriously, who would use that much in a salad? 

blog 270

We walked around the mall…and of course I had to find some fro-yo because well, HELLO: it runs in my BLOOD!  Hahaha…but can you believe the price I actually paid for it?!  It’s because it’s freak’n Hagen Daz…flip’n rip off.  But it tasted good while what little of it was there…

blog 271

And Brad opted for French Fries…which we wanted to steal from people’s plates at the restaurant but didn’t. Rip off for him too…

blog 272

We got back a bit late and hung out a bit where I had a huge fuji apple and some h2h cereal out of the box.  That salad did nothing for me at all in terms of my hunger.  Blah!

Slept in kinda this morning…7.30?  Layed around for a bit playing Solitaire on my iPod then headed out for a short run in which I included some speed work.  I jogged a good 2 miles, then timed myself running pretty hard core for the third (coming in at 8:02…not bad in this humidity, on a back country road having to run into the very tall grass every time a car drove by!) and then jogged a 1/2 mile back home.  From there I did 3×100 sprints and stretched really well afterwards.  Whoeeee though, was I dripping in massive amounts of sweat!

I was pretty light headed by the time I got cleaned up so again, dove into my breakfast as fast as humanly possible!  I’m on the verge of no food so things are kinda half hazard as far as meals..but breakfast was a bit of h2h, unsweetened Silk soymilk, a banana and some pb…the pb got all liquefied though so I barely tasted it. Boo.

blog 273

I ended up playing more solitaire then falling back asleep until I headed over to work on more job stuff w/ Brad…then dug into lunch: TLCrackers, an apple, and cucumbers with hummus.

blog 275

And this…Pumpkin Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bread:

blog 274

And more TLCrackers

More job stuff!

But congrats to MEGHANN AND BOBBI on their MARATHON this morning!!!!  Ladies, YOU ROCK!!!

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13 Responses to A Few Things…

  1. Jenny says:

    haha i don’t know if i’ve ever gone to the mall and NOT gotten froyo… we need our fuel, right ;)

    the boy is too funny with his french fries!

    enjoy the rest of your weekend girlie!

  2. Anne says:

    I love the pic of the turtle! It’s so cool. Well, I guess I wouldn’t think it was so cool if it tried to bite my foot, but still :D

    I saw that PB and thought it looked great, but I wish I could find it in jar form. I agree, those packets are expensive!

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. The Novice Berker says:

    Man, that PB looks so good (honey anything is really up my alley), but I definitely know what you mean about cost vs. convenience. I have a hard time buying individual yogurts instead of the big 2 lb. tub because the little ones are so pricey. But you need some emergency to-go food sometimes, ya know!

    And the amount of dressing that comes with a salad when I ask for it on the side startles me too. If you put THAT much dressing on your salad, wouldn’t it be downright drenched?!

  4. Brooke says:

    Getting on dressing on the side freaks me out because it’s like..would they have put all of that in my salad?! Crazies! I like to actually taste the ingredients in my meal!

    Froyo runs in my blood too! Maybe we’re sisters! :)

  5. Balance, Joy and Delicias! says:

    can u believe that I haven’t had froyo? shame on me!!! I need to try it out soon!
    Solitaire? I used to play it all the time when I travel, such a fun way to kill time! ;)
    all your eats look so yummy~~~

  6. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says:

    I’ve been known to pay much more for fro-yo. Sometimes, ya just gotta have it. :)

    Yeah, I’ve had salads at TGI Fridays before, and what is up with the dressing? I got mine in one huge bowl – like a bowl of soup. I don’t even think I used an 1/8 of it!

    Glad you enjoyed your hike/walk. So nice just to be in the woods sometimes. Turtle = scary.

  7. Caronae says:

    That turtle looks mean!

  8. ellie says:

    Cool turtle pic! My dad used to take my hiking and I loved it- had forgotten all about it until now!

    The Justin’s PB always appealed because of the convenience (and an excuse to just squirt it into my mouth- heehee) but the price wasn’t appealing. Glad to know it’s good though. I agree TGI’s isn’t the most veggie friendly of places…oy, but frozen yogurt is always good :)

    enjoy your Monday!

  9. K from ksgoodeats says:

    Glad you enjoyed being one with nature!! That Fro price is robbery! Oh and restaurants salads are basically dressing soups! They always pile so much in there.

    Hope you have a FANTASTIC Monday :)

  10. Emily says:

    I’m glad you had a good hike despite the rain! Its awesome when you can see creatures (and not get bit by them)!

    Your breads look so delicious! My mom would always make delicious homemade bread when I was little – yours looks just as good! :)

    Hope you have a good Monday!

  11. Sharon says:

    Glad you had a good time. LOL to french fries!!

  12. Rose 'n' Coffee says:

    OMG I’m totally in love with all your pics right now. Imspirational yes.

  13. april says:

    The turtle is so cute!! I actually don’t care for that peanut butter as much as regular..something about the texture? But hey I love all peanut butter!

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