Another Brad Review

Pretty sure you’re tired of seeing my plain old eats, so I’ll let you see those first, then have you tell me what you think of another review I had Brad do for the blog! 

  blog 008

I think I had around two servings of these while typing…

blog 001

And two servings of these while waiting…

Then went for a nice 3 mile night run w/ Brad before dinner…which occurred at almost 9.30pm. (OMG MOM and DAD what would you do?!?!?!?! Hahahaha!)

blog 002 blog 003 

Dinner was quick and simple as I needed to start getting cleaned up and readying for a really long survey day tomorrow (the one I was supposed to do last Friday, but couldn’t, because the boat broke…stupid boat): honey wheat flat out wrap (new?) with light ginger vinaigrette, quorn cutlet, spinach and tomato, with a bowl of grapes.  Yummers.  Kinda plain though.  Oh well, was in a major hurry.

Anyhow…Like many other FoodBuzz bloggers I got my nice package of Buitoni Pasta in the mail, but unfortunately can’t eat it due to the cheese.  So what better than to give it to my boy, right?  Of course!  Boys are bottomless pits, and suckers for free food (esp from pretty girls…like their gf’s…haha!).  Enjoy the review!  It’s quite funny!!!


This time around I tried some mushroom and cheese ravioli by Buitoni.  Pretty exciting to get a nice free meal like this.  You food bloggers have a pretty sweet gig.

We boiled em up and I paired them with a cabernet marinara sauce.  Nice choice of sauce in my opinion.  Little red wine flavor but nothing too strong to mask the main event.

blog 004

Upon my first bite I picked up a trace of the mushroom flavor.  But as I continued I seemed to come up with mostly a baked cheesy flavorFairly salty.  There was a high ratio of pasta to stuffing.  I would try to get more of the filling per bite.  As I did this, even in sections with bigger chunks of mushrooms, the salty baked cheesy tastes all came together to remind me of one strong simple undeniable taste that wouldn’t leave me alone…

blog 006

Goldfish crackers.

I didn’t want it to, but…

Goldfish crackers.

I thought long and hard about the delicious mushrooms buried in there…

blog 007

Goldfish crackers.

And hey, I’m not complaining.  Its not like goldfish crackers bring up horrible memories or something.  I’ve eaten my fair share of them.

(Brad = fair share of goldfish consumption)

blog 092

I’m a fresh outta college, easy to please type guy.  Goldfish crackers are cool with me.  But alas, when I get in the mood for Italian, I don’t wanna be thinking pre-k snack time.  I couldn’t get around it.  But enough dogging it.  I’d give the meal a solid seven on a scale to ten.  Unfortunately I ate the whole package (fresh outta college never turning down free food type guy)  which claimed to feed two, and probably will still need to eat a good amount of sides before I’m full.  Glad I got to try it.  With a projected price around 5 bucks?? can’t see myself ever paying for it.


Read ya up later tomorrow night!!!

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14 Responses to Another Brad Review

  1. Sharon says:

    LOL, goldfishes rock my world! =D
    And mmmm everything looks delicious!

  2. jenngirl says:

    That flat out wrap DOES sound new! I want to find it!!

    haha I always taste random things in food, I guess goldfish cracker-flavored pasta sounds alright to me :)

  3. Kailey (SnackFace) says:

    Bahahaha I LOVE this post. I do love goldfish, but don’t think I’d want dinner to taste like them. Awesome review. Best I’ve read about the ravioli yet!

  4. Run Sarah says:

    Ah, the new flatout wrap sounds good! Goldfish flavoured pasta?! Interesting!

  5. Kristi @ Sweet Cheeks says:

    I must say that flat out wrap looks uh-mazingggg! YUM!

  6. rediscoveringlauren says:

    that pasta thing you got sent looks so good :) im seeing it al over the blogger world!
    boys are defo bottomless pits…my lil brother eats more than me, my sis and mum all combined haha!
    have a great night hun

  7. shelby says:

    This review is AWESOME!!! I love the honesty and humor. Goldfish Crackers?! bahaha

  8. Emily says:

    Haha, such a great review! :)

    Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

  9. Mica says:

    I had a flatout wrap with spinach and a side of grapes last night too. Must be the cooool thing to do.

  10. K from ksgoodeats says:

    Haha goldfish crackers! LOVED the review!!

    I think that flat out is a new flavor!

  11. talesofexpansion says:

    hahahahahahah, love the review. i totally did not get goldfish while i was eating them, but now i want to have more so i can look for my favorite snack in there :-)

  12. Andrea (Off Her Cork) says:

    Love Brad’s review! :D

  13. RachelK says:

    I think that Flat Out flavor is new and I can’t wait to try it! Great review of the ravioli – it made me smile :)

  14. Heather says:

    Goldfish are so addicting! And now that they are whole grain, they actually aren’t too bad for you! Not sure how I would feel about dinner reminding me of them however haha!

    I haven’t seen that flavor of flat out wraps yet. Sounds pretty good though!

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