Another Long One

But I’m not complaining!

Morning started off not before dark like the day before, but at 6.30am instead.  Totally sleeping in for me!  But I still felt heck freak’n lousy so I resorted to everyone well known form of crack: COFFEE.  And Dad would be so proud of the way I drank it, “Not like your mother’s watered down stuff.”  Black it was.  Only 1/2 cup, otherwise I’d be in trouble.  I had that for bfast along w/ oats, cinnamon, cranberries and a banana.

Morning was spent out doing survey’s in which I snacked on one of my two favorite Odwalla bars: Banana Nut!  So chewy and def not all fake banana tasting…closest to the real thing that I’ve found yet!
Lunch was done super quick in the car again, consisting of a pb and cinnamon sammie w/ an apple.  I ate the orange later…
…with this in the car ride home as a snack.
I ended up having to go out again to run errands for work but it wasn’t so bad as I got to spend the evening w/ Brad…totally rocks that I work w/ my bf…yeahhhhhhh.   
[[Oh yes, and who btw wants me to feature something from the weekend that he made for me…Breakfast on Sunday!  After I finally woke up he made me a breakfast burrito to help get the day started.  I liked them because they were simple and weren’t overwhelmed with lots of spices like I normally have them.  Minimality (is that a word?) is always nice! 
So, in went the potatoes, egg whites, onion and some salt and pepper…in a plain tortilla…and then I added some salsa… >P]]
Anyhow, while we were out we dropped by Publix because I was way beyond starving w/ a mad food headache and got my FREE OIKOS!  I picked up four, two honey, one blueberry and one vanilla and had one of the honey ones on the way home.  OMG AMAZING!  It was not too sweet, just how I like my yogurt, but still had a hint of greek yogurt tartness/taste to it.  I sure hope the other ones are just as good!
We finally got home around 9 and I needed a light but satisfying dinner: arnold’s thin w/ hummus and tomoato and some carrots.  and of course some kashi sunshine cereal…when can I ever go w/o it!
Now I’m off to bed! Building bright and early tomorrow along w/ two more survey’s!
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16 Responses to Another Long One

  1. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    You are so freaking cute, I can hardly stand it. Congrats on the BF! Did I miss that somehow?!

  2. runsarah says:

    That breakfast burrito looks so good…yum!

  3. dailydulcie says:

    Coffee is my crack also. Gotta have it!!

    That was so sweet of Brad to make you that breakfast burrito. It looks simple and delicious. My kind of meal.

    Love the pics with food in your mouth! haha they make me smile :D

  4. Balance, Joy and Delicias! says:

    these two pics in your car snacking are sooo cute!!! :D

  5. Erica says:

    hahahha I LOVE THE PICS IN THE CAR (yes, I did need to type that in all caps!). I know I’ve said it before, but you do SUCH a great job eating with such a crazy schedule. Isn’t Oikos so yummy? I want to buy it every week now- why must it be so expensive? Coffee is the best form of crack. I’m drinking mine as I type this ;)

  6. shelby says:

    You should just do a whole post with those pics of you with the food in your mouth! haha I love them =)

  7. Brandi says:

    i love the pics of the food in your mouth – so funny.

  8. Jaime says:

    haha love the pics!! :) so glad you like oikos! its my new fav :)

  9. aussirish says:

    mmm coffee….
    haha the pics of you are adorable!
    Have a great nights sleep!

  10. ksgoodeats says:

    What a sweet guy to make you breakfast! Sounds good :)

    Yay coffee!! I love it oh so much!

  11. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says:

    OK, did I miss the "we're officially dating" post?! Congrats as Brad sounds (& looks) like a winner. :)

    Hummus and Kashi Sunshine – that's my girl!

    Have Wednesday my friend…and let me know what you want from TJ's!

  12. kristisummer says:

    my love, greek yogurt. and coffee too. must have both daily.

  13. Diana says:

    Haha, you are seriously one busy lady! I wish I worked with my bf! I can’t wait to try my free Oikos – I am looking forward to the honey flavor too!

  14. Thinspired says:

    Haha–love the car shots. Your hair looks GREAT in that second one!

  15. hopeinpeanutbutterandoats says:

    coffee, if i could have it at all hours without going crazy, I WOULD! ha love it!
    your car pics are presh!

  16. FoodsThatFit says:

    I love the pics with the food in your mouth! So funny! What we bloggers do to get good food pics!

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