I’m trying very very hard to keep a positive attitude as the next few months are going to be quite on the crazy side.  So smile on my face as seriously, no matter how much i might not like that day, I would rather be doing that than sitting behind a desk all day long.  So I’m keeping smiling…and taking deep breaths of course.

And if you haven’t checked out their sites lately, Caitlin and Meghann are running three races this weekend!  I’m so proud of these two girls!  They are so strong mentally and physically to be able to accomplish these races!  I only wish I could have been there to run it with them!  I’m def jealous!  I want to run another race (which I have every intention of signing up for as soon as our schedule gets fixed and ready!).

Onto today’s madness out in the field!

Started off this mornings breakfast with something other than oats and bananas and pb…I think I might have burnt myself out of them!  GASP!  So instead I had lots of diced berries, ff plain yogurt and h2h…glorious!

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Um, breakfast didn’t last me very long and I was so hungry I was nauseous…so I had this wonderful goodie from my dry bag…LOVE THIS FLAVOR!  I wish it were around all year long…I am turning into such a ginger lover!!!

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We stopped for lunch but I wasn’t too hungry so I munched on this snack I had mixed together…but it was pretty warm so the vegan chocolate chips melted and made all the h2h and dried cranberries into a big blob…haha.  I had chocolate everywhere!  It was glorious!

blog 261

After jumping in the nasty and cold water a few times and fighting typha to get to lots of snail kite nests I finally had my lunch: Lovely

I had a boca mushroom mozzarella burger w/ mustard and laughing cow cheese on a arnold’s thin w/ lettuce and tomato.  Like the gas cans in the background?  Yeahhhh…filled with av-gas that I had all over me after filling up the boat tank…I smelled freak’n great after that. ;P

blog 262

I was way hungry within about an hour and a half and decided to finally try this bar that I’ve had since Jenn sent it to me in a package around Christmas. 

OMG why had I put it off so long!?!?!?!!?  THIS BAR IS AMAZING!!!!  I loved all the hugs nuts and seeds and the flavor was phenomenal!  The only thing I didn’t like was how it got stuck to my teeth very very easily but I was still excited and happy to have tried this!  I can’t wait to try all the other flavors that I still have!!!  Mrs. May’s has got it down in my book!!  Must look and hunt for many more of these!!!!

blog 263

I got home and was in kind of a foul mood (boo) and made the quickest most random and unsatisfying (flavor and texture wise) dinner I could: ww bulgar w/ marinara, broccoli and soy cheese, with a side of pineapple.  I also noshed on two carrots while I was preparing it all.  Hah!

blog 264

And of course after having such a day as today I had to have dessert: java frozen yogurt by stoneyfield (OMG AMAZING!!!!!!!!) with a bit of vegan chocolate chips…damn, can I just say that this was heaven?  Yes ma’am, it was. ;D

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Alright, off to bed!  I have tomorrow off in which I’m hoping to get to Tampa to meet some bloggers but them have some grocery shopping to do and packing before survey’s in the glades next week!!  Yeeeek!

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22 Responses to Yippee!

  1. Laura: Learning to Love says:

    Mrs. May's sells bars?!?! I've only had "her" little nut clusters, which were incredible! I need to find this bar..

    And thank you for the compliment on my dress!! It made me smile =]


  2. Laura says:

    I love the gingerbread Clif bars too! I hope they return this holiday season!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. carolinebee says:

    you are such a badass jumping in marshes and wrestling kites ;D ha and dessert is usually necessary but ESP if you’re dinner is sub-par! Stonyfield has done no wrong in my book- their after dark choc fro yo is soo good!

  4. Sarah (lovINmytummy) says:

    …ate a few carrots while I was making it…

    Story of my life, sister, story of my life.

    Have a good Sunday!

  5. Marianne says:

    That lunch burger sammy sounds really yummy. And I didn’t know Mrs Mays made bars. I wonder if they are similar to the nut cluster snacks they make? I know those totally get stuck in my teeth when I eat them.

    Have fun in civilization tomorrow!

  6. aussirish says:

    great eats hun!
    im glad your keeping a positive attitude about the work situation :) if its something you love and enjoy then you should remeber that when it gets a little stressful.
    have a great night

  7. Thinspired says:

    This is the first I have seen or heard of those Mays bars! I love the little bites so I bet the bars are great. Your dinners are always so creative…bulger marinara?! You should write a veggie cookbook!
    Is there a particular brand of TVP that you use?

  8. Balance, Joy and Delicias! says:

    great dinner! I have bulgur in my pantry for months, I need to make something yummy with them too!
    Good luck today with the groceries shopping, it’s always fun, isn’t it?

  9. VeggieGirl says:

    So many great eats!!

    Stay positive indeed, girl!!! Wishing you the best!!!

  10. Marisa (Trim The Fat) says:

    Everything you ate looks absolutely amazing!!! I especially love the Boca burger on Arnold Sandwich Thin (so addicted to those!).

    Great job keeping a positive attitude about your work ;)

  11. Brandi says:

    java frozen yogurt? yum!

  12. shelby says:

    Mmm, nice change up with breakfast. I love yogurt bowls.

    That flavor Clif Bar is still going strong at the stores near me…I thought it would be long gone by now but I keep seeing them. If you need anymore I would be willing to send them out to you =)

    Lovely snack mix! And I must try that bar!

    Stay positive girly!

  13. Meg says:

    Keep that smile on your face!

    Loving all your eats, especially that melted chocolate!

  14. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says:

    Keep smiling – and think how fortunate you are be outside doing what you love! There will always be races to run, and I’m sure you’ll be training for your next one before you know it.

    Love all the chocolate chip action yesterday, especially the melted blobs.

    Yogurt, cereal, and fruit never sticks with me long either – I always have to add some fat in the mix.

    Have fun in Tampa. Can’t wait to hear about the blogger lunch.

  15. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    You are far braver a woman than I… I don’t think I could ever do your job!

  16. biz319 says:

    I love those Arnold Thins, but my store only carried them ONCE!

    I agree – definitely jealous of Meghann and Caitlin! Um, I plan on volunteering for our town’s 1/2 marathon – does that count? :D

  17. Krista says:

    I <3 the Mrs. Mays nut clusters! I've never seen the bar around, though…

  18. thecleanveggie says:

    your eats are fabulous girlie!
    dessert sounds divine!
    i miss those cliff bars :\

  19. Kailey (SnackFace) says:

    Wooohoooo! I say bravo to trying to maintain positivity! Your job seems so kickass- I’m too much of a pansy for that. Anyway, that trail mix blob sounds faaab. OH! And that gingerbread Clif was def. my favorite seasonal one too! Miss them! AND I want that java froyo (uh, perfection??) Have a beautiful Sunday, lady!

  20. Emmy says:

    Thanks for the comment, I like your blog, i love gingerbread clif bars too:) anything ginger! Enjoy the last of your weekend!

  21. eatingbender says:

    Oh yayayayay!! I’m really glad you liked the Trio bar. It is definitely in my “top three” favorite bars. I completely agree that at times, it gets stuck in your teeth – but the huge chunks are GLORIOUS!! Hurrah!!

    I have definitely become more of a ginger fanatic since becoming a blogger. I didn’t eat it very often, but now I love it!

    All of your adventures sounds so exciting and intense. I definitely agree that a positive attitude is necessary when things get crazy – you seem to have it goin’ on ;o)

    Best of luck with the busy week ahead – and I’ll be sure to text/email/etc. as soon as I see the postman!!

  22. ConsiderEatz! says:

    I am a ginger fiend too, no worries girl – I gotcha!!

    That bulgur dish sounds fab, awesome idea girly!! : )

    Good luck with the upcoming craziness, I will be right in it with you.

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