Oh Boy…

Man, I am totally pooped and I haven’t even started driving to my new job yet; let alone STARTED it!  I’m going to make this more of a picture blog today as I have to get all my packing done today since tomorrow is a big Family New Years party at my aunts with all the traditional Japanese food I can inhale! Hehehe!

So, here is Monday night from my Family Christmas dinner…it went well…

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It was a late night and we ended up watching home movies from 1992…it was hilarious…i don’t know how they all put up with how annoying I was in those videos! Geez!! Haha!

Yesterday was a relaxing day but had to run lost of errands. Started off the day w/ special k berries, blueberries and a container of fage 0%.

blog 040

Headed out to REI to take my bike in for a tune up, then had to buy some rain pants, fleece, pocket knife and shoulder sling bag…the bill was 125 but I had a $50 gift certificate, then received $50 from another aunt and uncle so I only spent $25! Yay!  Oh yeah, and here’s my bestie with her new coat…she didn’t buy the beanie though.  Hilarious!

blog 041

We had lunch at this little place called Tacone.  I love their wraps and paninis…sooo good.  I had a spa wrap w/ balsamic vinaigrette and roasted veggies…and a side of sweet potato chips.

blog 042 blog 043

Did more shopping at the mall where I scored a great pair of jeans, two nice pairs of running shorts and other nick nacks for my travels starting Friday! Geez!

blog 044

Came home, had a snack of apple and some kokimochi (not pictured) and then both me and the bestie fell asleep on the couch watching my brother play Call of Duty on his new playstation 3…I seriously don’t know how they can play those games for so long!

blog 045

I had leftover spaghetti squash that needed to be used, and I believe it was Meghann who made pancakes out of them, so I gave it a shot.  1 egg and 2 whites with spinach, spaghetti squash and taco seasoning, grilled like an omolette but not folded over.  I had it with a piece of bakery bread w/ laughing cow..soo good.

We spent the rest of the night watching The Bad Girls Club…since it’s besties guilty pleasure…man, those girls are NUTS.  Absolute psychos and drama queens…all I did was criticize that whole show, but it gave a good laugh.

Alright, I’m off to start packing.  Posting might get a bit infrequent but I will def make an effort to post as I travel since I’ll be seeing lots of new things and PEOPLE (aka BLOGGERS!!!!!).  Oh yeah…and



I’m chill’n and staying home since it’s Mom’s 51st bday…




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20 Responses to Oh Boy…

  1. sarah says:

    everything looks delish! i’m glad you had a fun shopping day with your bff—those are the best!

    happy birthday to your mom and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says:

    Happy New Year and Happy B-day to your Mom :)

    Spaghetti squash pancake? I’ll definitely be trying that one soon.

    Safe travels!

  3. Sharon says:

    Wow, what a great time you had! And delicious eats at the party! Love it!

    And Happy New Year! Here is to a great 09! I am so happy to have come across your blog in 08! YAH!

  4. glidingcalm says:

    happy birthday to Melissa’s Mommy!!!! and happy new year to you too!!!

    love the eats…and OH MY GOSH… i adore watching home videos! they make me SO HAPPY!

    have a wonderful day lady!!

  5. nightingale says:

    Hi Melissa!

    You & your blog is beautiful & inspirational :)

    Happy New Year & Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  6. loveofoats.com says:

    happy new year & happy bday to your mom!!!!

  7. Erica says:

    Aw- Happy Birthday to your mama! Good luck with all of the packing and enjoy your night tonight! All the eats look so good and the pups are adorable :)

  8. K says:

    OH MY – I’ll take one of those wraps please!!

    Love watching home movies :) HAPPY BDAY MELISSA’S MOM!


  9. shelby says:

    Seriously, all the food looks so amazingly good right now!!! Especially that spaghetti squash pancake!

    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!

  10. Marianne says:

    Have a wonderful and safe trip. Happy New Years!

    And I’m jealous of your brother’s new PS3 ;) I could so be one of those gamers if I had one.

  11. Meghann says:

    Good Luck Packing! I love Spegetti Squash pancakes yum!

  12. Katie says:

    Happy birthday to your mama! Your Christmas looks so fun… I love the dog pics.

    That spa wrap looks so yumm!

    Happy New Year’s Eve!

  13. VeggieGirl says:

    Faaabulous food & fun; happy birthday to Mom; and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :-)

  14. Peanut Butter and Jenny says:

    I love your little photo gallery!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRLIE<3!! tell mom I said happy birthday :)

  15. Meg says:

    Happy New Year and Happy B-day to your mom!

  16. Balance, Joy and Delicias! says:

    happy new year!!! :D
    Enjoy your japanese party!

  17. Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) says:

    Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday to your mom!

  18. HangryPants says:

    Wow the pancake you made looks great!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your mom!

  19. Erin of Care to Eat says:

    You and your family are so cute! I love ya’ll! Happy birthday to your awesome Mommy!

  20. LiLmissGuTs says:

    Traveling + a blogger road trip to boot! Couldn’t be a better way to start the year. :-D

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