Kekekeke! I’m a copycat!

That’s another way that I laugh, like it?  Kekeke… :)

I think I’m a little giddy off of so little sleep after last night’s field surveys.
But…as stolen from Meghann and that I’ve seen on a few of my other favorite blogs, I would like to ask all my lovely and faithful readers to post for me where they’re at!  I am way excited to hear about all the different places you read from and learn more about my blogging audience in the process!!!!  I hope this isn’t too repetative for you all since you’ve been posting your locations on the other blogs!!  But I’m still very curious!!!
Anyhow, last night went great and I had a total blast!! I showed back up to work at 5.30 and ate my dinner before we headed out (it was an ezekiel hamburger bun w/ pb and dried cranberries and an apple) for a very long night.  I got to go with three other wildlife biologist/consultants with nice big spotlights, coffee (for them), a small truck…and a very bumpy road!!!  I ended up standing in the back of a toyota tacoma for 5.5 hrs shining the spot light all over the canyon sides and in the valleys!  We didn’t end up seeing as much as the night before, but we did see something interesting things anyhow!  
I ended up observing: Barn owls, red tailed hawks, common poorwills, horned larks, coyotes, foxes, deer (doe and bucks), deer mice, black tailed jack rabbits, some other type of jack rabbits…and lots of moths.  It was a blast and I was totally pooped by the time I got home at 1.30 this morning!!  I couldn’t fall asleep though so that sucked, and I couldn’t sleep in, so that sucked even more, and then I had to go to work. Boo…but the day went by quick and I got to leave on time!
Dinner and snack baggie!
Anyhow, my stomach has been a little weird lately and my taste buds are still out of whack, so excuse my measly/boring eats.  But if I had to theme today, it would be a “granola” day. :D
For breakfast I had the other half of my huge peach from last weekend with tj’s greek yogurt and a handful of my homemade granola with dried cranberries added in!  I liked how they added extra chew!
By lunch I was starving so I dug into my nice colorful sandwich full of artichoke hummus, yellow bell pepper, tomato and spinach.  Super yummy!  On the side I had a broken up apple cinnamon zbar (I seriously could live off these things) with a handful of my back to nature apple cinnamon granola!  It added a great little crunch to the bar as it was broken into pieces and mixed together!  I think the only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been for it to have some dried cranberries mixed in!!!  :D

A little while later I had some plain Cascadian Farm’s O’s…and as you can tell from my note:

I had some peanut mm’s from my coworker a little later and after i got home and did some grocery shopping I had a few chocolate covered pretzels…sooo yummy.
I’m cleaning up the condo as we speak cause the place really needs a makeover, but I’ll be eating dinner soon.  I think it’s just going to be a boring salad cause my tummy is a little upset (blasted chocolate), so we’ll see.
Have a good night everyone!!!  I’m off to watch Privledged when it comes on at eight!
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27 Responses to Kekekeke! I’m a copycat!

  1. balance, joy and food! says:

    I love cereal too!!! ^_^

  2. ChocolateCoveredVegan says:

    Haha cute note :o)

    -Katie in Dallas

  3. Meghann says:

    O-Town, FL

    Copy Cat :-P Looks like I started a little trend here. :)

  4. Caitlin (see bride run) says:

    i cant wait to meet you in real life!

  5. amy. says:

    glad your observation was fun! sounds like you got to see some cool creatures :D
    i’m from outside of philadelphia, pa but im at college @ Penn State right now :)
    i love cereal too !

  6. Olga says:

    Brooklyn, NY and Amherst, MA (schooling!)

  7. Amanda says:

    San Angelo, Texas… until December, then I’ll be in Lexington, Kentucky :-)

  8. Meg says:

    Glad you had a blast last night!

    I am a Texas girl!

  9. vegannurse says:

    I heart cereal as well… sometimes I think I eat TOO much of it, though, haha.

    And you’ve got a reader here in the Windy City, ;-)

  10. Bunny Trails says:

    I HEART (notice the caps indicating I really really love it- LOL) cereal too! I’m new to your blog but love what I’ve read. I’m in Richmond, Va by the way :)

  11. Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) says:

    Hope your tummy feels better! Enjoy watching your show!

  12. seeleelive says:

    i love cereal more than you. hahaha

  13. bobbi says:

    that yogurt with peaches looks devine! That’s my second mini-meal almost everyday:)

    Bobbi-SO CAL

  14. Amanda says:

    Hi! I read your blog, and I’m from the bay area, CA.

    That breakfast looks delish – I love peaches with yogurt. :-)

  15. eatingbender says:

    Hehe, I'm a copycat too! I'm also originally from Minnesota but am currently viewing your lovely blog from Chicago! And my fam lives in Arizona…I'm all over!

    I'm lovin' granola day! The homemade granola looks especially tantalizing! And I also <3 cereal!

    I REALLY hope your tummy feels better soon, Melissa!!

  16. Erica says:

    Glad it went well! I love when you write little notes and put them in your pictures hahah. Homemade granola is the best! I put dried cranberries in mine too= way yum! I bet you are sooo ready for the weekend!

  17. ttfn300 says:

    ooh, sounds like an awesome time last night!!

    hailing now from boston :)

  18. Tim Rosanelli says:

    Okay, I am in Dublin, PA. It’s a small town between Philadelphia and Allentown, PA.

    I am sitting in my home office looking out of window at the beautiful fall leaves trying to get the marketing done for the Martial Arts school that I own.

    Tim Rosanelli
    View my blog at
    Sensei Talks
    Join our sit-up challenge at
    60 Situps in a Minute Challenge

  19. Rose says:

    Washington, DC here!

  20. lighterportions says:

    Ontario, Canada! :D

    Cereal is awesome.

  21. VeggieGirl says:

    Haha!! Love the “giddyness” :0)


  22. ŀĀŘ¡ŝ∫Á says:

    larissa , mexico city and cuernavaca :D

  23. Erin of Care to Eat says:

    Our readers hate us! :)
    That is a smokin bag of snacks girl!

  24. Nicole says:

    Boston, MA

  25. sarah says:

    i’m so glad that you had such a great night! your positive mood definitely rubbed off on me a little bit–reading this post made me feel better : )

    sorry about your tummy though, hopefully it feels better soon.

    granola + chocolate covered pretzels=awesome day in my opinion.

    I’m from pittsburgh, pa but currently at school in Boston, I need to get myself out to CA though so I can finally have some WARMTH!

  26. magpie says:

    mountain view, ca

  27. shelby says:

    I love cereal too! I eat it as a snack everyday =)

    Shelby in Illinois

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