And what would you like in your mix?

So, as inspired by Erin at Care to Eat, I posted a big bag of trail mix I made a few days ago, which was a mixture of a bunch of other trail mixes I’d bought over time. So while I was at work, trying to read but not really concentrating…I started thinking…If I could make my own trail mix, this is what it would have in it (and yes, I’m crazy w/ my mixtures!).

But before I list mine, what would you like in YOURS?!?!

Melissa’s Ultimate Trail Mix:

Dried fruit: cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, mangoes, raisins, dark chocolate raisins, dark chocolate cranberries
Nuts: Almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts
Extras: pb chips, semi-sweet chips, chocolate pretzels, pb filled pretzel nuggets, mini caramel bites

See, I told you I’m nuts (hahaha).

Anyhow….Today was an average day.  No workout but did a lot of walking around…but did take a walk at lunch…it was nice to get out in the sun after being in the office all morning…it’s one of those moments where you just need a little SUN.
Breakfast had a bit of a twist to it today.  I decided to try my new Back to Nature Apple Cinnamon Granola in my yogurt.  I added some dried cranberries to the mix and all together with an apple and TJ’s Greek yogurt…with a nice amount of cinnamon.  It was really really good.  I liked that it was still nice and crunchy at the end and the apple pieces were great too!  It wasn’t too sweet which was what I was looking for, but I would have liked a little more cinnamon ;).  Overall, very good granola!  Try it next time you’re looking for a granola to try!
I never got hungry for my morning snack so I listened to my body and waited till lunch!  I had a good lunch packed, but still wasn’t hungry…yet I ate it anyways cause I hadn’t eaten in almost 5 hours.  I had the rest of my tofu on a honey wheat kaiser roll w/ tomato, lettuce and my salsa…it tasted absolutely AMAZING!  I toasted the roll with the tofu just before I ate it so it was nice and crispy but soft and chewy at the same time.

After a little walk and some more reading my hunger started to kick in and I had my snack.  I’m at the bottom of my pb jar so there isn’t as much oil and therefore the pb doesn’t spread as nice..but I was still able to mix in my traditional cinnamon!  and I loved the sticker that was on my banana:

I got home and needed to run some errands and could feel my hunger creeping back, so I figured better to eat something now rather than be grumpy later on.  I had a smore’s pure protein bar…you all know what it looks like; nothing too exciting…but for some reason a little too sweet for me today.  what is up with my taste buds?
Dinner was a lazy one as I was doing my laundry.  I mixed together the rest of my brown rice and a can of Muir Glen’s Minestrone soup.  I also added in some fresh spinach I picked up the other day to just add some more veggies.

I didn’t end up putting the rice in there, and instead had a snack a little later: 
Hopefully you all had a nice Monday (for a Monday…you know…) and congrats to the BSI winners!! (see Gina’s blog for all the details)
I’m off to finish laundry and watch my racey Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill…tehehehehehe!
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16 Responses to And what would you like in your mix?

  1. ttfn300 says:

    aww your banana wanted to make you laugh! :) wow, perfect trail mix would take some thought–it’s calorie free, right? i think i had an even lazier dinner… we won’t go there :)

  2. just me says:

    ttfn300: of course it’s calorie free; what delish trail mixes aren’t?!!?

  3. lighterportions says:

    That would be one mighty perfect trail mix if it included all of your amazing add-ins. Trail mix is so darn addicting… hence why I can’t have any of the GOOD stuff in the house. Any trail mix we ever have around is fairly boring standard nuts and raisins or something like that so I don’t munch on it too much haha.

    Best banana sticker ever. LOL!

  4. wholefoodswholeme says:

    LOL. so cute!

    your sandwich looks delicioso. and i love your choices for a trailmix! i think that as well as the normal nuts & dried fruits, i would just have to put in some choc-covered raisins/peanuts/banana chips, and yogurt-covered ones too!!! haha. trailmixes are healthy, no matter what you put in them ;)

  5. Vegetation says:

    Mmm that granola and yoghurt looks scrumptious!

  6. says:

    grrrrrrrrrr think the phils will plan tonight OR wed? they are saying rain ALL day/night today !!!!!

    i cant believe this.

  7. Astra Libris says:

    Mmmm, your breakfast granola and yogurt looks SO delicious – such a beautiful, gourmet, healthful breakfast!! I think your trail mix sounds absolutely perfect – as I was reading along I was nodding “yep, mmmmm, I’d like some of those in there too, mmmm…” Could you send some of that heavenly trail mix my way, pretty please? :-)

  8. balance, joy and food! says:

    oh~~~~ that sandwich looks fabulous!!!! so healthy and so colorful!!! Very good choice for a quick lunch.

  9. Meghann says:

    I will take your Trail Mix please! I think you thought of everything I could ever want!!

  10. amanda says:

    yummm, fun idea with the “dream trail mix” .. i would have to add some of those banana chips. i love those :)

  11. Rose says:

    “I told you I’m nuts” – haha!

    Hey, can you send me your address in an email? I have the books prepared from the talking anthology!

  12. maya says:

    yum i want your tofu sandwich:)and funny banna sticker…i love trail mixes my perfect one would be. golden raisins, dates, hazelnuts, almonds, white chocolate and coconut flakes…yum..i was thinking of baking homemade granola with some of those ingredients…ive never made granola before, but have always wanted to make my own. again…i love you blog and you inspire me we can totally relate on eating disorder recover. you seem like your doing great and you should be so proud that you have overcame so much with your ED. i hope i will be at the point your at one day, you seem like you’ve overcame alot, after reading your story.
    have a beautiful day.
    love maya

  13. whatiateyesterday says:

    I know what you mean about needing the sun!

    Your trail mix sounds pretty darn tasty!

  14. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for trail mix!!

    Haha!!! Love the sticker on the banana too :-D

    Taste buds change their “minds” from time to time, no worries ;-)

    Happy Tuesday!!

  15. just me says:

    Kristie: I know what you mean about it being so addictive…sometime I hide it in different spots so i forget where it’s at for a while…LOL!

    Mi: heck yeah they’re always healthy…its the nuts, right?

    vegetation: thanks!

    lindsay: I hope they play tomorrow so i can watch them as i won’t be home tonight!!

    astra libris: haha…glad you like my granola mixture. it would be an absolute party in my mouth!

    BJF: Thanks! i loved the colors…hehe!

    Meghann: yay!!! when i come to florida i’ll make sure to have some waiting for you!!!

    Amanda: nice addition!

    Rose: haha…i was waiting for someone to catch that!

    Maya: ohhhh…your trail mix sounds fab! such a nice mixture of stuff!! I made granola a little while ago and Kath at has a great recipe for some, try that! and i’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. i hope you get better and recover soon because obvi i know how horrible this disease can be, first hand! congrats on recovery!

    Christie: the sun cures everything right? hehe!

    VG: the sticker rocks! my taste buds need to make up their mind already…i want my normal tastes back!

  16. Erin of Care to Eat says:

    YAY trail mix! I’m so glad you’re doing this! I’ve not made my own but I’m sure it’s way more economical than $6.99/lb!

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