From happy to crappy

Gahhhh…The weather totally brought me down today.  Foggy/dreary/overcast = unhappy mood.  Boooooo…

But, I did get my bike fixed so nice bike rides this week! yay!  i’m excited!  and the boy at the store where I got my bike fixed was all nervous and couldn’t do anything right…hahahahahhaa…
Anyways, here are the eats…and a display of my kitchen…as Andrea so nicely posted on her blog :D.  Oh, and then my display of gracious baking help from Miss Betty Crocker herself…for work tomorrow, since we have a deadline and I know everyone is going to be stressed/tired…Grr….
Bfast: More greek yogurt!  I had it with lots of strawberries and U kashi cereal!  Yummmmy!!
Lunch was an egg and two whites w/ bell peppers, in a pita w/ tomatoes and smart balance.  Side of watermelon and some kashi honey sunshine cereal (unpictured, sorry!)
Here is my kitchen!  sorry for the mess, i had yet to do the dishes!
I went out for a walk to target this afternoon as my off day for working out, then came back and played with my big red fitness ball that i forgot I had sitting in the closet! hahaha…i’m gonna hurt tomorrow FOR SURE!
I had this after returning from the walk but before the conditioning exercises.  I really liked this flavor!  I’m def going to have to find more of these..i wonder if target has them in boxes of 6…because the indiv are so expensive ($1.59 each! GEEZ!!!)
Dinner was simple, yet amazing!!  I got TJ’s Marsala burgers and damn, those things freak’n rock.  I could seriously eat the whole box; but i won’t.  anyhow…chopped it up into a huge salad w/ lots of veggies and an apple on the side.  :D
And my help from Miss Betty Crocker…Cinnamon Crumb Cake…I know, i made it from a box…[[slaps back of hand]].  Go ahead, kick me (FYI, i hate using boxed stuff like that when I know full well that I can make it myself >P)
Hope everyone has a good monday (if that’s at all possible!).
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11 Responses to From happy to crappy

  1. shelby says:

    Aww, I hope you cheer up soon! Your food looks so yummy, especially breakfast! And those burgers sound so tasty.

    I don’t make stuff from boxes either but when I find a random mix in the back of my pantry I’ll make it to get it out of the way

  2. Brooke says:

    I also love Trader Joe’s Marsala burgers! They are so flavorful. My favorite ways to eat them are with naan and basmati rice or stuffed into pita bread with hummus and grilled vegetables.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. ttfn300 says:

    well the weather might have been stinky today, but here’s to a great week!! :)

  4. glidingcalm says:

    i almost bought those TJ marsala burgers today!! but then i was looking for more of a protein product and potatoes were the first ingredient. if they are as good as you all say though, maybe i’ll still have to give them a try!!

    love the pics of your kitchen! happy monday Melissa!!

  5. sportsnutritionliving says:

    I have always wanted to try those burgers from TJ’s so i will have to pick them up now that I know they are good!

  6. VeggieGirl says:

    Ahh, don’t the weather bring you down!! Hang in there!!

    CUTE kitchen!!

    Hooray for crumb cake!!

  7. ChocolateCoveredVegan says:

    Haha I wonder if he was nervous because he was trying to impress you… hmmm…

  8. Meg says:

    Betty Crocker helps me out often too!

    Sorry the weather got you down. I always feel that way too when it is dreary outside.

  9. HeatherBakes says:

    Boo to rainy weather! Hope you get some sunshine soon.

    No worries on the Betty Crocker help- the chef that taught our baking class admitted to using BC mixes for some catered wedding cakes!

    Thanks for the protein bar suggestion- I’m going to have to check those out…

  10. Erin at says:

    There’s NOTHING wrong with using a box. Some of the best cookies I made use cake mix.
    YOUR KITCHEN IS SO CUTE! I love all the blue and all the PRODUCE! :D Now I can picture you hard at work!

  11. just me says:

    shelby: the burgers def rock; i hope you can try them soon! and that was my logic with this box…let the people at work eat it because i don’t normally like eating boxed baked stuff.

    brooke: ohhhh….that sound so good! i’ll have to try it like that next time!

    ttfn300: yes, hopefully a good week fo-sho!

    glidingcalm: def give them a try! i know there’s not too much protein but you can pair them w/ hummus/yogurt and kick it up that way! but the flavor is sooooo good! and glad you like my kitchen!

    christie: i hope you try them soon! soooo good!

    VG: thanks! glad you like my kitchen!

    CCV: that’s what my roomie said…LOL

    Meg: everyone at work thinks me pairing up w/ betty crocker was great. :) LOL

    heather(bakes): haha! BC in wedding cakes; classic!

    erin: glad you like my kitchen! they repainted it right before i moved in and i love it! and now i can picture you hard at work since you posted a pic of your kitchn! yay!

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