I reallllllllllllly needed groceries today

I had to be super creative w/ my first two meals today because I literally had nothing but pb and bread and very little fruit in my fridge.  It was quite pathetic actually.  But, I think my meals were a little different, but good all the same!  

So…because there was no MILK or YOGURT…and I didn’t want oatmeal again, I had to think of something for breakfast.  One last banana sat there, next to my cinn pb & co pb so I thought, “I know that when I mash bananas w/ pb it gets quite liquidy…hrm.”  So, I smashed up the banana w/ the cinn pb and bam!  Had that to mix with Vive Kashi cereal for bfast…Actually was quite appealing!  Hahaha!!!
The morning was wayyyy busy and I wasn’t getting hungry for a snack at all, but seriously needed some energy…so I made my own iced coffee!  I went to the mini mart and bought a cup of joe and some milk then came back, cooled everything down and mixed it all together w/ some splenda (it was all I could get) and bam!  Instant fix!  Quite good for my first time and with limited supplies!
I was ready for lunch but knew it wasn’t going to hold me over long.  I didn’t have another banana or any apples for this pb sandwich but had raspberries…soooooo…fresh raspberries on a dark chocolate & co pb with an english muffin!  it was actually quite tasty…like a dessert ;D
Hunger hit at some point and I had one of my new favorite bars from TJ’s!
Got home and INSTANTLY went grocery shopping!  I hit up TJ’s and Henry’s to get all my yummy eats and some new items…like FAGE and GREEK YOGURT!  I sure hope I like them because they were quite expensive… >P Oh well!
TJ’s veggie chili, frozen broccoli, 0% TJ’s Greek yogurt, 0% fage, milton’s ww bread, TJ’s vegetable marsala burgers, tomato basil burgers, 2 pb clif bars, two tj’s chocolate nut bars, one blueberry zbar (omg I found them here!!! yay!!!), two mega pure protein bars, one golean chewy bar, carrots, avocado, spinach, tofurky (i haven’t tried this before but i’m excited for it!)...
Bell peppers, strawberries, lf soymilk, two kinds of Amy’s bowls (teriyaki and enchilada), bananas, the two biggest mangoes i’ve ever seen in my LIFE, apples, walnuts, cranberries and reg oats….whew!

Boy was I hungry when I got done with shopping and unpacking!  So I made the best stuffed bell pepper I’ve had in a long time…this is like a comfort food for me because my mom makes them all the time at home!  So i stuffed mine w/ some leftover tomato/lentil coucous, corn, morningstar farms crumbles and marianara sauce…Sooooo good!
Now I’m off to listen to the presidential debate for a while then head off to watch Eagle Eye w/ my coworkers…not sure what I think of this movie…?
Have a wonderful Friday night everyone!
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16 Responses to I reallllllllllllly needed groceries today

  1. Meg says:

    Look at all that yummy loot! I sure do wish I had a TJs!

  2. Danielle says:

    Oh my gosh, I thought I died and went to heaven looking at all those goodies you got at the store! That’s my favorite part about having a bare kitchen… being able to go all out at the supermarket :). Dinner looks incredible, what a delicious twist you put on an old fav!

  3. Erin at caretoeat.net says:

    That’s a beautiful grocery shop!

  4. Molly says:

    All those groceries look so good!

  5. glidingcalm says:

    yay for groceries! and yay for greek yogurt! I hope you like it as much as I do!!! and yes, it is a bit expensive…basically I save my money for my food. it’s important to me…and greek yogurt is one of those splurges!!

    have a great weekend Melissa!!

  6. Simple and Divine says:

    Yyyaaayyy grocery shopping! I have to go tomorrow and I'm thinking I'll hit up Wegmans.. I'm still sick so I can't be at work (WF… Sick + Food = baaaad (lambs… baaa… yes, def sick) ) ….

    Anyways! TJ's plain 0% greek is my FAAAVE! And those mangoes ARE HUGE!!! We have the Organic ones at WF and they are SO big! I really only love the yellow ones (Atalufos are my faaave), so I haven't picked one up yet! We shall see though ;)
    TJ's plain with some cold chopped up Mango… AMAAAZING! I love to throw one top a few of Annie's Bunnies (Honey + Chocochip + chocolate mixed box)… So amazing. The Greek yo is also B.O.M.B. with chopped up apples n cinnamon, or some almonds, or ANYTHING. It's serious crack :)

    <3 you gf!

  7. Anita says:

    I just tried the same bar for the first time last week, and I LOVED it! I already went back to TJs and restocked! :-D

  8. Andrea says:

    wow that rasberry dark chocolate sammie sounds PERFECT!!! yummmm

  9. sarah says:

    even though you were lacking on supplies you did a great job at coming up with some creative meals!

    i am in desperate need of a grocery shop too! There’s rain in the forecast every day this week though so a 1 mi trek through the rain with bags and bags of groceries just isn’t very appealing. Looks like I’m stuck eating canned soup and dry cereal for a while! Haha.

  10. shelby says:

    I’ve never been to Trader Joe’s but now I’m thinking I should. Is is less expensive than Whole Foods?

    That stuffed bell pepper is making my mouth water =P

  11. just me says:

    meg: thanks! i’m way excited for all my new yummy food!

    danielle: hahaha! i agree…bare kitchens=big shopping trip! and glad you like how my dinner looks! it was indeed scrumptious!

    erin, molly: thanks!

    glidingcalm: yay! i was actually very inspired by YOU to try the TJ’s greek yogurt since you’re always eating it! and i save money just for food too…otherwise i would STARVE!

    julz: i’ve never been to a wegmans (east coast store?) but have heard a lot about it on the blogs! and i hope you feel better soon! but very excited for the greek yogurt!!!! and those combos sound AMAZING!!!!

    anita: yay! glad you liked that bar too!!!

    andrea: it was like having a crepe w/ raspberries and nutella…but on an english muffin…i’m def going to have this again!

    sarah: thanks! i really had to scrownge my brain cause i’m not too creative w/ my foods! but booo for bad weather and need for groceries and 1 mile treks for them!! hope things clear up soon so you can get some goodS!!!!

    shelby: I don’t go to whole foods very often (i think i’ve been there about 2x in total) but i believe it’s at least a little less expensive. i’ll have to check that out for you!

  12. sportsnutritionliving says:

    do you bake the stuffed peppers? That is such a great idea for a healthy/different meal!

  13. Gina says:

    i LOOOOVE all of the groceries!! ahhh i wish we had a tj’s here soooo bad. buying similar stuff at publix is so expensive :/
    dinner looks absolutely amazing! and i love the raspberry english muffin treat! YUM
    happy saturday!

  14. erica says:

    mmm, mashed banana and pb w/ cereal? sounds like the perfect breakfast to me!

  15. just me says:

    Christie: At home my mom uses a steamer, but because i don’t have one, i just stuff the pepper to the brim, have some water boiling in a saucepan that goes up about 1/8-1/4 up the bell pepper, and let set it in there w/ the top on for about 10 min or less, just till the bell pepper cooks through, but still slightly crunchy!!!

    gina: Tj’s rocks! i seriously love all their products!

    Erica: all my coworkers thought it was weird but it thought it was sooooo great!

  16. VeggieGirl says:

    RASPBERRIES!!! GROCERIES!!!! Exquisite.

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