Blogger Secret Ingredient!

Now really, who doesn’t love apples and bananas?  I know one other blog was singing our all time favorite nursery school song not too long ago…”I love to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas!!!”

So, since the secret ingredient is APPLES, and I had some BANANAS, and a lot of girls were raving about GINA’S banana bread…I thought why not put them together?  [besides, i only had two bananas to use and wanted to make two loaves!]  
You can find the recipe HERE on Gina’s blog, but I just used two bananas and two apples (one diced, one shredded)  and used 3/4C semi sweet chocolate chips instead of the raisins.  Oh, and I also reduced the sugar to a little less than a cup because I used Dannon Activia Vanilla instead of plain lf yogurt.
Results: I had to cooke it in a 9×13 because for some reason my loaf pan has disappeared, but it was still GREAT!!!!
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15 Responses to Blogger Secret Ingredient!

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Haha!! I LOVE that apples & bananas song!! Brings back memories of when I'd sing it in elementary school and such :0)

    LOOOOOVE your contribution for this week's Blogger Secret Ingredient challenge!!! Holy yum.

  2. Megan says:

    Wow! that looks great!! Enjoy!

  3. Zoey says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. This bread looks amazing!

  4. Vegetation says:

    Haha, despite the fact that my twins stopped watching playschool nearly 2 years ago we still have ooples and boonoonoos in this house, I guess it’s one of those songs!

    And YUM to the bread!!

  5. shelby says:

    What a great idea! I can’t believe i’ve never thought of it, I love apples and bananas…oh and chocolate =)

  6. just me says:

    VG: that song makes me want to be FIVE again!!! and glad you liked my contribution!

    megan: thanks! it was sooooooooooo good! all nice and warm and gooey!

    zoey: glad you’ve stopped by mine too!

    vegetation: yes, i always have aaples and banaenaes…hahaha!

    shelby: this seriously combines three of my most favorite things: apples, bananas and chocolate…the only thing it’s missing…is cranberries :O

  7. Andrea of Care to Eat says:

    We put your recipe on the list!

  8. Meg says:

    What a great idea! It looks so delicious!

  9. Erin at says:

    Excellent idea Melissa!

  10. Katie says:

    What a great combination! It is new to me, but it sounds really good.

  11. sweeteats says:

    gina’s banana bread is near and dear to my heart. your variation looks great!!

  12. just me says:

    Andrea: yay!

    Megan: It sure was delicious!

    Erin: Thanks!

    Katie: this variation is now going to be a staple! so yummy!

    Erica: Gina’s bread ROCKS! and it can be twisted/varied so many ways to make it even better!!!!

  13. eatingbender says:

    Haha, are you talking about when I posted the YouTube video?! If you are, I’m flattered that you remembered :o)

    This bread looks incredible, Melissa!! I love how you incorporated apples into it – I have never tried apple-banana bread. And then you add chocolate chips?!! GENIUS – great job!!

  14. HangryPants says:

    HA! I’ve actually been singing that song all week because of the secret ingredient!

  15. Bill says:

    That looks way delicious! Great idea!

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