Long Winded

Wow, what a weekend!!!! Geez, i’m pooped. I thought it was going to be pretty chillax and what not but it definitely wasn’t! I was up and at it all weekend and totally don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Boooo… So, get ready for a HUGE food post with party-food pictures and weekend funness!!!

~~Side Note

Oh! But I’m excited because when I went home this weekend I got my monthly Sea and Sage Audubon Society Newsletter from the society I belong to! I worked with a small scientific committee doing research on raptors (birds of prey) for months, back from last fall till I moved to San Diego in May. It seriously was one of the coolest research projects I have done thus far (well, Australia research is pretty high up there too!). Anyhow, the reserach director is having a meeting and wants the committee to come up because we wants to present some of the preliminary results of our study!!! I know this may seem boring to you guys, but seriously, I’m obsessed with birds and environment. And from what the article said, most of the birds we studied are in super uber trouble :'( That makes me super uber sad. Anyways, if you would like to view the article you can do that HERE (it’s on page 3!).

~~Back to Foodness…:)

Alrighty, Saturday:

Woke up super early after going to bed super late since I could not sleep, as I was still HIGH off that F’n ICED COFFEE!!!!!!!!! Seriously, even all the exercise did me no good; so i didn’t fall asleep till 0230 and then got up at 0630! Goodness Gracious!! Anyways, got up and was able to have something different than my normal breakfast: egg sandwich! I unfortunately don’t have any of the sausage patties so I stuck w/ an english muffin, soy cheddar cheese, and two egg whites w/ a side of strawberries and blueberries. Yummy! I ate that while I cooked up some desserts for the party I was going to later that day!

chocolate filled pb cookies drizzled w/ dark chocolate

Total display w/ the cookies and the homemade brownies I made…YUMMY!

For lunch I had an open faced ww banana and cinn raisin pb sandwich w/ bbq soycrisps on the side. I also had the edges of the brownie dish… :)

Since I was so tired after driving up to my friend’s house and then had to drive to hollywood (1.5+ hrs away one way) to help get the food for the party, I needed some caffeine…so i had the drink that I haven’t had in YEARS:

Then it was party time! You can see all the food that was there, but I couldn’t eat most of it because it has meat, but my roomies mommy (who always remembers and ROCKS) set aside a plate of the grains they made, before sticking the chicken in it, for me to eat.

Here is my dish. I don’t know what the triangular thing (along with anything else they were eating!) is called but it was this awsome dough that has spinach and onions and something else in it…soo good. then the grains w/ roasted pinenuts, almonds and pistachios in it, and a side salad premixed w/ evoo, lemon juice, and spices.

Then here is the dessert display! Her culture is very big on having fruit as sweets, so that was the mainstay, but there were other things too!

I had some grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and some different Syrian desserts…Then I went back to try one of my own pb cookies and some more grapes…and then I snacked on lots of grapes the rest of the night…they were just too good to resist, and I was up till 0130 running around doing stuff so I needed energy!

Here is me and my roomie at her house!

The next morning I actually slept in (till 1000!!!!) and was soooo tired and totally NOT hungry. Odd…must have been the grapes. I had had two pluonts on the plate and cut them both up but could only eat one before I felt completely full. So I stuck the other in a baggie w/ a cut up black plum and hit the road to get home to get my BIKE!!! (which i don’t have a picture of yet cause I keep forgetting to take one, but i’ll have one up soon!)

Then I went and visited my old coworker at my old work (the chocolate store) and she made me a goodie bag that included my all time fav dark chocolate covered graham crackers and CHOCOLATE COVERED GUMMI BEARS!!!!!! I don’t eat them often because the gummi bears do have gelatin in them…but by GOD they are good!!! So i snacked on some of those while catching up…and must have had a few too many because then I felt sick. Yuck.

I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping w/ my mom, then catching up w/ my best friend, who ended up coming over for dinner. I still wasn’t hungry so just settled for a salad w/ veggies and veggie crumbles, a fresh piece of sheepherder’s bread and some rockmelon and grapes. So full…

Then today started and I had to get out the door early to get home to beat Labor Day traffic (which always sucks in SD). I had a super berry odwalla bar on the road. And when I got home I had an apple.

Lunch needed to be quick so I had a ww pita w/ hummus, lettuce, tomato and cucumber, w/ the rest of my chocolate gummi bears on the side!

Went off to buy my roomie a bike so we could go out biking together!!! yay!!

have a handful of these annies bunnies before going out for the ride…

Then I did a super fast and hilly (and traffic-y) 9 mile bike ride…and lets put it this way, my butt is def going to hurt tomorrow!!!

got home, then decided to head to the pool where I swam around for a little bit then feel asleep laying out…opps!

had an orange before going out grocery shopping.

Had planned on making dinner tonight but me and my roomie were so tired from the long weekend that we swung by Santana’s Mexican Grill and picked up burritos. They are so freak’n huge!!! I had mine w/ a little bit of beans, lettuce, mushrooms and rice…and some hot sauce…and a mango on the side!

Whew!! Now I’m off to have a much needed rest and two hours of my favorite shows: GOSSIP GIRL AND ONE TREE HILL!!! I know, so high school huh? But seriously, GG is my guilty pleasure and well, OTH I’ve just been addicted to since the beginning. Hah!


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13 Responses to Long Winded

  1. Erica says:

    I love all the food pics! Your cookies look AMAZING. Do you have a recipe? Looks like a fun party with lots and lots of delicious food!

  2. Erin says:

    Mmm! That spread looks incredible! I love how you shared some info about her culture, too. I love it!
    You look beautiful in that pic!
    And I love choc covered gummis too – they’re incredible!

  3. VeggieGirl says:

    I am AWESTRUCK by your desserts – GORGEOUS!!

    I loooove Gossip Girl!! I’m so glad that other bloggers watch it too :0)

  4. erica says:

    Everything looks great as usual.. especially your desserts!

    And Gossip Girl = one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

  5. Meg says:

    Looks like you had a great weekend! I love the dessert tray you made, and the cooks looks so good! Sorry about the coffee high…sometimes coffee effects me like that too and it is so frustrating.

  6. lighterportions says:

    WHOA what a weekend. It looks like a ton of fun though! I really love your dessert platter, those cookies looks so so good.

    I have yet to catch on to the Gossip Girls trend. I’ve never even seen the show! I keep hearing about it so much though that I’m really curious now! I’ll have to find out when it’s on…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Those cookies look great! That was so sweet that she put aside food for you, I always appreciate when someone does that for me!


  8. just me says:

    Erica: I do have the recipe, and I’ll post it soon! they weren’t the healthiest, but they sure were good!

    Erin: Ah, thanks! the food was all amazing and when it comes to food and her culture, it’s always fresh and beautiful! and yay for choc gummi bears!

    VG: Thanks so much! I’m glad you like the display. I didn’t like the dish and had a different one to use that was gonna make it look gorgeous (according to my strict standards) but i had too much stuff. haha! and GG ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!

    Erica: thanks! I’m so excited to hear others like GG!!! such a guilty pleasure!

    Meg: thanks! I always try to plate my stuff nicely, esp when i cook for others!

    lighterportions: oh, you def gotta watch GG. It’s on for me at 2000 on Monday nights!

    Christie: yeah, her mom does it for me every time…so nice!

  9. HangryPants says:

    Wow. Your cookies look so goood! Thanks for sharing all the party foods. I love learning about foods from backgrounds different from my own.


  10. eatingbender says:

    Those cookies and brownies look INCREDIBLE, Melissa! Seriously, I’m super impressed!

    I’ve never tried chocolate covered gummy bears, but I know I would love ‘em!

    Ahh I love Gossip Girl so much! And I actually am a huge OTH fan too :o)

  11. chandra says:

    All that food looks so good!! ESPECIALLY YOUR COOKIES AND BROWNIES!! Do you have a recipe you could share? I’d love to make them (or try)!!

  12. Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) says:

    I love how nicely you set the cookies and brownies on the dish. It looks so pretty the way you arranged them!

  13. just me says:

    Heather: Glad you enjoyed seeing the other foods! I love learning about other culture’s foods too!

    Jenn: Thanks! I love making dessert displays for parties…I used to do it all the time in college…cause I used to cater dessert parties for all my friends! It was fun/crazy times! and i get you would love chocolate covered gummi bears…they rock. and yay for OTH!

    Chandra: I will post the recipes soon! They’re so easy to make!

    Foodie: Thanks! I love making dessert arangements!

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