Um, yeah…old flames SUCK.

So, mood has yet to improve from my “manic monday”…because an old flame (the one that broke my heart and inspired all my “lovely” poetry) decided to call me and declare how much he missed me and blah blah blah…basically things my mind/heart did not need to hear.

Little background, this boy really broke my heart…he brought me out from a very bad place i was in a little while back (before I started blogging regularly) and then ripped it all away from me…when he was given an ultimatum to pick his (stupid) friends, or me. Well, we all know who lost: (points finger at self) MOI.

So yeah…was very badly hurt by this and am still very sensitive about it…Let’s put it this way, I moved away to my new place to get away from him (cause we worked in the same area) because it broke my hear to see him all the time…and yet he keeps on calling. [[[sigh]]]

ergo…no real feeling to eat today…kinda forcing myself throughout the day…and add on that my shins are KILLING me from my shin splints…makes me in a more bitter mood.

So here is my day. I’m sorry to vent about this…a little more personal than I’d like to be, but hey…maybe it’ll make him feel guilty if he ever sees it (which he won’t…)

Kashi go lean crunch w/ frozen berries and lf plain yogurt…just like the past few days…

Had a mango for snack.

Had an english muffin w/ some dark chocolate pb and cinnamon raisin pb and cut up my banana into it…then had the peach on a side.

Snack was a brownie z-bar…you know what it looks like.

and mini frozen york peppermint patties…

Lifted a little with my 8lb weights for a nice little arm workout, did some weighted lunges and squats, then an ab workout routine…

Low sodium minestrone (can you see the ice cubes in my soup? LOL…was way too hot!) with rice crisps on the side.

some of my mocha chocolate soy ice cream…

now i’m gonna go do laundry, stretch, ice my shins some more and write some much needed (and frustrating) poetry…. :(

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10 Responses to Um, yeah…old flames SUCK.

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Hopefully he’ll stop calling you – don’t let all that get you down, girl!! Stay strong!!

  2. tofufreak says:

    you are so right to keep on going. put the past where it ought to be: in the past. keep on keeping on! ;)

  3. CeciLiA says:

    Sorry that you’re going through such a tough time now … I don’t know your feelings towards the ‘boy’ but I hope that everything will be sorted out soon!! *Hugz* and hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your day … :0)

  4. TC says:

    Um…give him my number and I’ll tell him to leave you alone. I’m mean like that. ;)

  5. MizFit says:

    thats why my husband isnt allowed to read my personal blog :)
    Ive locked him out…


  6. Aimee says:

    If he is calling your cell phone with caller id, just don’t pick up. It is not worth it. Get him out of your life because you deserve so much better!!

  7. Simple and Divine says:

    EW! Old Flames like HIM effing SUCK. And here’s my motto: Leave em. Leave it all with them… The energy, the feelings, the thoughts, the BOTHER. I try my very best to not waste my energy on them and whenever I find them consuming my thoughts, i just take deep breaths and release them away! Don’t let him get you down Babes, KEEP THAT BEAUTIFUL HEAD ON STRONG! raaawwwrrrr!!! :) hehehe

  8. shelby says:

    Aww, don’t let him get you down! Your so strong and tough, you can get through this! =)

  9. ashley says:

    Ugh. I’m sorry that happened. I know how dragging up things like that can just crush your mood. I hope you’re feeling better :)

  10. Jenn says:

    I know I’m late on this – but I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry about all of the boy drama. I hate it when others (boyfriends and friends alike) string you along and continuously give you false hope, even though you know it could never be the same again. It’s happened to me way to many times! Keep your head up, and know we are here for you!

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