Manic Monday

Bad times today man; bad times. I won’t rant about it because, it simply won’t do me any good.

Aiy…here’s the food…

Zen bakery bran apple cranberry muffin w/ lf plain yogurt and mixed frozen berries.

For a snack I had a mango…

Lunch was Yves veggie crumbles w/ marinara, broccoli, corn, and bell pepper with TLC crackers on the side.

And as excited as i was about this bar, it utterly failed me. I felt like I was eating the 99% cocoa nubs that we used to make some of our chocolate stuff at the store. And there wasn’t really any coffee flavor in their either. All I could really taste were the walnuts and the dates. So, I won’t be having this one again…especially at 1.69 a shot. Geez! Oh, and now i’m kinda scared about the chocolate one I bought…cause if they use the same kind of chocolate…I’m gonna be kringing the entire time. XP

Went for a run, which turned into a walk because my shins were very unhappy…which therefore = unhappy me. :(

For dinner I made a Quorn cutlet sauteed in fresh garlic and a bunch of spices, over a large spinach veggie salad with grapes on the side and two pieces of ezekiel bread w/ a little bit of smart balance spread.

then I continued to be depressed about my day so i had way to many of my pb pretzel nuggets…ugg.

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7 Responses to Manic Monday

  1. MizFit says:

    hang in there.
    it’s a new day and IF NEED BE measure out those pb nuggets into a baggie and make that *all* ya get today :)


  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Sorry that you didn’t like the Jocalat bar, and that your day didn’t go too well :0( Today’ is a new day, girl!! I hope it’s a FANTASTIC one for you!!

  3. Lacey N says:

    hi! i just found your blog. you are such an inspiration. i also love the look/layout of your blog.

    for the times you are down, you are up twice that! i have been impressed by your positivism and objectivity.

    for a choc-coffee bar recommendation– i REALLY liked the clif nectar dark chocolate mocha bar. mmmm. i haven’t tried that jocalat bar, but maybe you’ll like the nectar.

    have a great new day!

  4. Aimee says:

    Hoping your Tuesday is better than your Monday! Your lunch looks yummy! I love mixing crumbles into my lunch!

  5. CeciLiA says:

    Aww … sweetie!! Sorry that today was not a great day :0( I'm glad that you blogged about it though, bottling the bad feelings inside you, would do you no good at all!

    But hun, you are not doing that 'bad' at all … beating yourself up after a few too many pb filled pretzels is NOT worth it! You deserve better than that :0) Oh also, sorry that your jocolat bar and walk didn't turn out great either – I guess today is just 'one of those days' thing … *hugs*

    Hope tomorrow will be better though!! :0)

    p.s.: thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, <33 ya!! ;0)

  6. loveofoats says:

    ehhhhh sorry to hear about the disappoint jocolat bar :( hope your wednesday is better!

  7. just me says:

    mizfit- thanks. i did just that w/ the nuggets after i posted!

    veggiegirl- yeah, sadness about that bar…i have only had one lara bar i liked and that was the apple pie one…

    lacey n- glad you found my blog and hope you continue to enjoy it! and thanks for the compliment! i only wish i were more positive all the time! And i’ll look for that clif nectar bar…i’ve only had one of theirs and i didnt’ like it…but i’ll give it a try!

    aimee- crumbles rock! they can be used for so many different meals!

    cecilia- i was hoping today would be a better day…but eh. and of course i will miss your blog…you are such a great blogger!!!! hope uni goes well!

    loveofoats- thanks! i still gotta try the reg chocolate one…we’ll see how that one goes…

    thanks everyone for your comments and well wishes!

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