not many people know that I write poetry…

but it’s usually when I get super emotional…

which is usually over a boy…

which is what these are over…

which is still kinda ripe even though the breakup was over 3 months ago…

So bear w/ the depressing mood, but I like them. :)

So here’s two big/long ones, then some smaller ones….

Cheers! Hahahaha…


In the beginning I went through a meltdown,
and cried for days,
wondering how I lost you.

I spent weeks afterwards,
torturing myself,
beating up my own heart.

Then I continued to think,
it was all my fault,
that I had failed you somehow.

But somehow I started to get better,
thinking I’d moved,
a few steps away from you.

And I began to pass time,
without thinking of you,
and wondering if you’d thought of me.

Though I now seem to think,
that you didn’t even care,
that I was never more than “your girl”.

And now I feel bitter,
and wish I could take,
my fist straight to your face.

But because I am reasonable,
and a thoughtful person,
I’ll simply stand up and walk away.

I’ll keep my heart thank you,
and watch as you,
take that step away and out of my life.

For You

I wish there were words to say,
how much I’d stick around,
no matter what you go through.

I know that life’s not fair,
and some people make it worse,
but I want to be there for you,
in all the that would emerge.

I don’t care that your dad is stupid,
and ignorant and mean,
I want to help you fight past him,
and make you really see.

I want to be there for you,
as your mom struggles everyday,
and that when you need to cry,
I’d be there always.

I know your friends don’t like me,
and think I stole you away,
but they just need to meet me,
and understand who I am.

I know people may be mad at you,
and want to beat you up,
but I want to be there to protect you,
and mend you back to health.

And I know I may be moving,
which might seem far away,
but I’m willing to sacrifice all times and days,
to see your wonderful, joyous face.

So don’t you see what I feel for you,
in all the bad you have,
that I want to be there for you always,
through the good times and the bad.

I wish I could make these words,
convince you to take me back,
and let someone care for you,
just like you did back.


I never felt more comfortable,
in someone’s arms,
than I did when I was with you.

I actually felt beautiful,
like somebody cared,
and not an ugly baboon.

I was actually able,
to smile for real,
and be a happy young girl again.

I felt a feeling,
that was lacking so long,
and I thought had been lost forever.

So I thank you for that,
the love you brought back,
that I’d lost a long time ago.

Yet unfortunately now,
you’ve left me,
and taken all that you’d given back.


Tearing me apart,
my heart hurts.

But believing,
in things anew,
will let me move past you.


I still feel you here,
even though you’re gone.

I still feel your touch,
the heat of your love.

I still feel the pain,
which you’ve left in my heart.

I still feel the weakness,
you’ve left in me.

I still feel,
so I can move past you.


Would you feel like I do,
if I had left you?

Would your heart hurt,
like it had been beaten?

Would you shed tears,
at the memories we made?

Would you still love me,
like I do you?


Did you care,
that you had to let me go?

Break my heart,
watch me cry?

Did you feel sorry,
it had to come to this?

Leaving me alone,
to drown in your emptiness?

Did you?
Why did you?


Sad I’ve become,
pathetic I feel.

Wishing and hoping,
I could have you.

Hopeless I feel,
with the love we had.

Sadness I weep,
for the memories unmade.

Retarded is my being,
left pining for you.

Lame I am,
waiting for you


I wish you would wake up,
and realize what you’ve done.

That I won’t come back,
and you will suffer.

And the lost you feel now,
is how I’ve felt since I lost you.


I’m lost in a jungle,
of endless emotions.

and unable to find the way out.

Green buries me,
suffocating my thoughts.

So unfound I am,
scream out to no one.


I will smile again.

One day,
I will see again.

I will be again.

One day,
I’ll be able to walk again.

That day,
will be soon.


Return my angel, come back round, don’t leave me alone.

Bring back my heart, and the love left inside, aching for you.

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6 Responses to Poetry

  1. CeciLiA says:

    One word, you are a beautiful girl, inside and out …

    I love your poetry, so good, so real, full of emotions, so beautiful … that I think they should be turned into a song … :0)

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Your words are very powerful – you really have a gift for expressing poetic verses!!

  3. shelby says:

    Wow these are amazing. They are so real and beautiful and straight from the heart. You are really talented!

  4. just me says:

    cecilia- ah, thanks honey. i’ve had a lot of people say they should be songs vs. poems…but to each is own. might be good both ways! and i’m glad you like them…they’re pretty “raw”, as my brother describes them.

    veggiegirl- thanks! i think it runs in the family, cause my dad has had poems published in the past.

    shelby- thanks hun! i just wish i could write one w/ more happy feelings! hehe!

  5. Jenn says:

    Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life with us. I absolutely love poetry – I used to write more of it when I was in high school, and I actually took a class on it in college, but I haven’t been doing much recently. Your words are beautiful and are inspiring me to pick it up again!

  6. Danielle says:

    you’re a very talented poet. i hope that the writing helped you feel a bit better if for nothing else because they are beautiful, intimate, and inspiring. thank you for sharing them with us and take care!

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