Clean Up

So this morning was spent cleaning up my apartment before my friend gets here and we have a RAD weekend! I’m just waiting for him to get here right now, so I figured I’d update now since I’m probably going to be either too busy or too tired tonight.

Anyhow, walked up to Target this morning instead of a workout because my hip flexor is bothering me. I had to go get some cleaning stuff, so I figured it would be good to walk there and not have too heavy of a load to bring back. So I went and bought some Method brand environmentally friendly cleaners at Target. Gotta help the environment; there’s only one of it and we’re currently still killing it! Boooohissss!!!!!

Anyways, here is the day so far. As soon as my friend gets here we’re going off to the street fair, then I don’t know what. maybe hit up a bar in OB, before having to walk a mile home. ;) we’ll see how that works out!

First smoothie all week. people talk about how they’re so convenient to make when you’re in a hurry and crunch for time, but mine always take forever to make! I think I have the wrong kind of blade because seriously, it takes me like, 10 minutes to make it! Gosh!!! But mine had mixed frozen berries, a very ripe banana and a big spoon of pb!

I was still hungry afterwards so I had about a cup of Heart to Heart cereal. Hit the spot, and probably a little more….

Lunch was light because I wasn’t really in the mood to eat. It was a spring salad w/ spinach added, with cucumbers, bell pepper, celery, carrots and veggie ham with balsamic vinaigrette. I had a whole mango on the side. It doesn’t look like the ripe color they normally are, but it was still very gooooooood.

Then I had a few snacks because I think my lunch was a little on the light side. I had the small bowl of cherries and about 5 roasted veggie TLC crackers while I was talkign to one of my friends that came by to visit. Then I was reading for a while and the stomach started growling. I drank some water, thinking I might just be thirsty, waited 20 minutes and still felt the same so said, “ok, I’m actually hungry. my chocolate for the day!”

Have a great Saturday! I’m booked tomorrow with lots of beach time with my friend and hopefully lots of other fun stuff!

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  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Nothing beats fresh cherries!! :0)

    Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!!

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