Ode to Saturdays

Man I was bored today, hence the troubled eating. I have a tendency to eat when i get bored, which is bad because a) i’m eating when i’m bored and b) that’s wasted MONEY and CALORIES. Arg. Gotta work on that. Anyways, here’s the days food. i didn’t take pictures of some stuff because it was mindless…oh well. But i did do something productive! i helped my roommate pack up her stuff and put it into a cargo van to take up to LA…and if you know me, you know that everyone uses me for my strategic packing skills..i can fit a lot of stuff in a very very small space! ha!

Bfast: lf plain yogurt w/ flax almond kashi go lean crunch strawberries and black

Lunch: 2 peaches, odwalla bar, ww bun w/ hummus, lettuce, tomatoes

Snack: 2 cups of pb puffins

Exercise: 5 mile run around bay and helping move boxes and packing

Snack: Banana

Dinner: i ate four of the rolls in the 1st picture, one in the second, probably 10-15 pcs of the edamame and i have 6 veggie steamed potstickers in dipping sauce (and somehow i deleted the damned picture! geez!)

and here is the fortune i got in my fortune cookie…it was the same as my roommates! i want a new one! we shouldn’t get the same one!

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  1. david santos says:

    Excellent good food.
    Thank you.
    have a nice week.

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