Few Days

Well I sure have been busy with work. We’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day so we got a HUGE shipment in that totally overwhelmed us with stuff…which meant lots of hours unpacking and restocking…it took us three days to get it all done! Whew! I’m super glad that’s over with now though…now we just gotta be ready for the throng of people w’ere going to get coming in the few days before and on valentine’s…eek. Hopefully it will means lots of tips…either that or pissed off customers. Ha! Anyways, here’s the last few days. Nothing much exciting going around at home. Been making my own valentine’s cards, did some birding for my volunteer project and spent some time with a new and old friend.

28 January -Monday

Bfast: 1/2C each kashi go lean and kashi go lean crunch alomnd flax, banana and very little milk (gives me a tummy ache!)

Work: 8 hrs on feet

Lunch: 1/2C lf plain yogurt w/ strawberries and blueberries; bran fruit muffin

Dinner: minestrone soup; ww pita; mixed fruit (apple, oranges)

29 January – Tuesday

Bfast: Simple harvest w/ 1/2C oatmeal, cranberries, walnuts

Workout: 2 mile run, calastinics

Lunch: ww flaxseed bread w/ 3 strips veggie bacon, egg and tomato slices; blood orange

Work: 10 hrs on feet

Dinner: Grilled veggie salad w/ pumpkin seed ands balsamic vinaigrette (unfortunately i was so tired by the time i ate i couldn’t really eat any of it..so i picked at most of the veggies)

30 January – Wednesday

Bfast: bran fruit muffin w/ pb and strawberries

Lunch: apple (i only at one) w/ pb&j on ww flaxseed bread; TLC bar

Exercise: walking around looking for bird nests for 3 hrs

Snack: orange and some TLCs (not pictured)

Dinner: leftover salad w/ veggies burger added

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    Any chance youll be back blogging any time soon??

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