Sick, sick, sick….

Ack, I HATE BEING SICK! And this one isn’t a normal sick either. It started out with the soar throat, then moved to a nasty throat cough w/o the runny nose. Then it went into my sinuses and I ended up w/ so much pressure i could cry. That lasted for a day and then I started sneezing like a ban chi…Geez! Now I just have a horrendous headache and want to fall into a hole and disappear. Haha…damned winter colds. Oh well, only means i need to try my hardest to get better, but that’s not easy since it’s rainy, windy and cold here…BOOHISSSSSSS!

Here’s the past few days. Granted I’ve been sick and oh, nauseated even though i’m starving, the food choices probably aren’t the best or like normal…so bear with me as i try to get better!

25 January – Friday

Bfast: 2 simple harvest packets

Lunch: 2pcs ww flaxseed bread w/ apple

Snack: ~3/4C kashi heart to heart cereal

Dinner: minestrone soup

26 January – Saturday

Bfast: simple harvest w/ 1/2C oatmeal, walnuts and cranberries

Lunch: ww pita w/ hummus and veggies; apple and strawberries

Snack: 1C kashi heart to heart cereal

Work: 8 hrs on feet

Dinner: 1 serving kashi tlc’s, banana; then later i had a piece of ww flaxseed bread and 1 pc ww cinnamon raisin bread (tummy was very upset so it was hard to stomach anything)

27 January – Monday

Bfast: simple harvest w/ 1/2C oatmeal, walnuts, cranberries

Lunch: ww pita w/ pb and jelly; orange

Work: 7.5 hrs on feet

Dinner: rice w/ chik’n patty and broccoli; apple

Dessert: 3 york peppermint patties (mom snuck some in the cart the other day at the store and this things are like little childhood memories to me…reminds me of my grandma because she always used to have them…YUMMY!)

oh yes, and in and amongst all the bland and boring food, i’ve drunk enough tea to sink a freak’n ship!

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  1. hk says:

    feeel better, i miss your blog!

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