Two days for blog

Here are the past few days…I’ve been busy helping around the house and helping my mom settle a bunch of stuff. Hope all is well out there! It could certainly be better here!

19 January – Saturday

Bfast: mango/cranberry/blueberry bran muffin (vegan!) w/ 1/2T pb and very large apple!

Lunch: carrot/hummus/lettuce sandwich on ww flaxseed bread; banana

Work: 4 hrs on feet

Snack: chocolate covered gummi bears

Exercise: 3 mile walk

Dinner: 1/4C black beans/zucchini/carrots/tomatoes/quinoa/spinach, lettuce salad w/ salsa as dressing; 2 end pieces of french bread

Snack: few small handfuls of mint mm’s, i think 5 andes, and a mini snack snickers (obviously i was bored…ironic that i was reading my new Self magazine about healthy eating…go figure. Ack!)

20 January – Sunday

Exercise: 40 min yoga

Bfast: 3/4C oatmeal w/ 1T each cranberries and walnuts w/ 1 med chopped apple

Work: 5 hrs on feet

Lunch: ww flaxseed bread w/ hummus, lettuce, tomato, carrots; 1/4C lf plain yogurt w/ ~1C strawberries

Snack: banana

Workout: 4 mile run

Dinner: ww tortilla w/ 1/2C refried black beans/broccoli/zucchini/corn/salsa; 1/2C rice pilaf; cantaloupe

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  1. Beccaclare says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I just read your update. I’m really sorry. Hang in there.

    Happycamper from WebMD

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