Well, i didn’t really feel good all day yesterday. but i got through it and my bird class last night was interesting! we got to learn how to differentiate a handful of the different sandpipers, which i’ve always had a problem with when i go to the reserves. it didn’t help that the class was from 7-10pm after i had gotten up that morning at 6:30 and worked from 10-6…so the last 1/2 hr of class was…kinda done with my eyes closed. LOL!

So, today should be fun! It’s a mom and me day! We were planning on going to this craft fair, then to see Enchanted then have japanese for either lunch or dinner (which now might be dinner, if at all). As of right now we are still going to the craft fair, but i don’t know if we’re gonna see the movie or go out for japanese. i really hope we can do both, or at least just one…but i REALLY want some sushi…so hopefully you’ll see it in the blog tomorrow. :D Toodles!

27 November – Wednesday

Bfast: kashi cereals w/ strawberries and ff plain yogurt

Snack: craisins trail mix! Yummy!

Lunch: stocked veggie sandwich (hummus, tomatoes, lettuce [romaine], avocado, cucumber, roasted bell pepper) and apple

Snack: 1 candy cane (i intended to eat the other, but didn’t) and (not pictured) about a dozen bite size pieces of milk and dark chocolate at work

Dinner: brown basmati rice w/ brocolli, veggie burger, corn and bell peppers

Snack: (not pictured) serving of TLC crackers (while in class to keep me awake…even though i’m not supposed to eat in class >P)

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