Day off

Yesterday was a nice day off of work. went for a nice long walk in the morning then spent the afternoon w/ al and doing some christmas shopping. i’m practically half way done! yes! so yeah, so yesterday was pretty relaxing. my new breakfast was having the new harvest quaker oatmeal which i actually mixed w/ 1/2 C of regular oatmeal and added some cranberries to it. it simply had too much sugar in it for me to tolerate that early in the morning so i had to subdue it a little. but it tasted really good w/ those additions so you’ll be seeing it again, maybe varied a little, somehow. haha. and for lunch, Al picked a vegetarian restaurant to go to, which was a surprise to me, but he seemed to like at least 1/2 of his meal (his minestrone soup, which i had a bite of and it was pretty good; had a nice kick to it!). the food was good, but not worth the price i paid for the amount that i wanted, well, needed, after my walk and not getting in a snack afterwards.

27 November – Tuesday

Bfast: simple harvest apple and cinnamon w/ 1/2C regular oatmeal and dried cranberries

Lunch: grilled soy chicken salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette, ww roll w/ vegan butter

Snack: carrots and salsa

Dinner: soy crumble taco w/ tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, salsa; watermelon, pineapple and grapes

Snack: 1C kashi heart to heart cereal

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